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Example sentences for "continually"

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contint; continua; continual; continuall; continuallie; continuance; continuate; continuation; continuations; continuator
  1. However, Monsieur de Lamotte's suspicions continually increased and he ended by making the cure share his fears.

  2. Continually crying her wares, the drunken, staggering woman approached the crowd, and striking out right and left with fists and elbows, forced her way to Derues.

  3. Like all knaves, obliged by their actions to be continually on the watch, Derues possessed to a remarkable extent the art of seeing all round him without appearing to observe anything in particular.

  4. Derues listened attentively, continually on his guard; and afraid, he knew not why, of becoming entangled in this conversation, as in a trap.

  5. Continually at my bed's head A hearse doth hang, which doth me tell That I ere morning may be dead, Though now I feel myself full well; But yet, alas!

  6. It is vain to look to Christ or any of his apostles to justify the blasphemous perversions of the word of God, continually paraded before the world by these graceless agitators.

  7. In consequence of the disturbances which continually took place, it was suppressed as the neighbourhood increased in population.

  8. Think what it would be to bask continually in the sunshine of the lovely Ada's smiles.

  9. At first, when you were so ill, you called continually for Aunt Judith, and Algy was sent to Dingle Cottage in search of her.

  10. What do you mean by continually getting in my way"?

  11. God is unappeased by which a peaceful man is continually involved in these affairs of bloodshed.

  12. Truly," reflected Bipin, "whether I like it or no, Fate will have it that I am to be mixed up continually in some accursed broil.

  13. The great and simple view of death is wholly broken up, with the usual loss and gain that comes of analysis.

  14. Posidippus and Hedylus," and Hedylus was the contemporary of Callimachus.

  15. Even as I continually struggle with a lump in my throat which I often think should remain with me forever, I dare claim that of all the necessitous qualities in life the spirit of play must be the last to leave a race.

  16. A longing awakes us at daybreak, A longing is continually hidden in our heart, A longing is burning at night in our breast; What of my wife?

  17. States would (not) appear; and would besides be continually varying.

  18. Travel thro' ye whold Continent & you behold the prospect continually varying with the appearance and disappearance of slavery.

  19. This advertisement ran continually for a period of two years.

  20. And were continually in the temple, praising and blessing God;" and closes the same way.

  21. The flowers of God's garden bloom, not only double, but seven-fold: they are continually pouring forth fresh fragrance.

  22. We trust, however, that it will continually be borne in mind that the warm friendship which existed between Burton and Payne was never for a moment interrupted.

  23. However, married or not, she concentrated all her spleen on cab-drivers, and was continually hauling some luckless driver or other before the London magistrates.

  24. But he was amazingly restless, and wanted to be continually in motion.

  25. His mind ran continually on the Gold Coast and its treasures.

  26. And wherever Father Ignaty placed the portrait, the eyes continually followed him, not speaking, but silent; and the silence was so clear that it seemed possible to hear it.

  27. He was so sickly, so continually nervous.

  28. He wandered about among us in a state of perturbation, continually passing his handkerchief over his forehead, upon which something had exuded--was it tears or perspiration?

  29. A year ago, when all was still well and she was continually laughing and singing, she had visited Katya, who was ill, and had helped her with money, and now she was the only human being remaining before whom she was not ashamed.

  30. Every night he asked the dog about liver, but he continually forgot to buy it, because his head was full of plans for a new work, and of thoughts of a woman he was in love with.

  31. He must exercise them without having continually before him the fear of offending the susceptibility of the powers whose conduct he is obliged to notice.

  32. On the contrary, they were continually proclaiming their woes; the papers were filled with letters and articles.

  33. It was, further, going to inspire those children with the ardour for knowledge, so that, on leaving school, they would carry on their studies and continually advance in learning.

  34. It is a most expensive thing to suffer the people to drop and sink; it is a sad burden which we lay upon posterity if we do not continually spend our utmost in lifting them up.

  35. It is most certain that in every age there are thousands who continually yearn for the 'way of war' and the life of battle.

  36. Certainly those who continually talk of the ignorance of the people have never thought of it!

  37. As for their favourite amusements and their pleasures, they grow yearly coarser; as for their conversation, it grows continually viler, until Zola himself would be ashamed to reproduce the talk of these young people.

  38. It was impossible for him not to be continually proclaiming his own greatness.

  39. As I continued to read, I was continually punished, and grew to be the least active, most idle, most contemplative pupil of the Smalls.

  40. His iron constitution was not able always to resist the demands continually made upon it; and his abuse of coffee only aggravated the evil.

  41. The enemy continually advanced toward the achievement of their end.

  42. The conflict with the Buenos Aires party went on throughout the year 1814, and the federalists continually gained ground.

  43. Countless conspiracies were formed which were bloodily suppressed, but public fear and dislike of Latorre grew continually more menacing.

  44. During the latter part of Pedro's reign he was continually preoccupied with Portuguese affairs and trying to promote his daughter's fortunes in Europe.

  45. Though the military governors were continually encroaching, and the system was imperfect, it was in essence thoroughly local.

  46. Uruguay has been the cockpit of the southern half of the continent, and its people have been fighting continually through the one hundred and fifty years during which the country has been inhabited.

  47. Throughout colonial times they represented local and Creole interests and operated continually as a check to the aggression of the military governors.

  48. Corrientes had been continually ravaged by the civil wars as lately as the last few years of Rosas's reign, but the assurance of peace was all that was needed to start the rebuilding of the houses and the restocking of the ranches.

  49. Montevideo was the centre of resistance to Rosas and from its walls went out expeditions to end the revolts which continually broke forth.

  50. The country remained under a tutelage, growing continually more rigorous, and which ceased only after the Portuguese monarch had fled from Lisbon and the colony had become greater than the mother-country.

  51. Brazil was subjected to a systematic and continually more rigorous exploitation by the home government, and to the irresponsible and uncontrolled military despotism of little satraps.

  52. Although born in Montevideo he had lived the life of a gaucho from boyhood, and since 1797 had been a leader of the gaucho bands who were continually fighting the Rio Grandenses.

  53. Spies were sent out to report on him and he was continually hampered.

  54. He could not resist the temptation of drinking strong liquors and was continually getting drunk.

  55. Englishman, who seemed much excited, and continually let fall and replaced the bit of glass in the corner of his eye.

  56. Striking illustrations of this truth are presented continually in every corner of even this civilized land.

  57. But it is to be feared that those who are safely moderate in their employment of these treacherous agents, are a really small band compared with those who allow themselves to be continually within the reach of unquestionable danger.

  58. When every man shall feel that he is acting continually under the eye of God, and in full prospect of the judgment.

  59. Here stood the temple of Venus; for the support of whose costly and debasing services, a thousand human victims were continually kept!

  60. Below Bordeaux a flat soil, marshes, sand; a land which goes on growing poorer, villages continually less frequent, ere long the desert.

  61. These objects of perception are themselves the material and content of thought, inasmuch as thought is continually making use of the images of these things.

  62. Accordingly, all the water of the Ganges at hand was in requisition; an earthen vessel was placed over the southern portal from which the sacred water was continually dripping, and against which no evil could prevail.

  63. In the same way the lingam of Mahadeva, a thirsty deity, who needs continual cooling to relieve his distress, must be kept continually moist to avoid drought.

  64. I don't know of anything more impressive than the study of the human brain in its activities, and how "I" am continually changing and modifying and educating my brain.

  65. I know that this body is continually changing its substance like the rainbow in the sky, like the eddy round a stone in the river.

  66. I should think it would be awful at first, but afterwards it must be nice to feel that your friends knew the worst of you and you need not be continually in fear that they will find out what you really are.

  67. The result of hitching in this manner is, that the mule is continually trying to keep out of the way of the swingle-tree, and, finding that he cannot succeed, he becomes discouraged.

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