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longbow; longe; longed; longeing; longen; longest; longeth; longevity; longful; longhand
  1. The candle went out; I could no longer distinguish her face.

  2. To live longer than forty years is bad manners, is vulgar, immoral.

  3. Consequently we have only to discover these laws of nature, and man will no longer have to answer for his actions and life will become exceedingly easy for him.

  4. I turned away with disgust; I was no longer reasoning coldly.

  5. An explanation could no longer be dodged or avoided.

  6. They'll go farther with you an' stick longer than anybody else you ever met up with.

  7. He would go out of her life and she need no longer feel responsible for the shadow that had fallen over his.

  8. She was no longer a daughter of the skies, attuned to sunshine and laughter and the golden harmony of the hills.

  9. The dread of the morrow was no longer so heavy upon him.

  10. The faces turned toward him were no longer grinning.

  11. Houck's voice was hoarse, but no longer defiant.

  12. Bob could not remain longer where he was.

  13. No longer did she wear a shapeless sack for a dress.

  14. The new rider for the Slash Lazy D saddled and cinched a bronco which no longer took an interest in the proceedings.

  15. No longer was she a fiery little rebel struggling passionately against a sense of inferiority.

  16. The longer she lived with her sisters the less did she care to talk about them, especially to Axel.

  17. He loved Anna with a passion that would no longer be hidden; and he knew that he must somehow hide it.

  18. Karlchen, becoming more and more enamoured the longer he walked, looked up at her through his eyelashes and told himself that the Treumanns were certainly in luck, for he had stumbled on a goddess.

  19. Susie, springing up from the sofa, no longer able to bear herself.

  20. Reforms, too, had been made in the food, and the bread was no longer disfigured by caraway seeds.

  21. If she had stayed one minute longer he would have shown her the poem.

  22. The warder standing by, the miserable little room, the wretched details of the situation, no longer existed for either of them.

  23. You don't want those two to be making love and enjoying themselves an hour longer than is necessary, do you?

  24. She bore it as long as she could, which was longer than most women would have borne it, and then knocked on the wall dividing her room from Hilton's.

  25. She had heard so much about piety and Providence within the last two hours that she was confused, and was no longer clear as to the exact limit of conduct beyond which a flying in the face of Providence might be said to begin.

  26. Every page has a square of text that looks like a blot, the letters no longer than fleas' legs written in a language that has long gone by, and all the borders and margins scribbled, crossed and crammed with notes.

  27. When she said that in keeping quiet about the gossip she was not a true wife to him he supposed she meant that she no longer cared for him, that he was not a handsome and strong enough man to suit her.

  28. All round him, the noisy crests of the fresh waves seemed to carol the song he could no longer sing--'Home, home!

  29. But what was odder still was, that it was no longer moonlight, but early dawn.

  30. He put his right fist into one eye, and had just taken it out, and was about to put his left fist into the other, when he saw that the tutor was no longer looking at him.

  31. I was her very own, and she kept me longer than any other plaything.

  32. When we reflect upon the kind friends who bought us with their money, and gave us away in the benevolence of their hearts, we know that for their sakes we ought to have been longer kept and better valued.

  33. She certainly would not be able to bear it much longer without losing her senses.

  34. The prediction is being verified, gaps are opened through the ranks, only to be closed again; the regiment has lost its adhesion and marching step, its lines are no longer perfect, but the movement is still onward.

  35. It seems no longer a practical question, hence no good purpose could be subserved by a discussion thereof.

  36. With this longer twing he set himself again to his task.

  37. I have been often surprised to find, that many people lie longer in bed on Sundays, then on the other mornings of the week.

  38. Tarquin and his son behaved so basely, that the people could no longer bear their tyranny and oppression, but boldly threw off the yoke.

  39. The regal power lasted but a very little time longer in Rome.

  40. This motion, however, soon grew more violent, and being no longer able to keep my legs, I was thrown prostrate upon the ground.

  41. It legs are short and slender; the fore-legs longer than the hind ones.

  42. In a few days after this, the young brood is enabled to fly, but it is some time longer before the little creatures can take their own food; until which time, they are fed by the parent birds, with the most affectionate solicitude.

  43. The long journeys by rail he soon got used to, so that he was no longer sick, but it was a weary existence.

  44. If so, Black Bruin himself would no longer be afraid, so he drew still nearer and stood over his master.

  45. A few rods farther on, feeling that he was no longer pursued, he glanced back just long enough to see the bear tearing the paper from the package and licking out the honey.

  46. He no longer pillowed his head upon Black Bruin, who was chained to a near-by tree.

  47. He no longer exulted in his strength and his cunning, for man had again undone him.

  48. He no longer had the slightest spark of affection for the man, but instead a fearful hate that burned in his breast like living coals.

  49. Finally toward night she seemed to understand that the calf was dead and no longer of value to her, so, after driving Black Bruin far from the spot, she abandoned the fight and left him conqueror and in full possession of the field.

  50. When the figure of his tormentor no longer struggled in his arms, Black Bruin opened his powerful jaws and with a single bite crushed the vertebras of the neck.

  51. Its forearm was longer and stronger than that of a raccoon and the tail was short and not much of an ornament.

  52. These were a couple of feet longer than the pen was to be and were built up one above another on the inside of the pillars, being held in place against the trees by strong stakes driven deep into the ground.

  53. Freedom was no longer his, and he cowered upon the floor of his prison, laid his head between his paws, and acted more like a whipped puppy than the great strong brute that he was.

  54. The more Black Bruin pushed at the iron bars of his cage, the fainter grew that spark of hope which is the mainspring of all life, until at last he ceased to hope altogether, and bowing to the inevitable, no longer sought to be free.

  55. It choked him until he could no longer breathe.

  56. It was a very long letter--longer even than usual; but long as it was, how often and often I have read it over since!

  57. Polly was silent; and I wondered how much longer she was going on talking about indifferent matters, and what it could be that she took so long before she could tell me.

  58. It was longer coming than she had expected, and six months went on after she had come down to Sturry before there was any decided change.

  59. I had not so much longer now to wait; and, besides, Charley urged, if anything should take Harry away from town, that of course I should come and live with them.

  60. Very long she lay so; the time seeming even longer than it was, to us watching by her side, longing for, and yet fearing, her waking.

  61. On Monday morning they returned to town, as Charley could not stay away longer from his business.

  62. The church is no longer used as a place of worship.

  63. The affair would no longer have the complexion of a romance but of a sordid intrigue.

  64. Here the train takes you no longer across the scorched sky-rimmed plains, but along the very edge of dizzy ravines, at the foot of which, hundreds of feet below, angry white torrents foam and froth.

  65. To distinguish these no longer nomadic Bohemians from the lower-class Andalusians around them is not an easy task.

  66. I will avenge you, father," he whispered to the patriot, who could no longer hear his words.

  67. Zilahs resound, no longer above the clash of sabres and the neighing of furious horses, but within the walls of a courtroom, and in presence of a gaping crowd of sensation seekers?

  68. It was many years before he could accustom himself to the idea that he had no longer a country.

  69. She forgot that she no longer had the right to question; she only felt, that, once gone, she would never see him again.

  70. No, Madame; and, to tell you the truth, there is no longer any need for me to see your husband.

  71. Does one longer think of the storm when the wind has driven off the heavy, tear-laden clouds, and the thunder has died away in the distance?

  72. The Parisians of the day are Parisians of the Prater, of the Newski Perspective or of Fifth Avenue; they are no longer pureblooded Parisians.

  73. He kept the letters twenty-four hours longer than I had ordered him to do; and it was not she whom I punished, but I struck the man for whom I would have given my life.

  74. He thought of little Jacquemin, dainty and neat as if he had just stepped out of a bandbox, and his disdainful remarks upon the races of Enghien, where the swells no longer went.

  75. She loved him silently, but with a deep and eternal passion; she loved him without saying to herself that she no longer had any right to love.

  76. She saw the sunshine streaming through the open doorway, and, dazzled by this light from without, her eyes fixed upon the luminous portal, she no longer perceived the dim shadows of the church.

  77. For three weeks longer I stayed up in that loft, and in that time three more escaped prisoners were brought there, and one Union refugee from North Carolina.

  78. On the whole Wilford was not well pleased with society, as he found it this winter, and knowing where the trouble lay he resolved that Katy should no longer remain at home, growing pale and faded and losing her good looks.

  79. It hardly seemed right for him to go just then, but the only one who could have kept him maintained a frigid silence with regard to a longer stay, and so the first train which left New York for Springfield carried Dr.

  80. It would take a long time to forget that another head than hers had lain upon his bosom, and it would take longer yet to blot out the memory of the complaining words uttered to his mother.

  81. For this I had no redress except in an open avowal of the relation in which I stood to her, and this I could not then do, for the longer it was deferred the harder I found it to acknowledge her my wife.

  82. It began longer ago than she can remember--began when she was my baby sister, and I hushed her in my arms to sleep, kneeling by her cradle and watching her with a feeling I have never been able to define.

  83. He was generous enough to do that, but if he did it, she must never know how much it cost him, and lest he should betray himself he could not to-night talk with her longer of Wilford Cameron, whom he believed to be his rival.

  84. The elder Cameron was really better, and more than once he had regretted recalling his son, who he knew had contemplated a longer stay abroad.

  85. Country air and country nursing had wrought wonders in the baby, which had grown so beautiful and bright that it was no longer in Wilford's way save as it took too much of Katy's time, and made her careless for the gay crowd at the hotel.

  86. They passed along the corridor, and Ricardo noticed that Calladine was no longer with them.

  87. I was no longer afraid of falling asleep lest I should dream.

  88. This defect of nomenclature is to be regretted as likely to mislead the student, because it seems to refer to time; whereas it no longer signifies the age of the rocks, but simply their character.

  89. It gave it--what had been lacking before--notoriety and a recognized position, and made its existence no longer a matter of indifference.

  90. Her language no longer sounded to William like "lingo," as he had styled it in the boyish days when he found her wandering alone on the prairie.

  91. Henry, mechanically holding out his hand, and then shaking it longer and longer in the vain attempt to recall the youthful features.

  92. At thirty, a woman is no longer a wood-nymph.

  93. Master's-Mate Peter Williams suggested bailing, in the faint hope that in this way the vessel might be kept longer above water.

  94. France no longer made great sums of money by the trade in slaves, but her colonies began to thrive and demand a new species of labor.

  95. Surely the wiser time shall come When this fine overplus of might, No longer sullen, slow, and dumb, Shall leap to music and to light.

  96. Uncinctured front: The forehead no longer encircled with a crown.

  97. Hard to tell," answered one Muskrat, who had lived in the marsh longer than the rest.

  98. Even then, and she had been out only a short time, she was much longer and thinner than she had been, and her old skin looked much too short for her.

  99. He was no longer really young, and the days were past in which he was contented to just swim and eat and sleep.

  100. They had been short and plump, and now they were longer and more slender, and there were little bunches on their shoulders where the wings were growing under their skin.

  101. She was afraid to say more than that, in case the Princess should find out who she was, and she thought she would like to be a nice old lady a little longer first.

  102. The Lady Daffodilia stooped a little, and smoothed out the creases in her black silk stockings, just to show that she had not forgotten how much longer her legs were than the Prince's.

  103. Lord Grazian must make haste, for he wished to fulfil his word made to the Lady of Madocsany--"I swear to you that Father Peter shall live longer than I.

  104. Already have I gone so far that I can no longer cast a stone at any sinful woman.

  105. The Fool I shall drive from his side, and shall no longer suffer him to poison the child's dreams with his frightful tales.

  106. No longer your defender against men, but only your mediator between Heaven and earth, Father Peter.

  107. I will stay here a little longer to take leave of my son.

  108. No longer your beloved and betrothed--no longer the hope of your future, nor your support in misfortune.

  109. She no longer urged him to study, and all his days were spent in playing.

  110. His soul was no longer oppressed by the weight of a great guilt.

  111. He no longer spent his nights in singing psalms, but listened to the reckless conversation of this motley crowd.

  112. The disgrace which has fallen upon my house has been seen by hundreds, has been talked of by hundreds; it is impossible for me to stay longer in this vicinity.

  113. No longer a steady stream of artificial lava rolls down the iron channel, but the liquid metal bursts its bounds and becomes a fountain.

  114. The railway grows wider and permits a longer and even more varied journey than was ours.

  115. But this last claim, in the case of pronounced syphilis, needs the confirmation of longer trial.

  116. I had stayed longer than I intended, and had had a much better time than I had anticipated.

  117. This town was formerly South Arkansas, and I surprise the Madame by telling her that no longer ago than 1874, I pitched a tent where it now stands upon ground which had no vestige of civilization near it.

  118. At Alamosa we bid a reluctant farewell to our three companions, the Artist, the Photographer and the Musician, who can no longer spare to us their society.

  119. His features suddenly changed, and no longer expressed that somewhat feverish contentment of which the steward and his old servant had been the dupes, but assumed a calm, sad, and chilling resolution.

  120. Ferrand had declared that he would not keep me any longer in the house; and therefore I should be deprived of the small resources which assisted our family to live.

  121. When I should peruse them,' he wrote, 'he should no longer exist.

  122. I shall have no uneasiness about you, and you will no longer be a charge to me.

  123. The paternal cords, always the last broken, no longer vibrated.

  124. Two large escutcheons of gilt copper, emblems of the notarial residence, flanked the worm-eaten porte cochere, of which the primitive colour was no longer to be distinguished under the mud which covered it.

  125. There was no longer a doubt that the charlatan was proceeding to the paternal home of Clemence, and, as a matter of course, to aid and assist in some scheme of wickedness.

  126. I will endeavour to hide every thing; and when I can no longer do so, oh, then, but not till then, send me away!

  127. A dull doubt had been creeping over her, which now was no longer obscure, but plainly enough revealed; her father had lost money.

  128. The longer I know them the better pleasure I take in them.

  129. Dolly saw nothing else till his face was too small in the distance to be any longer recognised.

  130. How much longer do you think you can stand this sort of thing?

  131. Dolly started up, feeling that she could not sit any longer thinking about it; her nerves were getting into a hard knot.

  132. Dolly became aware of this, and now, with all the strength of muscle that remained to her, fled towards the house; no longer seeing its Gothic mouldings and picturesque lights and shadows, only trying very hard to get near.

  133. At least, people generally make a longer business of it.

  134. He had not left his room yet, but he needed no longer the steady attendance of some one bound to minister to his wants.

  135. Do you expect to stay much longer in Italy?

  136. If she had known how much longer than was necessary Lawrence had made it!

  137. How much longer do you expect to be here?

  138. He has emasculated the United States flag so that it is no longer the symbol of protection to the newly enfranchised race.

  139. That the said policy is a failure to promote Republicanism, can no longer be doubted.

  140. It is no longer a question of marrying Mademoiselle Nathalie.

  141. He would therefore willingly have consented to her absence, but the Orphanage had an outbreak of measles, and her placid good sense told her that she was no longer absolutely necessary to M.

  142. She was no longer angry, but she did not answer, and he made no further remark until he indicated a spot on their right.

  143. She was no longer frightened, but she was uneasy, though she smiled.

  144. The whole affair seems to me so inconceivable that I am inclined to believe Nathalie is persuading Leon to exaggerate it, in order that she may gain a longer time in Paris.

  145. She was thinner than ever, but no longer upright.

  146. And it was bliss to feel herself no longer shut out.

  147. The examination continued for some time longer on these lines.

  148. It had been the scarcely acknowledged effort of her life to prevent it and her love from meeting in opposition, but the day had come, and she could no longer remain blind and deaf.

  149. Beaudrillart was jealous of any influence which the young wife might have upon her son, and hitherto she had drawn aside with a smile, and been content to efface herself; but she no longer did this with ease.

  150. Most of the families had lived in their homes longer than the longest memories stretched back, and, with many, service with the Beaudrillarts still remained an hereditary custom.

  151. She no longer thought and felt as she had done before.

  152. She no longer needed the helpful presence of M'sieu' or Rosalie.

  153. Indeed, I think he was walking faster and took longer steps than I have allowed in my calculation, and was really still farther away than 116 yards when the weasel caught the sound of his approach.

  154. I love them now as then, and, no longer wondering why they fear man, regret the fact almost as keenly as in days gone by.

  155. That the nuphar may remain longer in the polluted waters than will the nymphæa does not argue that it prefers such conditions, and never a frog but loved clean water better than foul.

  156. The path was no longer plain, nor she sure-footed.

  157. Moose and reindeer bones have been found, it is true, and even traces of the musk-ox, but all goes to show that it was far longer ago than three centuries.

  158. The moping herons are no longer stupid; the blinking owls are all activity.

  159. There the immaterial world vanished, and I was no longer the companion of uncanny sprites.

  160. Offering a little bunch of garden herbs to an old man no longer able to wander out of doors, he immediately buried his nose in it, drew a long breath, and remarked, “How that carries me back to the old homestead!

  161. Canada has been longer settled than New Jersey, and doubtless many a field we passed was cleared years before the forest was felled along the Delaware.

  162. And now, my liege, no longer must these walls confine thee.

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