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Example sentences for "harsh"

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harrowed; harrowing; harrows; harrying; harse; harsher; harshest; harshly; harshness; hart
  1. I fear you are pessamistic," I said, reproving her but mildly, for Jane's school is well known to be harsh and uncompromizing.

  2. A kind word will do anything with me, but harsh treatment only makes me determined.

  3. I had forgotten this bird, and the harsh utterance and dreadful words coming upon me unawares so startled me that I half-sprang to my feet.

  4. I had supposed that when brought face to face with the stern harsh prose of such weather as this, the mournful, romantic stuff that filled the captain's head would have been clean blown out of it; but no!

  5. As if to complete the bewilderment under which I laboured, scarce had the second chime of the clock rung its last vibration, when a harsh voice croaked out in Dutch-- "Wy Zyn al Verdomd!

  6. There was a harsh snarl, and the eyes disappeared, the owner of them having apparently shrunk off to one side.

  7. She winced, but made no complaint, only covering her baby with her hair and her arms in terror lest it should suffer a like harsh handling.

  8. The harsh hootings of the bird-lizards had ceased to rend the air as the dark wings hurtled away to seek some remoter or less disturbed hunting-ground.

  9. The advance of the front ranks came to an instant halt, and the low muttering rose to a chorus of harsh cries.

  10. The contrast between the smoothly-flowing contour of the lower elevations and the shattered and riven aspect of the harsh ridges, sharp peaks, and craggy tors above, is particularly striking.

  11. Finally he said, "Goodbye, and may your husband never say a harsh word to you or do anything objectionable as long as you both shall live, and may he love you every hour of every day, and may he drop dead.

  12. It was more of a sound, a harsh prolonged animal roar of pain and rage and humiliation.

  13. Although sometimes he seemed to be harsh and imperious, he was at heart kind and humble.

  14. They were the whisperings of hope; of happiness which I had never known, but now the familiar air scarcely begins until it is lost in the yells of demons and the harsh laughter of devils.

  15. Even those marriages that are not based on selfish, sordid motives, are frequently marred and broken up by the harsh realities of life.

  16. All these marriages are stripped of poetry by the harsh reality of life, more quickly than a careless hand strips the colored dust from a butterfly's wing.

  17. This leads to quarrels and harsh words and eventually to a rupture in the marriage relation.

  18. One party becomes a slave to the other and is forced in fulfillment of "matrimonial duties," to endure intimate embraces that perhaps seem more loathsome than harsh words and ill treatment.

  19. The version in Luke's Gospel may have been tampered with by Marcion, lest God should appear harsh in hiding "those things from the wise and prudent.

  20. This seemed harsh to the compiler of St. Matthew.

  21. There was no solicitude in her tone; it was more like harsh command.

  22. Her voice was so abrupt and harsh that the man started.

  23. I've been considerable worried about her," she answered, with harsh decision.

  24. Mrs. Field responded with a harsh outburst that fairly made her start back.

  25. Therein sat a spirit, ever lovely, because ever loving; smiling away all natural wrinkles--softening down all harsh lines.

  26. Sybilla was annoyed--she, the spoilt darling of every one, who knew not the meaning of a harsh word.

  27. You know nothing of me and of my son, save what is harsh and painful.

  28. The only sounds that occasionally interrupted the hush were the shouts of the men tethering the ponies and the harsh scream of a buzzard swinging high against the burning blue of the desert sky.

  29. Sam's threat was a harsh one, but nothing less harsh would have answered his purpose, and he knew very well that Jake would not dare to incur the threatened penalty.

  30. It is to be feared that he had harsh thoughts of all the Medcrofts, as far down as Raggles.

  31. Take my advice, my dear, and don't be harsh in your judgment.

  32. Very harsh words, those for Mrs. Todhetley to speak: and she hastened to soften them.

  33. If people knew how I'm punished within myself, Master Johnny, they'd perhaps not be so harsh upon me.

  34. The whole world does not seem to be as sinful in its wickedness as I was in my harsh unkindness; and there's no sort of expiation left to me.

  35. There was a wild terror in Hinrich's look and gesture, and the rattling tone of his harsh voice.

  36. If a laborer handles his pickaxe awkwardly, or if he is insolent to his master, or the master harsh to him and requiring too much, he is, quick as a flash of lightning, between them when they are as yet half way under ground.

  37. Does not this Saga, with all its harsh allusions, breathe a most touching tenderness?

  38. Before she could make the first stroke, a harsh voice, in which there was combined triumph and amazement, broke the stillness like the clanging of a bell.

  39. For thus they glory, with licentious tongue, To quit the harsh command and galling thong.

  40. But why must you, alone, displeased appear, And with harsh truths thus grate the tender ear?

  41. Too little remains of Lucilius, to enable us to judge of his manner: his style seems, however, to bear fewer marks of delicacy than of strength, and his strictures appear harsh and violent.

  42. Some day or other, you will present your head with shaven crown, to be beaten: nor hesitate to submit to the harsh lash--well worthy of such a banquet and such a friend as this!

  43. The pawned persons "were treated as members of the creditor's family and never exposed to harsh usage.

  44. The Gauchos of central Uruguay speak Spanish with harsh rough accents.

  45. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "harsh" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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