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Example sentences for "flooded"

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  1. Returning to the discussion of currency, let it be recorded that after the market was flooded with all sorts of money and after the ships stopped coming because of the great ice barrier, the money market became wilder than ever.

  2. After suffering dreadfully from want of water and fuel they entered Kansu, having recrossed the flooded Hwang-ho, but it was not till January 1845 that they reached Tang-Kiul on the boundary.

  3. And at night they have the doors open, and from the sleeping-rooms one can see the patio flooded with moonlight and smell the fragrance of roses.

  4. We had fallen into a concavity similar to those of the marshes, but successive depositions had almost filled it, and no longer subject to inundation, it had lost all the character of those flooded tracts.

  5. Crossing the sand hills, we likewise passed a creek, and, from the flooded or alluvial tracks, got on an elevated sandy country, in which we found a beautiful grevillia.

  6. As we neared the junction of the two main streams, the country, on both sides of the river, became low, and its general appearance confirmed the opinion I have already given as to its flooded origin.

  7. The timber upon them was not of a kind that is found on flooded lands, but wherever reeds prevailed the flooded or blue gum stretched its long white branches over them.

  8. The country to the south was certainly lower than that to the north; for, although both banks had features common to each other, the flooded spaces were much more extensive to our left than to our right.

  9. A large plain, similar to those over which we had wandered prior to our gaining the flooded region, stretched away to a considerable distance behind us, and was backed by cypresses and brush.

  10. If the valley of the Murray is not subject to flood, it has only recently gained a height above the influence of the river, and still retains all the character of flooded land.

  11. On a more attentive examination of the distant interior, my opinion as to its flooded origin was confirmed, more especially in reference to the country to the S.

  12. The cover-plate in the floor of the conning-tower was thrown open, and once more the confined space was flooded with light as the upcast rays from the centre compartment were thrown through the circular opening.

  13. Suddenly the object-bowl of the conning-tower periscope was flooded with light.

  14. Early in December the expedition came on to the Leichhardt, and then to the Albert River, the latter flowing over plains and flooded low flats, where the tracks of several other explorers were seen.

  15. A wet season was setting in, and 200 miles of flooded country lay between them and their homes.

  16. The expedition had now spent four months in a region of lakes, full or dry, with many creeks and flooded hollows.

  17. In the winter the ditches are flooded to protect the cress from frost.

  18. The full, rich tones of her voice flooded the room, and Hope thrilled with delight at the sound of her own creation.

  19. A rush of colour flooded Madge's cheeks, and the indignant blood tingled in her veins.

  20. Lands flooded by a river or other running water are called [Greek: potima] (Handbook of Cyprus, p.

  21. Anyway, if you've read the papers, you must know that for the past year or more the diamond markets of the world have been flooded with singularly perfect stones.

  22. And the light of the xenon tube that flooded the screened space was reflected from the great glass head till it seemed that the thing was alive; that it was watching me till some unguarded moment would give it its chance.

  23. The night was flooded as by an ecstasy of moonlight.

  24. The big side yard upon which the steps descended was flooded with moonlight, and a mockingbird was sending forth a trial note or two.

  25. Three Genii, and he came out at the top of the list.

  26. As the spot had never been flooded in the memory of man, no one thought of removing the pony until the wooden bridges having been washed away rendered it impossible to do so.

  27. Hauke to himself; "to be sure, on many a hill the houses will lie in ruins; a bad year will come for the flooded fens; sluices and locks will have to be repaired!

  28. The moon shone from her height, but down on the dike there was no more life, only the wild waters that soon had almost wholly flooded the old land.

  29. But to-night he found his mind flooded with the most hackneyed and commonplace reflections.

  30. The garden was strewn with branches and battered foliage and the long gravel path flooded by the tempest of rain was discharging itself upon the lawn, where pools of bright yellow water were spreading.

  31. The morning sunshine flooded the window-seat by the door, and Dodo sat down there for one moment's thought before he joined her.

  32. The sunlight flooded the green valley, stretching lazily below him in the soft warmth of a mellow autumn morning.

  33. Presently one of them found the switch and instantly the room was flooded with light, which revealed to the American a dozen Luthanian troopers headed by the murderous Maenck.

  34. At that moment a tremendous peal of thunder broke overhead, while, simultaneously, the whole room was flooded with light.

  35. Imagine the helter-skelter of those thousands of trees over the roaring, rushing waterfalls, or along the rapidly flowing cataracts and flooded rivers.

  36. The people in the flooded area and their representatives have approached this problem in the most generous and broad-minded way.

  37. A dense, oppressive fog covered the flooded marsh and added to the gloom of the night.

  38. The casement was hastily clapped to, and the two horsemen galloped forward up the long, broad street; now flooded with the moon's light.

  39. There was no hardship in this, as it was a splendid night, and the full moon had risen and had flooded the whole country with a spectral light.

  40. A river at the foot of the great hill was forded, and as the mules were nearly carried off their feet, and the wagon was flooded with the stream, we were glad to land on the opposite bank.

  41. A wonderful starlight flooded the open after the inky gloom of the storm.

  42. The little open space in which they had built their hidden wigwam was flooded with sunshine that came through a break in the forest to the west.

  43. A wild sense of defied kingship flooded his spirit.

  44. Even as he spoke the sea-door was flung open and a mob of people flooded the church, bearing Hieronymus in their midst.

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