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  1. The pride was mixed with fear, which threw over it a tender light, like a mother's dream of her child.

  2. She threw them together as she shuffled the guests.

  3. Seeing Edward Blancove in the street below, he threw up the window compassionately, and Edward, casting a glance to right and left, crossed the road.

  4. Sedgett threw up the wizened skin of his forehead, and retreated from the bar.

  5. She lay in her rich silken dress like the wreck of a joyful creature, while the large red Winter sun rounded to evening, and threw deep-coloured beams against the wall above her head.

  6. He threw up his head, and with a choking, infantine cry, uttered, "Come.

  7. The women started and turned suddenly: one threw up her hands, and darkened her face.

  8. Rhoda threw a masculine meaning into her eyes.

  9. Making choice of him without an instant's hesitation, I threw on the saddle, adjusted the stirrups to my own length, buckled the bridle, and led him forth.

  10. After the benediction was pronounced, every one present, according to the beautiful custom here, went to the grave and threw into it a handful of dirt, thus assisting at the burial.

  11. It threw up the mould on every side, and after penetrating through the soil, lodged some inches deep in solid chalk rock.

  12. Such was the companion with whom chance threw me in contact, and I grieve to think how rapidly his influence gained the mastery over me.

  13. Andrew rose without saying one syllable in answer to his mother's communication; he threw his manuscripts and the sheets which he had written into a desk; he locked it with a nervous, trembling hand, and then turned to leave the room.

  14. She threw herself on her knees at the feet of the Grey Lady, and grasped her arm tightly.

  15. For no sooner was his mother's gentle hand removed, than, even on the very day of her burial, Earl Richard threw off the mask.

  16. This threw them out of all communication with the Home Government, on the subject, and gave to Mr. Mather controlling influence.

  17. At the time of the Stamp Act, when patriotic Americans threw the tea into Boston harbor, Americans were just as great tea-drinkers as the English.

  18. The fly-shuttle was now invented, which by a simple piece of machinery, worked by one hand, threw the shuttle swiftly backward and forward, and the loom was ahead in the race.

  19. Many colonists put the tea into water, boiled it for a time, threw the liquid away, and ate the tea-leaves.

  20. Victory was almost in sight, now, and the friends of the bill threw themselves into their work with enthusiasm.

  21. Presently she threw the spray of box from her with an annoyed air, and said: "I forgot myself.

  22. He seemed about to refuse, then thanked her hastily, and threw it over his shoulders and went out.

  23. And among other interesting information he told me that, and cut off my head with his glasses and threw my remains out into the street;" at which Margaret smiled through her indignation.

  24. When this happened, Judy threw down her pencils and gave utterance to a faint, quickly-smothered sigh.

  25. The lamp light from within threw her slim figure into strong relief.

  26. Judy threw her arms round Hilda as she was coming up from the kitchen premises.

  27. Judy threw her thin arms round Aunt Marjorie's neck and gave her a silent hug.

  28. She threw herself back into the easiest of the easy-chairs as she spoke, and toasted her feet before Hilda's cheerful fire.

  29. Like a child, whimpering and tremulous, he threw his arms around Desnoyers, moistening his neck with tears.

  30. They were the projectiles of the heavy German artillery which, fired from various distances, threw their great shells over the castle.

  31. They all threw up their arms, extending their open hands:--"Kamarades .

  32. And to think," he said "that we used to be as infuriated as though the world were coming to an end, just because someone threw a bomb at a grandee!

  33. When he learned of the apparition of the group of stragglers he threw up his hands in despair.

  34. The fugitives, on one of his visits to the Capital, threw themselves on his mercy, imploring his protection.

  35. When they had been gone a year, Telephassa threw away her crown, because it chafed her forehead.

  36. On his shoulder he bore a vast bundle of pine logs for his fire, and threw them down outside the cave with a great crash, and drove the flocks within, and closed the entrance with a huge rock, which twenty wagons and more could not bear.

  37. Then, with a sweet and sorrowful impulse to comfort him, she started from her chair, and, running to Midas, threw her arms affectionately about his knees.

  38. Surely we thought before we were lost, when he threw the great rock, and washed our ship back to the shore.

  39. He threw down the golden apples, and received back the sky from the head and shoulders of Hercules, upon his own, where it rightly belonged.

  40. Last of all, that Thrym might not see Thor's fierce eyes and the yellow beard, that ill became a maiden, they threw over him a long veil of silver white which covered him to the feet.

  41. Whether it was that the imagination of King Midas threw a yellow tinge over everything, or whatever the cause might be, he could not help fancying that the smile with which the stranger regarded him had a kind of golden radiance in it.

  42. The younger stranger threw himself carelessly on the bench, letting his staff fall as he did so.

  43. And it seemed to Philemon, just then, as if the sunset clouds threw up a bright flash from the west, and kindled a sudden light in the sky.

  44. The secret of it was, you must know, that the cow was an enchanted cow, and that, without their being conscious of it, she threw some of her enchantment over everybody that took so much as half a dozen steps behind her.

  45. He soon threw back the lid and bent over, fumbling through the contents.

  46. Indeed, so thick and fast did these come that Hugh laughed and threw up his hands, as though to shield himself from a fall of hailstones.

  47. They threw open their beautiful parks and villas to the people, they admitted the public to their galleries museums and libraries, and they endowed hospitals asylums and orphanages.

  48. Florentine repeated, in a loud and angry tone, threw from him his mantle and barrette, and had already laid his hand on the lock of the door to open it, when Rosabella uttered a cry of terror.

  49. I instantly threw my purse on the table, promised them mountains of gold, and fixed on particular days, hours, and signals which were necessary to facilitate our future intercourse.

  50. Good evening, sweet gentlemen," said he, and threw his mantle aside.

  51. She threw herself on a sofa, wrung her hands, and prayed to the God of mercy for help and comfort.

  52. He rushed towards Abellino; but the senators threw themselves in his passage, and held him back by force.

  53. The Doge turned, and Flodoardo threw himself at his feet.

  54. He strolled from arbour to arbour, threw himself down on the sea-shore, and watched the play of the waves as they sparkled in the moonshine.

  55. Abellino threw himself into a chair, and seemed to be lost in thought.

  56. Extreme melancholy was impressed on all his features, and he threw gloomy looks around him as he bowed his head in salutation of the assembly.

  57. She hastened to detain the Doge, threw her white arms around his neck fondly, and concealed in his bosom the tears with which her countenance was bedewed.

  58. And still she answered not; but she threw upon him a look innocent and tender as ever beamed from the eye of an angel, and that look betrayed but too plainly that the miscreant was still master of her heart.

  59. Suddenly Memmo started forward and threw himself trembling at the Doge's feet.

  60. After a while John threw down the paper yawning, and said that he had an engagement.

  61. Arrived on the landing, he threw open a door, and ushered in our hero.

  62. He alighted from his carriage in the midst of the highway, threw himself on the grass, and died under a tree" (Life of Catherine II.

  63. Three hundred cannon threw up their emetic, And thirty thousand muskets flung their pills Like hail, to make a bloody Diuretic.

  64. The demoralized garrison made a brief and ineffective stand in the Plaza, and then threw down their arms.

  65. Angered and chagrined at their repulse, the British now threw all caution aside.

  66. This time it was the city of Sing-po toward which he turned; but the Taipings, getting wind of his intentions, secretly threw an overwhelming force into the place under a renegade Englishman named Savage.

  67. Commanding a body of as fine horsemen as ever threw leg across saddle, his name quickly became a synonym for audacity and daring.

  68. He then searched in his wallet, and finding some crusts and a ham bone, threw them to his dog, who generously shared them with his companion, the pig.

  69. And as if to show his contempt for one who had no alms to give, the knave threw me a shilling, which he advised me to spend for the washing of my linen, which he saw stood in much need of it.

  70. Ordering a sheet brought, I threw it over the major, got him upon a seat near the companion way, and commenced dressing his wounds, while one of the sailors held the lantern.

  71. Now and then an inspired soul threw in an extra five.

  72. Here the glare of an hundred gas lights threw curious shadows over a throng of staggering and grotesque figures in toppling hats, broad, brown skirted coats, with brass buttons, and bright striped trowsers.

  73. She then threw back one veil, and then another, until she discovered a face even more beautiful than that of the portrait I had just replaced on the wall.

  74. The singing threw an air of mystery over the little craft, which served to make the major more impatient to know her character.

  75. Mr. Brookbine had a lantern in one hand, which threw its light into the room when the door was opened.

  76. But you pitched into him then; and, as he could stand up better than you could in the boat, he threw you overboard.

  77. Eugenie opened a drawer and threw upon a table in front of me the eight portraits of women, which I had kept in my desk.

  78. I lifted her up, and put her, or rather, threw her into the cab; I gave the address to the driver, then I walked rapidly away as if I could not fly fast enough from that house where I had acquired proofs of my shame.

  79. He opened his mouth to complain of being disturbed; but on recognizing me, he threw down his pen, and rushed to embrace me.

  80. I angrily threw down my knife and fork and rose from the table, saying: "Let us talk no more about it, for you will end with making me angry too.

  81. Lucile put on her bonnet and threw a shawl over her shoulders.

  82. I threw myself into a chair, and laid my head on my desk; I do not know how long I stayed in that position.

  83. Again I lost; thereupon I rose and threw my cards in my adversary's face.

  84. Eugenie threw herself into the arms of her mother and concealed her sweet face upon her breast; she could not speak, and I myself had hardly the strength to do so.

  85. I did not know what to say; I was so vexed to appear like a culprit when I had done no wrong, above all, I was so irritated by my wife's reproaches that I threw myself on a chair and said nothing more.

  86. At the end of the play they threw flowers to me; the audience was in transports, in delirium!

  87. He pushed both hands through the long wisps of his drab-colored hair, and threw his head back until his wide nostrils resembled a double door to his brain.

  88. He fitfully threw his saber, It missed and went round the sun; He followed no further, he was not rash, But the baby held on to my coarse moustache, And seemed to enjoy the fun.

  89. Then he turned toward me and threw out a conversational preliminary.

  90. Give me my instrument, infidel," shrieked the orphan, as he threw off the blanket, and clung to the flute with desperation.

  91. And to the intense astonishment of the Turks, he plucked out a good-sized handful of hair from his beard and threw before the officer.

  92. In his excitement Mr. Mole threw his battered hat a great height into the air, but slipping while so doing, he sat down upon the pavement rather violently.

  93. And running between a file of soldiers, threw her arms round Harry Girdwood's neck.

  94. When he let go the branch, it rebounded with a force that threw him out of the perpendicular, and instead of landing upon the mule's back, he fell and landed on the bed of stinging nettles.

  95. It is now high time to give Mr. Mole's letter which threw young Jack Harkaway and his friend Harry Girdwood into such a state of excitement.

  96. Alme and Hannifar accordingly threw back their outer black veils, and appeared with the white ones underneath.

  97. She threw her arms round Jack's neck, and earnestly entreated him not to risk his life.

  98. Then, upon a given signal, they threw their arms around the orphan and hugged him, while a violent cachinnation was heard.

  99. And then, before trusting herself down, she threw her arms around her young preserver's neck, and embraced him tenderly.

  100. The bride kissed the goblet; the knight took it up, He quaffed off the wine, and he threw down the cup.

  101. On this account he threw away his pencil and took up his pen.

  102. For a time he taught a private school, but soon threw himself with all the power of his able and tried pen into the political struggle.

  103. Another, after a great deal of puffing, threw down his luggage, which, upon examining, I found to be his wife.

  104. The immoderate breadth of the features made me very much out of humor with my own countenance, upon which I threw it from me like a mask.

  105. Yes, and charged a hundred for his trouble; so seized the cottages for part of his bill, and threw Jonathan into jail for the remainder.

  106. It was not until they were about to separate that Madame Gilbert herself threw him a bone of truth designed to test his appetite for curiosity.

  107. Although she did not look at Dawson, she was fully conscious of the frowning glare which he threw at the audacious leg.

  108. His eyes gleamed, and he threw up his head, which had been bent over the map.

  109. The stranger crushed his King within his trembling hands and threw it from him, as he sunk into a state of stupor, the very counterpart of death.

  110. I heard his spring, as he threw himself over the lowermost boughs of the trees, and shrank within myself, momentarily expecting him to alight, with his sharp teeth in my heart.

  111. For a time Tom forgot the predicted advent, but every time he came up to the bar to get a drink, the serious look of the captain and the solemn phiz of the clerk, threw a cold chill over him, and made him savage with excitement.

  112. Illustration: 0341] The stricken wife observing the action, threw herself before the weapon, imploring the enraged host to spare her husband's life.

  113. I yelled at this double outrage, and she silenced me by pouring a double dose of cordial down my throat, which threw me into a state of insensibility, from which I awoke almost dead.

  114. Doc, you've hearn a bar bustin' threw a cane-brake, and know how near to a harrycane it is.

  115. Mr. Jaffrey threw up his hands with a gesture of despair, and disappeared.

  116. That time you got mad and threw cucumbers at us, when we ran down the alley.

  117. I thought they would burn me at the stake, but dad came out of the hotel and threw a handful of small change into the crowd, and it was all off.

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