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Example sentences for "floodgates"

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flogs; flom; flood; flooded; floodgate; flooding; floodlight; floodlights; floods; floodtide
  1. The fountains also of the deep, and the floodgates of heaven, were shut up, and the rain from heaven was restrained.

  2. The Seneschal and the wine, between them, had opened the floodgates of all that was evil in his nature, and that evil thundered out in a great torrent that bid fair to sweep all before it.

  3. It was as if the Dowager's voice had opened the floodgates of her sorrow and let out the tears that hitherto had been repressed.

  4. Sir Leicester is particularly complacent because he has found in his newspaper some congenial remarks bearing directly on the floodgates and the framework of society.

  5. But it was not until Cesarotti published a translation of MacPherson's "Ossian" that the floodgates of romance were opened for Italian literature.

  6. It seemed as if the very floodgates of a noisy, bubbling stream had been torn asunder, and a whirlpool of chattering women been let loose upon the earth.

  7. The floodgates of sentiment might burst asunder now with the slightest word uttered that was not strictly commonplace.

  8. As they passed before the dikes, they heard a wild roar of waters, and beheld the bearded stranger, now restored to his own demoniac form, opening the floodgates with the silver keys he had taken from the Princess Dahut.

  9. The stranger instantly took advantage of the confusion to snatch the silver keys of the floodgates from the princess's neck, and to vanish from the saloon.

  10. The floodgates with this widowed one had never yet been for a moment closed.

  11. I know it will reopen the floodgates of your grief," she said; "but unless you see it, how can I ask from you the advice which is so necessary to me?

  12. Now that it was all over and she could relax, nature opened the floodgates of pent-up feeling and healing tears flowed.

  13. The name of Christ always opens the floodgates in Paul's heart.

  14. What fills the heart will overflow by the floodgates of speech.

  15. She loved him since his return; but Adeline’s confession had opened the floodgates of her heart’s admiration for the man she had wronged.

  16. And now her set face grew gentle, and the floodgates of her charity opened.

  17. Sir, the floodgates of corruption will be opened upon us.

  18. The floodgates of heaven are ready to open and fill you with such glory that it will cause this old world to fade out of sight; but not until you can cheerfully and willingly let go and say to Jesus, "Thy will be done.

  19. Then following the distinct baptism of fire the floodgates of heaven's glory were opened upon me, and, oh, the heavenly deluge that followed can be realized only by those who have experienced the same.

  20. In the summertime, and at the period to which allusion is made, the floodgates were closed.

  21. And, when Major Venable had settled himself in a big chair and bitten off the end of a cigar and lighted it, what floodgates of reminiscence were opened!

  22. It loosed the floodgates of extravagance, and the torrent of dissipation poured forth.

  23. Why should it have come now, like floodgates opened against his will, to overwhelm him?

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