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Example sentences for "disfigurement"

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disfavor; disfavour; disfellowshiped; disfigure; disfigured; disfigurements; disfigures; disfiguring; disfranchise; disfranchised
  1. The whole complexion of his thought regarding his personal disfigurement was changed.

  2. The world evidently saw in his disfigurement no such horror and hopeless bar to success as she had seen.

  3. The usual punishment for infidelity is the mutilation of the nose or ears, which disfigurement prevents the offender from marrying, and commonly sends her forth as a public harlot in the tribe.

  4. The extent of this disfigurement indicates to a certain extent, the age and condition of the person.

  5. Plato discourses on the disfigurement of the Soul, 858-m.

  6. He felt a queer thankfulness, a warm inward gratefulness, that she had been able to regard his disfigurement unmoved.

  7. Now they seemed as indifferent to his disfigurement as they were to the ragged knots and old fire-scars on the trees they felled.

  8. He was still as acutely aware of the barrier which his disfigurement raised between him and other men.

  9. In the social isolation which his disfigurement had inflicted upon him, Hollister had become as much guided by instinct in his actions and impulses as by any coldly reasoned process.

  10. He even conceded that no matter how his disfigurement affected her, she would try to put that behind her, she would make an effort to cling to him.

  11. A peculiarity of Hollister's disfigurement was the immobility of his face.

  12. He was doubly sensitive because he dreaded any comment upon his disfigurement reaching his wife's ears.

  13. Hardly so, indeed; or, if safe, would be spared at the price of the disfigurement which awaited her, according to the strict rules of her faith.

  14. There was the natural repugnant dread of this disfigurement and disgrace.

  15. The girl was a woman now, and, were it not for that cruel disfigurement of one side of her face, a singularly attractive one.

  16. Though wearing a hat and an out-of-doors costume, she was unveiled, and there was no trace of scar or disfigurement on her face.

  17. The slim, willowy body and really beautiful hair apparently indicated youth; but the appalling disfigurement of the face, which extended from the top of the cheek to the slender column of her neck, simply forbade any accurate estimate.

  18. Better any disfigurement by leads than the least adulteration of old work.

  19. He does not in that case fall into the error of painting with too heavy a hand, but he trusts too much to paint--a trust so little founded that the paint has oftentimes perished, much to the disfigurement of his picture.

  20. She put up her hand to the disfigured side of her face, and touched it, trying to see its disfigurement as the blind see, by feeling.

  21. When she had found that the accident had disfigured her frightfully, and that the disfigurement would be permanent, she had at first thought of killing herself.

  22. Boehm is dead, but another German will be with us before long, and, under Royal patronage, will continue the odious disfigurement of our city.

  23. She had used the acid much more freely than she had been instructed to do, determined that the disfigurement should be complete.

  24. The Nana was prepared for some disfigurement of the face he had so admired, but he shrank back from the reality.

  25. There was another thing which she shrank from, too, though in part that would be spared Evelyn, the disfigurement about which Sir Francis had spoken.

  26. The disfigurement had been so terrible that there remained hardly any semblance to a human face.

  27. One official was actually marked for degradation for having submitted a disfigurement which turned out to be a carelessly printed, or rough, proof impression.

  28. This treatment is to be avoided if possible, as it is accompanied by a more or less disfigurement of the "cheeks" of the peg-box, and at the best is uncertain.

  29. It is a disfigurement to the violin and is sometimes in a bungling manner altered by inlaying--badly in most instances--square pieces of wood to bring the surface level.

  30. You have promised not to mention my disfigurement to Lucilla, unless I first give you leave.

  31. I only want it to be concealed from her while the disfigurement of me is in progress," he answered.

  32. It then appeared that his blind idea of his wife, and of her disfigurement had been something so grotesquely and horribly unlike the reality, that it was hard to know whether to laugh or to tremble at it.

  33. The only excuse left that he could make to his own conscience for the infamous part which he was playing, was this--that his brother's personal disfigurement presented a fatal obstacle in the way of his brother's marriage.

  34. As things now were, it was on the tip of my tongue to remind him, that Lucilla would hear of his disfigurement from other people; and then to warn him of the unpleasant result that might follow.

  35. Who would not have said that any disfigurement would be welcome as a refuge from this?

  36. Lenguas, disfigurement of the ears of the.

  37. Botocudos, mode of life of; disfigurement of the ears and lower lip of the.

  38. In Germany steps are being taken which we might follow with advantage in this country, to control and limit the disfigurement of landscapes by advertisement hoardings.

  39. Turning now to the other great disfigurement which so often besets miniatures--the ravages made by mildew.

  40. The one is sunlight, and the other is damp, which brings mildew and disfigurement in its train.

  41. Harmful as the practice of tight-lacing during pregnancy is, it does not, thanks to the presence of the amniotic fluid, result in the disfigurement of the child.

  42. Scientific investigation has brought to light these facts, as it has also taught the real causation of the disfigurement once attributed to the mother's mind.

  43. The power (or weakness) of abundant weeping without disfigurement is an attribute of deficient rather than excessive feeling.

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