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Example sentences for "disfigure"

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disestablishment; disesteem; disfavor; disfavour; disfellowshiped; disfigured; disfigurement; disfigurements; disfigures; disfiguring
  1. Some animals also of this genus inhabiting the poplar, elm, lime, and willow, reside in galls they have produced, that disfigure the leaves or their footstalks.

  2. His face, that infallible index of the mind, presented a vast expanse, unfurrowed by any of those lines and angles which disfigure the human countenance with what is termed expression.

  3. The sides of the vessel had just received a fresh coat of paint, to which the insects adhered in such numbers as to spot and disfigure the vessel, and to render it necessary partially to renew the paint.

  4. In the first place, I did not allow you to disfigure the Goualeuse.

  5. Pupils are not allowed to disfigure the lawn by throwing from the windows any bits of paper, hair, apple-parings, peanut shells, or waste material of any kind.

  6. You wouldn't go to work now, and impair and disfigure snoozers, would you, that eat on tables and wear little shoes and speak to you on subjects?

  7. She is well aware that no woman can afford to be indifferent to her personal appearance, and that no law, human or divine, requires her to disfigure herself.

  8. When they adopt elaborate or rich toilets, when they make flower-gardens of their heads, or wear strong and glaring colours, the chances are that they disfigure themselves.

  9. No law, human or divine, enjoins us to disfigure ourselves.

  10. Yet they are all for use and not for show; and the weak modern shop-windows, which some would think disfigure the delicate house-fronts, seem to me just to give the requisite sense of contrast.

  11. I wish with all my heart that these letters had not been published; they deform and disfigure a beautiful spirit and a quick imagination.

  12. But I think that one can see into the souls of these people in spite of the exaggerations of speech and gesture and behaviour which disfigure them.

  13. Groups of young Cubans forced their way through the terrified dancers, and proceeded to insult and disfigure a portrait of Queen Isabella II.

  14. Garments of sackcloth disfigure his limbs, yet so he will the sooner be caught up to meet Christ in the clouds.

  15. So in return for the severe labour of collating the four printed texts and of supplying the palpable omissions, which by turns disfigure each and every of the quartette, thus producing a complete copy of the Recueil, I gain nothing but blame.

  16. God fashioned them as you see, And if you apply your knife to them, you'll surely disfigure me.

  17. Ay; or else one must come in with a bush of thorns and a lantern, and say he comes to disfigure or to present the person of Moonshine.

  18. The negresses, who file their teeth down to a point, and split their lips, in order to insert a wooden disc, disfigure themselves in a less barbarous fashion.

  19. Although not in a mood to bestow any attention upon Monsieur Bondois, she gave him a passing glance of hostility, and by chance let a drop of candle-grease disfigure his nose.

  20. There are none of those wooden balconies and galleries to be seen, which so much disfigure all the European cities in both the Indies.

  21. Their hair, which is of jet-black colour, they suffer to grow to its natural length; but they do not pierce their noses, nor disfigure their ears.

  22. In justice to so eminent a man, however, we transcribe a passage in which the nobleness of his character appears in its true lustre, untarnished by the weaknesses which so often disfigure the character of men of genius.

  23. I have described the person which liberal nature has bestowed upon the Abipones; it now remains for me to show by what means they disfigure it.

  24. The result is the disgraceful scenes that often disfigure the streets of the West are of very rare occurrence in any of the cities of this great Empire.

  25. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "disfigure" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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