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Example sentences for "heartless"

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  1. So far as I have observed, London has been guilty of no such vandalism as is responsible for the new Boulevard Raspail in Paris, and similar heartless destructiveness, in a city which belongs less to France than to the human soul.

  2. Mrs. Oranmore wished this child removed, that it might not be in the way of her son, Barry; and thinking I was as heartless and cruel as herself, she employed me to drown it.

  3. I'll never enter your presence again, you heartless girl!

  4. Wildly I gnash my new-cut teeth And beat my throbbing brow, When I behold the coquetry Of heartless Martha Clow!

  5. It was an injury to "Mary" to think even of that heartless creature by her name.

  6. The woman (in my situation) must be heartless indeed who could destroy your place in the estimation of the world and the regard of your friends!

  7. I am sorry to say it, of a man who has come to such a miserable end--but his behavior to Priscilla proves him to have been a vicious and heartless wretch.

  8. The life of the regent was a perpetual scandal, especially in his heartless treatment of women, and the disgraceful revels in which he indulged.

  9. As dissipated habits obtained the mastery over him, and the unbounded flattery of his boon companions stultified his conscience, he became heartless and even brutal.

  10. The message from Cairo was a heartless fraud, designed in order to obtain money.

  11. Lady Ingleby," he said, "a cruel and heartless wrong has been done you by a despicable scoundrel, for whom no retribution would be too severe.

  12. There was but one answer, and as he brooded over the shame and misery that would fall upon his daughter and on all the family, as he thought of this heartless seducer going through the world scathless, passion swelled within him.

  13. I don't perceive the point of your witty, heartless anecdote," said Lady Lansmere, obstinately.

  14. She thought the proceedings more worthy of a lot of heartless schoolboys delighting in a master's absence than of decent, honest men.

  15. Sophia Ozanne looked at her little, fair daughter with tender eyes, remembering the heartless way Rosanne had spoken of her sister's grief only two nights before.

  16. The fact that I could cry consoled me, for how could I be heartless so long as I could cry?

  17. She was a most amusing and sometimes almost bewitching little companion; but the delight in her would be not unfrequently quenched by some altogether unforeseen outbreak of heartless petulance or turbulent rebellion.

  18. They had humbled themselves on their knees for the sake of their suffering fellow- citizens, but the heartless Frenchman had laughed, and, laughing, reiterated his command.

  19. Go, then, to your prayers, and when you pray for your father's soul, ask forgiveness of God for your heartless and ungrateful conduct to his widow.

  20. But, in good sooth, this heartless court-life corrupts us all; we are so unaccustomed to genuine feeling, that we forget its existence on earth.

  21. History will depict me as a heartless and bloodthirsty monarch, while no man has ever more deprecated the shedding of blood than I.

  22. I seldom indulge in retrospection, Laura; it unfits me for endurance of the heartless life we lead in Paris.

  23. Oh, if you were in your grave, as my dear mother is, would you not curse the heartless being that repulsed your orphan!

  24. Along the Yukon they haunt steamer-landings and are always fed by the stewards--who can thus muster a dog fight for the pleasure of heartless passengers at a moment's notice.

  25. Then I was heartless enough to laugh, and to keep on laughing.

  26. Whereupon everybody told her she was a heartless thing.

  27. From what you have told me, you have often been heartless about other people, so I don't think you need worry about Mabel.

  28. At last in mid-October the very morning of the day arrived, so long anticipated with every kind of discussion that its superficial resemblance to other mornings seemed heartless and unnatural.

  29. Sylvia thought the best way of showing her penitence for the heartless way she had treated her was to buy as much Turkish Delight as could possibly be carried away, since she probably received a percentage on the takings.

  30. Take care,” replied his heartless mother, “that you do not soon find yourself king of nothing!

  31. Do you know what you are saying, you arrogant, you heartless girl?

  32. Not less heartless was the treatment of the vanquished nobles.

  33. One of the servants appeared, showing in Mr. Carlyle; nothing false or heartless about him.

  34. He thinks so much of himself, with his curled hair and shining teeth, and his white skin; and he's as heartless as an owl.

  35. Few men were so fascinating in manners, at times and seasons, in face and in form, few men won so completely upon their hearers' ears, and few were so heartless in their hearts of hearts.

  36. It seemed incredible that even a prehistoric woman could be so cold and heartless and ungrateful.

  37. Nor can I believe that, since all my people were loyal to me and would have made short work of Hooja had he suggested the heartless scheme, even had he had time to acquaint another with it.

  38. The thoughts of William and his heartless wife caused old feelings of indignation to awaken and burn; but when the image of Charles and Florence came up before her mind, her eyes were ready to overflow.

  39. Her lover was as excellent and honourable as she at first believed him to be, and she had cast him off on the authority of a heartless jest.

  40. It was bad enough to destroy the bodies of men in a heartless war; it was worse to nourish those principles which poisoned the soul, and spread doubt and disguised infidelities among the learned classes.

  41. He was a disobedient son, a heartless husband, a capricious friend, and a selfish self-idolater.

  42. War was associated with inhuman atrocities, and the acceptance of the reformed faith was followed by bitter and heartless persecution.

  43. The slaughter was begun in treachery and was continued in the most heartless cruelty.

  44. As well might the brainless and heartless conspirators against human progress and human liberty endeavor to arrest the rotation of a planet by the stroke of a pickaxe.

  45. In your selfish, heartless conceit, you imagine that the Emancipation is and will be your work, and will be credited to you.

  46. Whether it had not been better that the waves should have swallowed thee in thy purity, than thou shouldest be exposed to a heartless world of sorrow and of crime?

  47. Still she was the same frivolous, heartless being; still she sighed for pleasure, and to move in those circles in which she had been received at the time of her marriage.

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