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Example sentences for "warmth"

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warmint; warmish; warmly; warmness; warms; warn; warna; warnd; warne; warned
  1. They will kiss the sand beneath my feet in the warmth of their attachment, and do all I wish for shekels, Franky, all for shekels.

  2. Through the day, he hobbled about as best he could, often in great pain; and at night the tender skin of his feet, irritated by the warmth of the bed, would keep him awake for hours with a most intolerable burning and itching.

  3. But Henry had little of that healthy warmth natural to the young.

  4. The ranz des vaches accompanied the tinkling of the cow-bells, and over the prospect was a continually increasing warmth of colour.

  5. He had the bear in his arms and was feeling it, and in his mind the warmth from the flickering, jumping flame and the soft, friendly submission of the fur beneath his fingers were part of the same mystery.

  6. As we emerge from its luxurious warmth into the cool English air, we see in front of us a large, circular pool, with broad, shallow flights of stone steps leading down to it, and English willows bending over it.

  7. Native tact, good humor, and warmth of heart take from their advances all appearance of boldness or impertinence.

  8. They had started out in the confiding warmth of a champagne friendship, but their parting in the elevator was singularly cool.

  9. But when Jean thought of Father Paradis, all his doubts seemed to dissolve like the mist of the valley in the light and warmth of the rising sun.

  10. The heart of Pamphile expanded in the genial warmth of the morning sun, and he chatted in a very friendly way with the worthy habitant by his side.

  11. She hung a moment in languor, and that oriental warmth of colour ebbed away from her cheeks.

  12. She sat down, feeling that a warmth had gone, and that she was very bare.

  13. He was greatly interested to hear that I knew Steerforth, and spoke of him with such warmth that I made him tell Agnes what he thought of him.

  14. Outside the snow lay white on the clearing, and the great pines rose above it sombre and motionless under the sunlight that had no warmth in it, while the peaks beyond them shone with a silvery lustre against the cloudless blue.

  15. It hissed as the gusts lashed it with the rain, but the blackened and dinted kettle boiled, and while they ate and drank the smoke-flavoured tea, a little warmth crept with the pungent vapour into the tent.

  16. Seaforth lay amidst the packages, feeling blissfully drowsy as the warmth crept slowly into his aching limbs.

  17. It was possibly because of this background he also noticed the faint flicker of warmth that crept into her face and neck, and that there was a glow in her eyes he had not seen there previously.

  18. The girl flung herself backwards, with eyes dilated and a warmth in her cheeks, the rod bending above her, and the line ripping its way towards the welter at the head of the pool.

  19. Miss Deringham felt a faint warmth creep into her cheek, and it was not because the speech might have been deemed a personal compliment.

  20. There is no warmth in brightening the lot of the sad, in reforming abuses, in establishing equal justice for rich and poor?

  21. You find warmth in the church, but none in the home?

  22. Warmth in imagining the cloud-glories of heaven, but none in creating substantial glories on earth?

  23. In the warmth and fervour of his heart, he had used his little magazine to vindicate his friend.

  24. Did Mr Burton's heart glow with benevolent warmth as he paused, drawing up his greys, and looked at it, with all its windows twinkling in the sun?

  25. The angels might have been straying through those blue depths of air, through the celestial warmth and coolness, without any derogation from their high estate.

  26. This fancy, with a thousand others equally inappropriate, flashed across his mind as he sat there, still with his hat pulled down on his brows in the sunny luxurious warmth of the afternoon.

  27. And, of course, the added warmth of his body pressing down upon the earth which covers its roots gave it an added impulse to grow.

  28. And the scoffing tongue was prayerful, And the blinded eyes found sight, And hearts, as flint aforetime, Grew soft in his warmth and light.

  29. Nay," said the man, "for he is all warmth and all life.

  30. No sooner was I wrapped about with this good hemp than a genial warmth passed through me, my ulcers dried up, and the lice all perished suddenly with a terrible noise.

  31. I have heard that this devil loves warmth and sunlight.

  32. You have done very well indeed,' he said, with a warmth that brought the colour to Ken's cheeks.

  33. Dave, and Ken, as he felt the grateful warmth creeping through his chilled frame, nodded.

  34. It sent a grateful warmth through every inch of Ken's body, but its immediate effect was to make him so drowsy that his eyes began to close.

  35. Feeling very shivery and tired, Ken was escorted below to the genial warmth of the engine-room, where he found Dave already changed, and engaged in putting away a great mugful of hot Navy cocoa.

  36. From shivering, the fire of the brandy and the warmth of the fur rug had turned her temperature to fever heat.

  37. The clasp of his arms, the warmth of his body, even through his wet clothing helped her to steady herself.

  38. It was cool and he shivered at first, but as he swam the warmth returned to his veins.

  39. Then he wrapped himself in his blanket, raked up some of the dry leaves as a couch, and lay down, feeling a double glow, that of warmth and that of success.

  40. I believe that this carelessness may be accounted for either by the warmth of the air, or by its dampness, as the pots were covered by glass plates; the worms consequently did not care about plugging up their holes effectually.

  41. I judge of this from having held at different times a poker heated to dull redness near some worms, at a distance which caused a very sensible degree of warmth in my hand.

  42. For his was an impulsive and generous nature, and his marriage had kept his heart empty of the warmth of love, and his home devoid of the light of sympathy.

  43. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "warmth" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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