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Example sentences for "excitement"

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excitations; excitatory; excite; excited; excitedly; excitements; exciter; exciters; excites; exciting
  1. Two days later Ben came to him with more excitement in his manner than was his wont.

  2. After the excitement of this last day, Ernest, contrary to his usual habit, was moody and restless.

  3. Hysterical manifestations are indeed common at all the noted shrines, and wherever the excitement of exorcism is at hand to feed the morbid preoccupation with self of the hysterical.

  4. They will generally ask about twice as much as they mean ultimately to accept, and, to their credit be it said, it is not only for the sake of the francs more or less, but quite as much for the excitement of the sport.

  5. Thus in the Colonna family every member is a prince or princess; amongst the Ruspoli, a papal creation, only the head of the eldest branch is legally a prince.

  6. Is it not a fact that the classical and the ecclesiastical represented her only world-wide destinies, the only life of Rome which penetrated as truly beyond the city as within its classic confines?

  7. The bridge is the ancient pons Aelius of which the parapet is modern, and the statues of SS.

  8. They also owned part of Tusculum and were probably related to the Counts of that place.

  9. The cattle of the agro are, Signor Tomassetti tells us, its most considerable inhabitants.

  10. Angelo, fortified in the time of the popes, was built by Hadrian as his mausoleum.

  11. This action produced great excitement in this county.

  12. The popular excitement over the victory was such that on Monday, the tenth, crowds gathered before the Executive Mansion several times during the day and called out the President for speeches.

  13. Members of Congress, either carried away by the excitement of the hour or with slavish regard to the hysteria of their constituents, thronged to Washington clamoring for action.

  14. Both work with speed; their skilful hands move rapidly, and the excitement of the contest makes the labor light.

  15. The attitude is that of hurried and eager motion, the face that of a huntress in the excitement of the chase.

  16. Measures necessary to raise the extra revenue are easily voted; but after the excitement has passed, the extra taxes become an extra burden.

  17. National patriotism is aroused, excitement refuses to listen to conservatism, and judgment is replaced by impulse.

  18. The excitement and enthusiasm were immense.

  19. I found the sick person I had seen the evening before in the hôtel of the minister of justice, exhausted by excitement that was hastening his end.

  20. A deep and steady excitement burned in her cheeks, her eyes, her lips.

  21. But may it not be possible that there is more cause than you will allow for this upheaval, and that it is not a superficial excitement which can be easily soothed or beaten down?

  22. Feeling checked and snubbed, I walked with Jack out of the store, but soon these feelings gave place to the excitement of our vacation.

  23. Now, this anti-Catholic excitement is dark and bitter enough to show that there is some fixed obstacle, which breath, though it be ever so wisely syllabled, will not remove.

  24. It was more beneficial to Fleurange than sleep, which strong excitement kept her from feeling the need of.

  25. It’s characteristic of us all that great excitement or acts of contention or physical violence in which we take part should arouse us to a sort of disgraceful frenzy.

  26. Now, Ben, I opine you can understand why I’ve tried right hard to avoid excitement or violence of any sort that might stir me up and make me temporarily forgetful or reckless of consequences.

  27. Percitus is commonly used by the comic writers for the excitement of any strong passion, as love, anger, etc.

  28. The excitement about the games in the circus (cf.

  29. And then something of the excitement involved in that process of 'fighting the ship' stole into his veins.

  30. And then, in the matter of Rivers's bank, there began to rise a certain agreeable excitement and importance in their life.

  31. The momentary excitement was over, the friends were gone, and the new and terrible Life settled down upon him.

  32. Dr Maurice came down with a little tremulousness of excitement about him from the pinnacle of that resolution.

  33. But he enjoyed the struggle in the midst of his excitement and exertion, and Drummond did not enjoy it, which made an immense difference between them.

  34. After the excitement was over I began to get hungry, and I asked him if he had anything to eat.

  35. The excitement and warmth of the body had acted like a drying-room in a laundry.

  36. That was more excitement than a county fair.

  37. Nan, bubbling up with the instantaneous feminine excitement which generally obtains when a love-affair, after seeming to hang fire, at last culminates in a bonâ fide engagement.

  38. Lady Gertrude's incisive voice cut sharply across the pulsing excitement of the girl's thoughts.

  39. The most mean-spirited and trumpery twaddle in the paragraph was, that Keats was so far gone in sensual excitement as to put cayenne pepper on his tongue when taking his claret.

  40. Dr Clark wished him to avoid the excitement of seeing the famous monuments of the city, so he left Severn to visit these alone, and contented himself with quiet strolls, chiefly on the Pincian close by.

  41. During the first weeks of his illness he had been strictly enjoined to avoid not only the excitement of writing, but even that of reading, poetry.

  42. They had not a doubt that excitement in plenty lay before them, and meanwhile their daily life was insensibly training and preparing them to cope with it.

  43. His mother was asleep, and Annie was asleep; and that was about all the excitement he could get up even on the home question.

  44. The excitement of the great event which was about to happen had not permitted him to sleep for the two hours preceding; yet when he got up, he could not help feeling sad.

  45. It not only develops his muscles, but enlarges his mental capacity; it not only fills with excitement the idle hours of the long day, but it sharpens the judgment, and helps to fit the boy for the active duties of life.

  46. There was an excitement in the scene which accorded with his nature, and the perils which he had so painfully pictured on the preceding night were all born into the most lively joys.

  47. The affair created some excitement in the vicinity, for Spicer made no secret of his suspicions, and publicly accused Tom of the theft.

  48. In his excitement he embraced Roddy and protested that with such companions and in such a cause he would gladly give his life.

  49. I have had more excitement than I could get in New York in a year, and we haven't been here twelve hours!

  50. The excitement or the dampness of the prison had set him shivering, and with the back of his hand he wiped the cold moisture from his forehead.

  51. This fact caused Roddy to gaze about him in pleasurable excitement and smile expectantly.

  52. A flush of excitement crept into her cheeks.

  53. But there was nothing in her bearing that a passer-by would have noted, to tell of the excitement that possessed her.

  54. Nevertheless, she could not prevent a rising excitement as the dawn of the new life drew near to her--a thrilling of the nerves, a secret and delicious exaltation above the common circumstances of existence.

  55. It seemed at first the most beautiful afternoon of all time to her, and perhaps the thrill of her excitement did add a distinctive and culminating keenness to the day.

  56. The boy's pale, wistful face haunted her for a while, but in the excitement of the journey it faded from her mind.

  57. Marty, in her excitement laying down her fork and twisting her napkin.

  58. Much of the excitement caused by his advent had passed; much of the curiosity of mankind in his appearance among them had vanished.

  59. The excitement in the case of Lieutenant Cobb has not in the least abated.

  60. In silence his subordinates watched him, and noticed an increasing excitement in his manner as he progressed.

  61. They are impelled to do this, in the first place, by the strong natural desire every man has to be of service in times of danger; secondly, by reason of the intense excitement which the cry of "Fire!

  62. Politics, religion, the fates of empires and governments, the interest of life and death itself must all yield to the supreme fascination and excitement of football.

  63. They are content to mix with the crowd, and are unable to withstand the novelty and excitement of the town existence.

  64. In spite of herself, Emmy began to feel her nerves twitch with the excitement and mystery.

  65. To keep our souls in repair they need exercise; and the vicissitudes, the emotions, the excitement of a career, happily do not depend on the size of the stage.

  66. The excitement had risen until it showed in white or flushed faces and strained voices, in clapping, and hisses; but the chairman's inscrutable calm never changed, and through it all she held the convention perfectly in hand.

  67. A general, subtle excitement seemed to communicate its vibrations to all the gallery.

  68. Impelled by curiosity and the fear of increasing her excitement if he refused, Caius followed her down the side of the open yard in which he had once seen her stand in fierce quarrel with her husband.

  69. In his excitement to see what would come next, he did not check the stepping of his horse, but only kept it to a gentle pace.

  70. They had not travelled far beyond the first and nearest wreck, when the monotony of their journey was broken by a sudden strange excitement which seized on them all, and which Caius, although he felt it, did not at once understand.

  71. Caius, who had only seen the fishermen hanging about their doors in lazy idleness, was quite unprepared for the excitement and vigour that they displayed when this first prey of the year was seen to approach.

  72. Immediately he called out in a loud voice that seemed to have an air of excitement about it: "Hi!

  73. Lil Artha had considered that he was "dog-tired" up to the time he started that deer from where it had been lying in some brush; but this was forgotten in the excitement of the hour.

  74. Did I expect to find there some evidence of the excitement which this strange conversation might naturally produce in one already keyed up to an expectation of the mysterious and unusual?

  75. A flash of excitement broke over his features and he cast a quick glance at the door which fortunately had swung to at my entrance.

  76. There might come a time when I should be glad to give them the attention which my present excitement forbade.

  77. Constance was too weary and worn with the night's excitement to receive this dreadful news.

  78. The married women remained at home to calm the excitement of the men, now getting beyond their control.

  79. The excitement of the town was frightful.

  80. At all events,' he said cheerfully, 'I shall have the excitement of the attempt, if I am to be hanged or beheaded for it.

  81. It has been seen how instantaneously and unexpectedly it was roused into high excitement and activity from a state of mere passive existence.

  82. Pale with excitement he threw himself on the floor, and, save for his heavy breathing, deep silence fell on all--the terrible silence of desolation and woe.

  83. Excitement and commotion again shook the room like a turbulent sea, yet still it never gathered sufficient cohesion and weight to propel itself into the corner against the resolute form there.

  84. Excitement strung his nerves to an intense pitch, and he scarcely knew the pitiless use he made of whip and spur on his flying horse's sides.

  85. But nature has its limits, and the last supreme effort, added to the extraordinary exertion and excitement of the day, had begun to tell even on his frame of iron.

  86. He could glide to the crime of murder through the guilty excitement and pleasure of female conquest and debauchery, and there he bottomed the depths of infamy and horror.

  87. He kissed her lips, and looked calmly on the excitement which followed his extraordinary interruption into the inviolable presence of the Emperor.

  88. Masthlion, in his eager excitement to be gone, uttered his farewell and thanks rather hastily.

  89. At no time did she appear so superb, as when her impetuous blood was stirred, and the excitement of anger glowed in her cheeks and flashed in her eyes.

  90. A yell of delirious excitement and triumph rang from the lips of Martialis, and he glanced round, like a tiger at bay, as if for the next victim.

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    aggravation; agitation; alarm; anger; animation; anxiety; ardor; arousal; arousing; bluster; boil; boiling; bustle; churn; commotion; discomposure; disorder; disquiet; disturbance; eagerness; ebullition; ecstasy; elation; electricity; embroilment; emotion; enthusiasm; exacerbation; exasperation; excitement; exhilaration; ferment; fermentation; fervor; fever; fidgets; fire; firing; flap; flurry; flush; fluster; foment; fomentation; frenzy; fretfulness; fretting; fume; furor; furore; fury; fuss; glow; gusto; haste; heart; heat; high; hubbub; incitement; inflammation; inquietude; instigation; interest; irritation; lather; liveliness; lust; maelstrom; malaise; moil; nervousness; passion; perturbation; rampage; relish; restlessness; romance; rout; row; rush; savor; seething; sensation; soul; sparkle; spice; spirit; splash; stew; stimulation; stimulus; stir; suspense; sweat; swirl; thrill; trepidation; tumult; turbidity; turbulence; turmoil; twitter; uneasiness; unrest; upset; vehemence; verve; warmth; zeal