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  1. Nor would the Royal Academy who filled their honorary offices with such men as Johnson, Goldsmith, and Gibbon, have given them Boswell as a colleague if they had thought him altogether a fool.

  2. But this was in March 1768, when Boswell's Account of Corsica had already been published.

  3. The Rambler had no sixpenny magazines of triviality, no sensational halfpenny papers, to compete with it, and it pursued an even course of modest success for its two years of life.

  4. Even in 1783, after he had had the stroke which was the beginning of the end, she speaks of his "gaiety.

  5. Still the Puritan movement only deepened a vein of seriousness which had been in the English from Saxon days.

  6. But he has some qualities of which Pope had nothing or not very much.

  7. But Johnson's commonplaces had been consciously earned and were {169} deliberately spent; he had made them himself, and when he handed them on to others he handed himself on with them.

  8. A single satire in verse would never, by itself, have had the force to push its way through the ever-increasing crowd of applicants that besiege the attention of posterity.

  9. Sir, I would sooner have replied to the Act of Congress of the 11th instant, if I had not been prevented by other business, which required immediate attention.

  10. On the contrary, it gives me pleasure to find, that in some instances among so many, a fruitless recourse has not been had to the purses of individuals.

  11. I shall not here notice the difference between what we have said about the additional million, as well because it is in substance the same, as because I had not insisted on drawing for it.

  12. I had written to Dr Franklin in the manner agreed between us as to M.

  13. In a circular letter, dated the 19th of October last, I had the honor to mention an order prohibiting Loan Officers from issuing certificates in payment of interest, together with the reasons for which it was made.

  14. These would long since have overwhelmed me, had I been supported only by the revenues drawn from the States.

  15. I would have anticipated your views, had it not escaped my attention, for be the distresses of my department what they may, this is of too much importance ever to be neglected.

  16. But the same love of America, which had raised such strong irritability where her interests were concerned, will of course stimulate it to an equal degree when those interests are assailed from another quarter.

  17. It has been the common trick of the enemy to pretend at every success we have obtained, nay during every winter of the war, that it would immediately cease, and they have had emissaries among us to inculcate that idea.

  18. The last requisitions have been for money; and if I had not by the publications prevented such assertions, it would not be surprising, that they should be repeated, even as to the money quotas.

  19. Now, being grown both stout and strong, They thought they had remained too long In idleness at home; And now their food they daily sought, And of their mother little thought While they abroad did roam.

  20. Illustration] But now the housewife saw, dismayed, The waste so many mice had made, And did a trap procure.

  21. No one in their senses, I think, would remain When they know they are soon to be cruelly slain; There are more sties than this in the world, I dare say, So I think I had better at once run away.

  22. When, just as his snout had a nice plant uptorn, A shot through his ear he had reason to mourn, Discharged from the gun of a lad stationed there, To take care of the crop, and all robbers to scare.

  23. But went on in silence to finish their feeding, Which certainly was not a mark of good breeding; But as they thus acted, I must tell the truth, Though I'd rather my pigs had not been so uncouth.

  24. We had a Peace and Arbitration Congress in New York two years ago.

  25. Both of these companies had become very unpopular, one as a result of poor street-car service, and the other on account of a typhoid epidemic supposed to have been started from the pollution of the company's reservoir.

  26. But, on the other hand, with the growth of advertising a department had to be created in every paper for its handling.

  27. Another paper, which many consider the brightest in America, discharged its dramatic critic after a theatrical firm had taken out all their advertising.

  28. As a Philadelphia daily has admitted, "A vacuum had been created.

  29. Only a few wireless dispatches were sent out by the heroic Binns during the first few hours, and yet every paper the next morning had columns about the disaster, all written without padding, inaccuracy, or disproportion.

  30. True, and therefore they had the worse fortune: but see, here's the Lord Florio.

  31. I well perceive, if I had troubled you, I should have had it in my dish ere now.

  32. O, that I had the Dutchman's hose, that I might creep into the pockets!

  33. Madam, you urge a thought which ne'er had life.

  34. I wonder how my spirit did forbear To strike him on the face: had this been spoke Within my liberties, h' had died for it.

  35. This story had become familiar in consequence of T.

  36. If I had you in place where, you should find me tough enough in digestion, I warrant you.

  37. My worthy lady, freely I confess To thy wrong'd heart my passion had a-late Put rudeness on me, which I now put off: I will no more seem so unfashionable For pleasure and the chamber of a lady.

  38. I would I had the monopoly of them, So there were no impost set upon them.

  39. Nay, then give me leave, sir, to depart in quiet: I had hop'd you had sent for me to some other end.

  40. One thing I had forgot; I prythee, wench, Steal to Votarius closely, and remember him To wear some privy armour then about him, That I may feign a fury without fear.

  41. He had apparently made the rounds, as is the custom of spacemen, swilling vast quantities of airplane dope, and he was high as a kite.

  42. Furthermore, he wore a glowing circlet on his forehead--so that Brad knew he was able to read their minds--if they had any.

  43. His father had been spared the fire, but one day, aboard his spaceship, someone spilled a glass of water.

  44. Brad had then entered the Kruv Chamber, or Trapeze Room, and he had learned nothing since.

  45. He figured the odds against this to be fifty billion to one--but Brad had fought big odds before.

  46. For had they completed their journey on schedule--but why be morbid?

  47. His grandfather, a traffic officer, had chased a comet for speeding, and had, unfortunately, overtaken it.

  48. He had his eyes glued on her; when he took them off, they made a noise like vacuum cups: "Pfffopp!

  49. Yes, said Brad to himself, it was all true; he had been shaking and punching his head, and nothing had changed.

  50. She had magnificent blonde hair, some of it almost an inch long, none of it on her head, but she was lovely.

  51. He had to hold on with all his might to keep from being dislodged.

  52. All of the others hastened to get their guns in a serviceable condition, even while they were looking to see what had happened to excite the tall scout.

  53. And it was the heavy rumble of Hank's deep bass voice that had helped operations along, by deadening the "click" of the cautiously moved mechanical devises belonging to the repeating rifles.

  54. Giraffe had a habit of talking at a lively pace when wishing to keep his heart from betraying his nervousness.

  55. Here Davy Jones presently joined him, saying that Bumpus had urged him to add a second rod and line to that Smithy already had out.

  56. Mebbe it is," replied the tall scout, meekly, for his feelings had been so recently torn by conflicting hopes and fears, that he was in no mood for argument.

  57. Later on, they sat around enjoying the venison steaks, and the trout which had been so beautifully browned in the frying-pan, after several slices of fat salt pork had been "tried out.

  58. This seemed all the more strange because nearly all half-breeds, Thad had been told, were surly by nature.

  59. Bumpus had for a long time been making preparations looking to such a happening.

  60. We had one experience in that line, you know, fellers, when they heard us coming, and got all ready to receive us.

  61. Although they had thus far met with no great success, Step Hen and Giraffe still felt considerable confidence in their leaders.

  62. It was really one of the most surprising examples of newly-acquired discipline that Thad had even seen.

  63. He immediately snatched his leg out of the trap, and no sooner had he done so than he rolled over on the ground.

  64. They had been gone from the camp-fire about half an hour now.

  65. They might have had curiosity enough to figure out who Bumpus was; but they'd never seen him, and so of course he hadn't done anything to injure them.

  66. And a looseness with it, which however made it not so great as I have heretofore had it.

  67. At last, I concluded of scraping out my name and putting in Mr. Tooker's, which eased me; though the price was such as I should have had glory by.

  68. Thence with Balty to Hales's by coach, it being the seventh day from my making my late oathes, and by them I am at liberty to dispense with any of my oathes every seventh day after I had for the six days before going performed all my vowes.

  69. And I lay down and slept a good night about midnight, though when I rose I heard that there had been a great alarme of French and Dutch being risen, which proved, nothing.

  70. Up, and to finish my Journall, which I had not sense enough the last night to make an end of, and thence to the office, where very busy all the morning.

  71. I had a salute of her, and after dinner some discourse the Sheriffe and I about a parcel of tallow I am buying for the office of him.

  72. And they drew up their army against Benjamin the third time, as they had done the first and second.

  73. For he knew that for envy they had delivered him.

  74. Now when the chiefs of the army of the Assyrians had heard this, they all rent their garments, and an intolerable fear and dread fell upon them, and their minds were troubled exceedingly.

  75. And in this confidence I had a mind to come to you before, that you might have a second grace: 1:16.

  76. And that some part of that which wicked Simon had given intelligence of belonged to Hircanus, son of Tobias, a man of great dignity; and that the whole was four hundred talents of silver, and two hundred of gold.

  77. I had written perhaps to the church: but Diotrephes, who loveth to have the preeminence among them, doth not receive us.

  78. He had been reprehended before for admitting such a partner: and therefore would have no more to do with him.

  79. And Absalom rising up early stood by the entrance of the gate, and when any man had business to come to the king's judgment, Absalom called him to him, and said: Of what city art thou?

  80. And Holofernes was made merry on her occasion, and drank exceeding much wine, so much as he had never drunk in his life.

  81. And if he be able to pay, he will stand off, he will scarce pay one half, and will count it as if he had found it: 29:8.

  82. And they laid the ark of God upon the cart, and the little box that had in it the golden mice, and the likeness of the emerods.

  83. And behold, a man of Ethiopia, an eunuch, of great authority under Candace the queen of the Ethiopians, who had charge over all her treasures, had come to Jerusalem to adore.

  84. And when Moses had called them, and every skilful man, to whom the Lord had given wisdom, and such as of their own accord had offered themselves to the making of the work, 36:3.

  85. They took up the jars and bottles the next morning when the water was clear and still, and released the prisoners which had done them such good service.

  86. In the afternoon they sailed about the broad in order to try a new float which Frank had invented for pike-fishing.

  87. Frank kept her so until the gust had passed.

  88. The rope had parted, and a receding wave bore them away, leaving a rapidly widening distance between them and the buoy.

  89. The wish was echoed by the others; but that very day they had an adventure which startled them considerably, and might have had very serious and fatal consequences.

  90. During the summer a strange creature which fed on the potato plants had much frightened the country people, who thought it a sign of a coming plague.

  91. Very soon he found a large chrysalis, and, encouraged by this success, he dug more vigorously, and very soon he had found five, while the girls had increased their spoils to sixteen.

  92. Frank said,-- "I should not have seen that moth if my face had not almost touched it.

  93. It looked a regular hatful, and he wondered how the tiny bird could have had the patience to collect so many.

  94. Bell then said he knew of a spot where the mud had been artificially raised, so as to form a sort of island, for the express purpose of enticing the wild-fowl to gather on it as the tide rose.

  95. Dick now suggested that they should again explore the windings of the creek, and try to find out the cause of the mysterious light which had so puzzled them the night before.

  96. But one morning it was found that some eggs had been laid.

  97. It is related of the Hoopoe, that one of these birds had a nest in an old wall in which there was a crevice.

  98. Tell me, what said the angel to our Lady; or what conference had our Lady with her cousin Elizabeth, concerning the birth of St. John the Baptist?

  99. That same night two Cedars sprang from the two graves, and in ten days had become so tall and vigorous in their growth, that they were able to interlace their branches and roots, although separated from one another.

  100. The mother having given her consent, the girl accompanied the prince to the royal residence, where she was given a bundle of Straw, and a pailful of clay, in order to prove if she were so skilful at spinning as her mother had said.

  101. Clusius affirmed that a sprig of the sacred plant worn round the neck was a talisman against witchcraft, always providing that the bough had not been allowed to touch earth after being gathered.

  102. When the tree was cut down, the arms and helmets alluded to were discovered; and it was seen that the oracle had been fulfilled.

  103. By a decree of Solon, which gave to an ancient popular custom the countenance of the law, a Grecian bride, before seeking the nuptial couch, had to eat a Quince.

  104. The victors at the athletic games were adjudged crowns differing in their composition according to the place in which they had won their honours.

  105. In the West of England, peasants suffering from blackhead were bidden to crawl under an arched Bramble, and if they had the toothache, the prescribed remedy was for them to bite the first Fern that appeared in Spring.

  106. This tree had withstood several lightning-blasts, and was supposed to be several hundred years old, as shown by its barkless trunk and its bare branches.

  107. Field of New York had commenced his trials in the great scheme of an ocean cable to "moor the new world alongside the old," as John Bright expressed it.

  108. William Penn found that they had long been at work on the Delaware when he reached its shores in 1682.

  109. In the process of puddling difficulty had been experienced in handling the bloom or ball after it was formed in the furnace.

  110. He had received, however, the whole world's honours--the great council medal at the Nations Fair in London in 1851 the Cross of the Legion of Honour by Napoleon III.

  111. The tomb had certainly been opened in Roman times, if not later.

  112. It might be supposed from this that it was a modern adaptation to an ancient system of vertical tumblers, had not a very similar, but simpler, lock existed in China.

  113. In her short, healthy life, Enid Crofton had only had one attack of insomnia.

  114. As a child he himself would have been sternly reproved for reading, even the Bible, during a sermon, but he supposed that Janet knew better than his own mother had done.

  115. He had noticed that the big plain deal writing table was still there.

  116. She had thought it just a little mean that the shop-woman should give Timmy Janet's hat in a paper-bag.

  117. She was engaged in washing, drying, and polishing the fine old table glass which had been used that evening.

  118. She wondered uneasily why Timmy had brought Josephine at all into the drawing-room.

  119. When Timmy opened the front door, she had been engaged in giving the girl a few last directions as to how a lighted candle was to be left out for her in her hall, for she had brought her latchkey with her.

  120. Something--a mere glancing streak of the great shaft of ecstasy which enveloped Jack Tosswill's whole being had touched her senses into what had seemed to him marvellous response.

  121. Miss Crofton had also stayed on in Beechfield, but only a day longer than she had intended to do--that is, till the Tuesday.

  122. Thus the girl had evidently brought the lamps into the sitting-room, though she had forgotten to draw the curtains.

  123. When it had begun again in 1917, in the form of a chaffing letter and a cheque for five pounds to the writer's godson, Betty had suggested that nothing should be said of George's death in Timmy's answer.

  124. One spoke of the body of a stranger that had been found near the gaming-houses frequented by those who visited Venice.

  125. No sooner had he done, than a murmur of approbation passed through the assembly, and extended itself to thousands who were beyond the sound of his voice, and to more who were beyond the reach of his meaning.

  126. I express the desire rather as a wish than with any hope of its being granted," returned the Duke of St. Agata, resuming his cloak and mask, neither of which had been entirely laid aside.

  127. I could have foretold this consummation of your nuptials, had I known of their celebration.

  128. I played my part against the infidel, but it was after my beard was grown, and at an age when I had learnt to know good from evil.

  129. Gino was not long behind, and after him came Bartolomeo, fourth and last in the best contested race which had ever been seen on the waters of Venice.

  130. Gelsomina had long been familiar with grief, but until this moment she had never felt the deep humiliation of shame.

  131. The color did not deepen on the cheek of Gelsomina at this abrupt question, for the tie between her and Jacopo had become too sacred for the ordinary weaknesses of her sex.

  132. With a firmness that had the quality of desperation, he again bowed his head and uttered fervently a prayer for the dead.

  133. Venice, from her peculiar formation and the vast number of her watermen, had long been celebrated for this species of amusement.

  134. The last, and what might be termed the national race, had been limited by an ancient usage to the known and recognised gondoliers of Venice.

  135. In the study of physiology you found the body divided into many parts, and that these parts had each a separate function or duty to perform.

  136. Thus, far separated efforts showed the time had come when attendants must be evolved into trained nurses.

  137. By the action of the organs and nerves of special sense we get all our knowledge of the external world, and, probably, if we had no organs of sense, we would have no consciousness of our existence.

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