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Example sentences for "frozen"

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frowningly; frowns; frowsy; frowzy; froze; fructification; fructifications; fructified; fructify; fructifying
  1. In a lull in the shooting I left my blind and went a quarter of a mile away to the little lake mentioned before as frozen over.

  2. Sitting in a frozen blind, all at once you hear the whirring of wings, far off in the sky.

  3. Rifts in the sky, here and there, let some frozen looking sunbeams through, but there was no warmth in their rays.

  4. For carcasses of the Siberian elephants were frozen so suddenly and so completely at the change, that the flesh has remained untainted.

  5. Blinding gusts of rain, sleet and frozen snow buffeted the planes, the shield of the fuselage, and all of himself that was visible.

  6. The wind, now bitter cold, would have frozen his flesh but for his sheathing of wool and leather that protected his face, arms and body.

  7. He stood on the deck and watched, rather frozen and rigid, and with a mind that had ceased working, while the steamer warped out from the quay.

  8. She went through the next few hours in a sort of frozen composure and ate nothing at all.

  9. Don't you think," Sara Lee said in a frozen voice, "that is what I have done?

  10. In her little world, self lies at the equator, and every one else is pushed off to the frozen poles.

  11. So they sat in the doubtful shadow of a leafless maple, on a hard park bench, on a chilly November night, and though Dick was half frozen they were both more than happy.

  12. At any rate, the tiny crystals of frozen water are formed and come floating down to the ground; and we call them snowflakes.

  13. At the same time it is this gravitation of the sun that keeps the earth from flying off into space, where we should all be frozen to icicles and lost in everlasting night.

  14. Even liquid air (which is ordinary air cooled and compressed until it runs like water) can be frozen into a solid chunk.

  15. Maria turned and regarded him with a frozen look still on her face.

  16. Then she ran across the yard, over the frozen furrows of a last year's garden, and knocked at the side-door of the Merrill house.

  17. The boy chuckled a little and dug his toes into the frozen earth, then he whistled.

  18. The Thames is nearly frozen at Waterloo Bridge.

  19. In vain I pulled the frozen buffalo-robe over my head, and tried to get to sleep.

  20. When their heat, however generated, is expended, they die to frozen cinders; possibly to be again diffused as nebulae, to begin again the eternal round of change.

  21. The Adige he described as beset with a two-fold risk - the avoidance of the bridges, which courted suspicion, and the thin ice and only partially frozen river, which had to be traversed in the dark.

  22. Here we have remained ever since, and but for the kindness of Old Pete, and several of his companions, I verily believe we should have frozen or starved.

  23. A small stream flowed hard by, frozen in winter, gently babbling in summer, and flooded in springtime from its own countless tributaries.

  24. Seek the rough Alps where snows eternal shine, And joyless borders of the frozen Rhine.

  25. In the frigid zone, the soil remains constantly frozen for an insignificant depth, whatever may be the temperature of the encircling atmosphere.

  26. The owl, for all his feathers, was a-cold; The hare limped trembling through the frozen grass, And silent was the flock in woolly fold.

  27. At Paris, where, on an average, the winter temperature is two degrees higher than in the surrounding country, the Seine was completely frozen for upwards of a fortnight.

  28. Why, your ears would be frozen solid inside of four weeks.

  29. They met for the first time, face to face, amid a world of ice and snow, upon the frozen surface of Lake George.

  30. Once sucked beneath the deep waters of the frozen lake, exhausted as he was, there was no hope for him.

  31. He gained the frozen lake; but the treacherous, slippery ice seemed to yield beneath his feet.

  32. Charles cut and hacked at the ice blocks, regardless of his own personal safety; and after long labour he succeeded in moving some of them, and in dragging out the lifeless corpse, already frozen stiff, of the man he had sworn to slay.

  33. He lay face downwards on the frozen ground, which was deeply stained with blood.

  34. They stole beneath the walls upon the frozen lake.

  35. The French were flying over the frozen ice, the Rangers in pursuit.

  36. The others always hectored me about that "frozen smile.

  37. Dry stubs of branches were driven deep into the frozen earth.

  38. And this appearance, with the ground all white, and the not yet frozen water looking black as ink, made everything appear so strange, that although we had several times been there before, we now scarcely knew the place.

  39. A peeled hemlock log lay stranded on the shore upon rocks, with about four feet of its length frozen in the ice.

  40. Still we ran on; but not long after, we came suddenly on the brink of a deep gorge which opened out to the left on a wide, white, frozen pond.

  41. A stranger commanded--it sunk on the land, It has frozen each heart, and benumb'd every hand!

  42. We would need two more coats on top of the ones we've got, and another hood to keep our ears from being frozen stiff.

  43. He knew that tens of thousands of eyes must be riveted upon them at that particular moment, from the officers at Headquarters to the mud-spattered and half frozen men concealed in the irregular trenches.

  44. The spring in the grove is beginning to freeze, The pond is hard frozen all o'er; Long icicles hang in bright rows from the trees, And drop in odd shapes from the door.

  45. The ponds stood thick with ice, the sound of running water had ceased, when the slight downward of the road through a barren moor and past broad undrained films of frozen bog, told me that I was on the further northern slope.

  46. Then I asked what stream that was which trickled from the half-frozen moss, and led down the valley of my next day's journey.

  47. They have frozen each other by their primness; and your faculties feel the numbing effects of the atmosphere the moment you enter it.

  48. This is that portion, also, where in the spring, the ice being warmed by the heat of the sun reflected from the bottom, and also transmitted through the earth, melts first and forms a narrow canal about the still frozen middle.

  49. The warmth of his body thawed the frozen ground until he sank into it.

  50. When night came it froze again, and when he tried to rise he found he was frozen fast.

  51. But the father answered never a word, A frozen corpse was he.

  52. Hunting in your dreams, While our skates are ringing O'er the frozen streams.

  53. O'er the German foam; O'er the Danish moorlands, From thy frozen home.

  54. The salt sea was frozen on her breast, The salt tears in her eyes; And he saw her hair, like the brown sea-weed, On the billows fall and rise.

  55. Down he fell upon the ground, rolling over and over in the purple chiton, till presently he lay still and dead, his tormented face and frozen eyes peering ghastly from its folds.

  56. Without entering into particulars, I will only say that I hope I shall never see such another look as that which was frozen on this dead man's face.

  57. His eyes and mouth were open, his fat cheeks dropped down, his thin hair yet seemed to bristle, and on his countenance was frozen such a stamp of hideous terror as well might turn the beholder's brain.

  58. They looked at each other frozen by what they had just heard, and still more by what they had just seen in the eyes and the countenance of the King; and as soon as they had collected their senses, they retired, and went to Paris.

  59. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "frozen" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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