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Example sentences for "sensitive"

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sensibus; sensim; sensing; sensit; sensitised; sensitively; sensitiveness; sensitives; sensitivity; sensitized
  1. It was a subject he naturally felt somewhat sensitive about, and in spite of the open honesty of the young girl's face, he could not help doubting for a moment the sincerity of her speech.

  2. There was nothing pleasant about this thought, and Winston's sensitive face flushed, his glance wandering uneasily down the midnight street.

  3. He struck the flank of his horse, causing the sensitive beast to quiver, his own lips curling maliciously.

  4. Those things don't transmit sound like the ears of any sound-sensitive life-form we've ever seen.

  5. But it isn't sensitive or selective enough.

  6. The incident, as may be imagined, profoundly affected the sensitive and impressionable spirit of Victor Hugo.

  7. But when the political reaction was an absolute certainty, the sensitive mind of Hugo shrank from a demonstrative triumph.

  8. There were many things the kindly veteran would smooth over in order not to wound sensitive minds bitten with the cacoethes scribendi.

  9. Useful, because the radiographs obtained up to the present, by means of artificial screens, have been really good only when the sensitive bodies have been in small crystals.

  10. Near the other end is the box that covers the apparatus for moving the long, sensitive gelatine film.

  11. All this occurs in a fraction of a second, and as soon as the shutter is opened and closed the image on the sensitive plate is prevented from being further acted upon.

  12. Many of these changes occurring in the white cells are certain to escape attention, but all of them will be clearly recorded on the rapidly moving sensitive film.

  13. Can you imagine what it means for a sensitive and high-spirited woman to be tied to him for day and night?

  14. The cheek was lovely but it was paled with emotion, the eyes were bright but it was the brightness of fever, the sensitive mouth was tight and drawn in an effort after self-command.

  15. There was no vibration to the sensitive lenses.

  16. Nevertheless, no single word escaped her which could shock or enlighten the sensitive purity of the young girl who was now in her charge.

  17. Inexperienced as he was in many aspects of life, he yet knew well that the man with an imagination and sensitive nerves suffers far more in the memory of a dreadful thing than he does at the actual witnessing of it.

  18. Foreign Governments and Parties ought therefore to look upon English newspapers in the true point of view, and not to be too sensitive as to attacks which those papers may contain.

  19. He is a sensitive lad, and the whole thing has greatly distressed him.

  20. If we insert a pin in this V-shaped entrance it comes in contact with the sensitive membrane below the anther, and it is immediately ruptured, as shown at Fig.

  21. This membrane is, moreover, very sensitive to the touch.

  22. Poulain spoke in a mysterious, significant tone, one that jarred on Vanderlyn's sensitive nerves.

  23. Stand in "attention" as directed, with the body responsive and the mind sensitive to physical impressions.

  24. Even when covered with water it is more sensitive than the mercury salt.

  25. It forms a very sensitive double salt with ammonia and several other metals.

  26. If desired, the compound can be made less sensitive to shocks by giving it a spongy consistency by agitating it with air while it is still in a syrupy condition.

  27. It is much less sensitive to shock than nitro-glycerine, but explodes occasionally with the shock of a rifle bullet, or when struck.

  28. Thawing may also cause exudation of the nitro-glycerine, which is much more sensitive to shock, and if accidentally struck with an iron tool, may explode.

  29. It is, however, rendered much less sensitive to shock.

  30. The compression of gun-cotton into cartridges requires far more care than that of gunpowder, as this is done in a warm state, and gun-cotton even when cold, is more sensitive than gunpowder.

  31. It has the form of a coarse yellowish grey powder, and leaves an oily stain on paper, and it is very sensitive to friction and percussion.

  32. It is very sensitive to shock and friction, even that of wood upon wood.

  33. A] It was found to be very sensitive to combined friction and percussion, and to be readily ignited by a glancing blow of wood upon wood.

  34. It is, however, very sensitive and very hygroscopic, and very prone to decomposition.

  35. In a sensitive person an agreeable perfume will produce a smile; and smiles will be seen on the faces of a crowd gazing at some splendid burst of fireworks.

  36. Every sensation of any acuteness accelerates the pulse; and how sensitive the heart is to emotions, is testified by the familiar expressions which use heart and feeling as convertible terms.

  37. If the intensity of light be kept constant, the magnitude of response of the sensitive cell increases with length of exposure.

  38. For it is well known that in the most sensitive portion of the human retina, the fovea centralis, the visual purple is wanting; it is also found to be completely absent from the retinæ of many animals possessing keen sight.

  39. If we subject the sensitive cell to a flash of radiation, the effect is not instantaneous but grows with time.

  40. The current, that is to say, is from the less to the more stimulated sensitive layer.

  41. By means of an inclined mirror, light may be thrown down upon the sensitive surface through the opening.

  42. Electric response has been found by Munck, Burdon-Sanderson, and others to occur in sensitive plants.

  43. In order to study these effects we must use, in practice, a highly sensitive galvanometer as the recorder of E.

  44. For a constant source of light I used an incandescent burner, and graduated the intensity of the incident light by varying its distance from the sensitive cell.

  45. There is localised pain which is aggravated by walking, and the tendon is sensitive and swollen from a little above its insertion to its junction with the muscle.

  46. They are usually multiple, develop slowly, and are rarely sensitive or painful.

  47. The slightest movement causes pain, and the part is sensitive to touch.

  48. The nerve is very sensitive to pressure, and, if superficial, may be felt to be swollen.

  49. It is usually less sensitive than the "subcutaneous nodule," and rarely gives rise to motor symptoms unless it involves the nerve roots where they pass through bony canals.

  50. A corn is a localised overgrowth of the horny layer of the epidermis, which grows downwards, pressing upon and displacing the sensitive papillæ of the corium.

  51. It has been demonstrated that cancer cells are more sensitive to radium and to the Röntgen rays than the normal cells of the body, and are more easily killed.

  52. Pain and tenderness are due to the irritation of nerve filaments of the part, rendered all the more sensitive by the abnormal conditions of their blood supply.

  53. On removing the raised epidermis, the congested and highly sensitive papillæ of the skin are exposed.

  54. She certainly could not imagine that they invariably disappeared into Peter's side-pockets although his occasional grimaces and the red spots on his sensitive skin bore open testimony.

  55. Then we'll go, my sensitive little girlie.

  56. You are a delicate and sensitive woman," he reminded her.

  57. I had been engaged some little time in this way, when I became suddenly sensitive to the fact that there was a light in the room.

  58. But, as I said, a few other animals besides felines have sensitive whiskers.

  59. This quality is that they have sensitive whiskers.

  60. All felines have sensitive whiskers; that is, each hair can feel any object it touches.

  61. Everything was quiet, the wind stilled, and the mighty oaks whispered not the faintest sigh to disturb the sensitive ear of night.

  62. There was a link, and his sensitive fine fingers caught it suddenly, the very shock of contact sending the blood into his cheeks.

  63. He had a friend in the household of Hartley Sahib, so he told Leh Shin, a friend who had sensitive ears and had heard much; had heard in fact the whole story of the stained rag, and of Mhtoon Pah's wild appeal for justice against the Chinaman.

  64. Our sensitive and acutely-suffering correspondent who so keenly remembers the woes of his boyhood, has, by the force of his memory, recalled to our own recollection another specimen of the tray-carrying fraternity.

  65. The very moment this idea is engrafted upon the sensitive mind, the instant this horror takes possession of the child's imagination, it loses something of the health and happiness to which it was born.

  66. To have crowds like this following one out of town makes a sensitive person feel uncomfortably like being chased out of a community for borrowing chickens by moonlight, or on account of some irregularity concerning hotel bills.

  67. She was so pleased by sight of the girl's present happiness that she wished nothing to cloud it, and believing herself discussed would certainly offend proud, sensitive Gwen.

  68. So that the sensitive girl was alarmed and asked: "Is it something that I've done but ought not?

  69. The scenes of the past hour had made a strong impression on his quick, sensitive nature.

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