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Example sentences for "sensitives"

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  1. Now, speaking broadly, all this mass of matter, covering some hundreds of propositions, is in substantial accord with what has been given through the most trustworthy sensitives since Swedenborg's time.

  2. I have found few hyper-sensitives among the poor.

  3. Hyper-sensitiveness may cause bashfulness, but there are many thousands of hyper-sensitives who have not a spark of bashfulness in their condition.

  4. In some sensitives of both classes it is possible to extract part of the ether which forms the vital body.

  5. The other class of sensitives are strong positive characters, who act only from within, according to their own will.

  6. This class of sensitives may again be divided.

  7. Emanations from one residing at Falmouth or at Wells might readily meet and blend with those from sensitives at their home in Salem.

  8. Some sensitives feel the action of finer laws and forces than men detect in their normal condition.

  9. Spirits frequently throw some invisible aura with perceptible force upon the external eyes of modern mediums, when these sensitives are being brought into condition for conscious discernment of spirits.

  10. The peculiar effects described by Reichenbach's sensitives he naturally referred to the same cause; as also the doctrine, then brought forward, that susceptible individuals could perceive the effects of drugs enclosed in sealed vials.

  11. It may sound superstitious, but it is a matter of actual experience, that some sensitives have intuitive perception, of an unfamiliar kind, concerning the history and personal associations of relics or fragments or personal belongings.

  12. The circumstances under which sensitives work are difficult at the present time and ought to be improved.

  13. Of course it happened much to the poor fellows perplexity, but my friend would have been surprised to discover that therein was the entire case of the French sensitives and of our poor mediums.

  14. These physicians seem to have had some very fine sensitives upon whom to operate.

  15. Yet such facts as come to the surface in those experiments with sensitives in France, are keys with which to unlock some of life's darkest mysteries, and expose the harsh treatment of many mediums.

  16. For instance, at a reception the other evening, at which the members of the Cabinet were present with their families, I introduced to my sensitives a learned pig.

  17. It should be stated here that these sensitives are above the average of intelligence and mental activity.

  18. My sensitives occasionally come to me in the daytime to be put to sleep for the purpose of obtaining rest.

  19. Extending the experiments, I obtained the same control over others, both men and women, till I had quite a class of sensitives so responsive that I could control them with ease.

  20. Some of my sensitives are able to tell what goes on behind them and where they cannot see it, by some occult sense of which I am ignorant.

  21. My sensitives could have an arm or a leg amputated, I have no doubt, without suffering any pain.

  22. They are born sensitives and remain sensitives to the end of their lives, and only as they can be taught the truth about themselves can they be rescued from some form of mental disturbances.

  23. Such sensitives frequently suffer a martyrdom that none but sensitives can realize.

  24. In many cases the sensitives among the sitters begin to experience a peculiar sensation in their arms and hands, the latter being placed on the table in front of them.

  25. Most persons who have attempted to transfer thoughts to mesmerized sensitives have realized that general ideas can be transmitted much more easily than names, dates, or specific words can be impressed upon or expressed by the subject.

  26. Sensitives say, they distinctly feel the passage and the interruption of the current; I think it is a question of degree: their sensations differ from the sensations of other experimenters only in degree.

  27. Here is an example: I was once in a spiritistic group, and among those present were several sensitives presenting subconscious or paraconscious automatisms, with the features of ordinary somnambulism.

  28. Up to the present Janet seems to have operated with invalids only, and I am not surprised, therefore, that he should assimilate the automatic phenomena of sensitives with those of his hysterical patients.

  29. The way in which imagination-images or hallucinations are induced, with most of the sensitives I have examined, is nearly always the same.

  30. He had scarcely seated himself when violent knockings resounded on the floor; this person, honourable, well-educated and intelligent, is one of the most remarkable sensitives I have met with.

  31. Certain sensitives complain of their rings, which seem to make them feel uncomfortable, giving them, at times, a sensation of exaggerated heat.

  32. Of course, I am speaking of hallucinations experienced by sensitives out of seance hours.

  33. The time is reduced with sensitives who are well developed.

  34. Very few sensitives present it in a marked manner, and it has seemed to me necessary to push the artificial sleep rather deeply.

  35. Sensitives say that the mirror should not reflect anything: it should present a uniform tint, e.

  36. We must make the sensitives we observe write down their visions immediately; for, in the greater number of cases, a rapid amnesia mixes up the details and causes them to disappear.

  37. This we poor sensitives do feel and see; For subject to the curse you made us be.

  38. According to Reichenbach some sensitives are extreme in their feeling.

  39. The stories told of hyper-sensitives who think they are able to smell the pole of a magnet or the chemicals melted into a glass, belong to this class.

  40. This abnormal state, which allows sensitives to apprehend past vibrations, is perhaps only a partial abandonment of the body by the spirit.

  41. Can it be that our feelings, our sorrows and joys, leave a persistent vibration on the objects we touch, which sensitives can perceive after even a long interval?

  42. The skilled hypnotist commands one of his sensitives to sleep under certain conditions.

  43. I could put him to sleep in a moment, simply snapping my fingers and telling him I wished him to sleep; of course this can only be done with sensitives who have been repeatedly hypnotized.

  44. But from here on the experiences of the sensitives are more and more unusual.

  45. Yet the sensitives do both in recurrent instalments of the dream life, and like the rest of us, through the intervening waking periods, after the first hour or so, generally know nothing of the dreams.

  46. Parts of it farther and farther removed in time and space seem to be manifesting themselves through the sensitives every day: so the evidence is increasing that none of it has ever been extinguished.

  47. Anyway, I put the matter out of my head as one of those trying episodes to which all sensitives are exposed at times, when they think more of conscience than personal convenience.

  48. I want particularly to ask you to take advantage of any opportunity that you may have to test the power of sensitives to see the "flames" from magnets and crystals, as also to feel the influence from them.

  49. Barrett which follows, refers to Reichenbach's experiments with certain sensitives who declared they saw luminosity from the poles of a magnet after they had been for some time in a perfectly darkened room.

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