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  1. It was the rare fortune of Professor McLaughlin that he solved this problem, presented to every instructor in English, with a felicity that does not fall often to the lot of those engaged in the same occupation.

  2. They are in no need of it, and in any event what is published must stand or fall upon its own merits.

  3. The odd thing is that after each fall he called for his tables: "Meet it is I set it down.

  4. Though as a logician he had trained himself severely in precision of speech, the hesitating and half-frozen way of talking that most exact thinkers fall into, he seems to have escaped.

  5. His coat is flung aside, with one last jingle the bells fall to the floor, he has dropped his bauble, and as he bows his head and in his musing runs his fingers through his hair, the coxcomb falls too.

  6. By nightfall we had reached an old cabin half way to Dawson, in which the fall before Swiftwater had cached provisions.

  7. The rain was beginning to fall in earnest now.

  8. Glen knew well enough that the boy on the road, trusting to chance for friends, is much more apt to fall a prey to people of the J.

  9. Two or three quick, stinging blows and his passion came to a terrified end as he saw Matt fall to the ground, white and unconscious.

  10. Modern art is a luxury; he saw this, and understood that it must stand or fall with the luxurious society of which it forms but a part.

  11. Yes, we shall even fall into danger and be tempted to take life too easily, simply because in art we were in such deadly earnest concerning it, as Wagner says somewhere anent certain incidents in his own life.

  12. This is the first fog of any degree of thickness which we have experienced: there was also last evening a fall of dew, the second which we have seen since entering this extensive open country.

  13. On the shores are great quantities of summer and fall grapes, berries and wild roses.

  14. It is rapid in its course, about thirty yards wide, and on sending a person five miles up it proved to have a fall of fifteen feet, and some timber on its low ground.

  15. The road along the creek is a narrow rocky path near the borders of very high precipices, from which a fall seems almost inevitable destruction.

  16. I then proposed to him to go by land to Kamschatka, cross in some of the Russian vessels to Nootka Sound, fall down into the latitude of the Missouri, and penetrate to, and through, that to the United States.

  17. From that place he added, the river was navigable to the ocean; that some of his relations had been there last fall and seen an old white man who resided there by himself, and who gave them some handkerchiefs like those we have.

  18. At nine and a quarter miles we passed an island, and a rapid fall with a fall of six feet, and reached the entrance of a large creek on the left side.

  19. As it rises from the fall it beats with fury against a ledge of rocks which extend across the river at one hundred and fifty yards from the precipice.

  20. New principles do not fall from heaven, but are logically if indirectly connected with past and future.

  21. Ceaselessly souls fall from the higher to the lower segments of the triangle, and the whole seems motionless, or even to move down and backwards.

  22. When features or limbs for artistic reasons are changed or distorted, men reject the artistic problem and fall back on the secondary question of anatomy.

  23. In this wise I hope to imitate the sincerity of the Ancients by taking on myself all the blame so that my action may fall in line with the spirit of humanity which is the expression of the will of Heaven.

  24. How absurd to again place the Tsing house on the top of a high wall so that it may fall once more and disappear for ever.

  25. If one wishes to consider the present situation of the country without bias or prejudice he must disregard the rise or fall of any particular family.

  26. After the fall of Tsingtao and the subsequent complications with Japan, which so greatly served to increase the complexities of a nebulous situation, certain lines of thought insensibly developed.

  27. Furthermore, what Ch'i-chao desires to say relates to what can be likened to the anxiety of one who, fearing that the heavens may some day fall on him, strives to ward off the catastrophe.

  28. If the newspapers took up my case, the assassins would soon fall into the hands of the police.

  29. I fall forward with my head on my hands, which rest on the wooden partition.

  30. Incited by his exhortations, I have in some measure imitated his conduct, at the same time that I have endeavoured not to fall into the same excesses.

  31. There is no malady incident to a conscious being, which if it does not annihilate his existence, does not, after having attained a crisis, insensibly fall away and dissolve.

  32. Also, it must be remembered, the penalty of a fall into the barbed wire is more than the mere scratches, for each scratch is practically certain to become a venomous ulcer.

  33. He built a nest of dry leaves and grasses in which to sleep at night, covering it over with bark as a protection against the early fall rains.

  34. I fall twenty feet through the air, and I am smashed.

  35. He chose for his subject the Fall of Man, and the address he gave became a classic in all Australasia.

  36. Thus, you may watch a particular portion of the ocean's surface and you will see the sane water rise and fall a thousand times to the agitation communicated by a thousand successive waves.

  37. On the fall of Antwerp the inmates were conveyed across the frontier.

  38. The Kaiser said last spring: "When the leaves fall you'll have peace.

  39. Then they will fall to "strafing" each other instead of England.

  40. In that reckless crusade which the Central Powers are waging against all the higher laws of morality and civilization, some of the heaviest of the blows fall on the defenceless.

  41. To the childish mind it seems incomprehensible that aimless and indiscriminate murder should fall on the guiltless.

  42. We stand for human reason; at our frown The coward sword shall fall from your accursed hand.

  43. When shades of night fall heavily, and the Loan Game can be played no more, will the German people, tricked and impoverished, go to bed supperless and silent?

  44. It was quickly decided to fall upon the unsuspecting garrison of Douglas Castle in St Bride's Church on Palm Sunday (March 19).

  45. Once more, the Monk of Malmesbury represents that it was after the fall of the other castles that Mowbray carried to Edward the news of his agreement for surrender.

  46. Sir Ingram de Umfraville assured him they would; at the same time suggesting that the English should feign to retire, and so draw the Scots from their ranks to plunder, when they would fall easy victims.

  47. Lancaster, however, received the Welsh insurgents, and harassed Edward's advance, but was compelled to fall back on his castle of Pontefract.

  48. Immediately on investment of the castle, he would begin to feel the pinch; and the fall of Edinburgh would at once intimate the hopelessness of his position.

  49. On the fall of Comyn, his followers pressed forward and blows were hotly exchanged.

  50. She lifted her hands and let them fall into her lap again, palm upward, and regarded him in gentle exasperation.

  51. Mildred Lorimer, lifting her hands and letting them fall into her lap.

  52. Her love and loyalty began to fling themselves against that solid wall of ugly fact and to fall back, bruised, breathless.

  53. He made the baseball team in the spring, and the second fall the San Francisco papers' sporting pages ran his picture often and hailed him as the Cardinal's big man.

  54. From the necessity of the divine nature must follow an infinite number of things in infinite ways--that is, all things which can fall within the sphere of infinite intellect.

  55. Salvioni of Perugia has invented a "cryptoscope," which enables us to see the hidden object without the aid of photography by allowing the rays to fall on a plate coated with one of these phosphorescent substances.

  56. This can be seen by connecting the plates through a galvanometer, and allowing a ray of light to fall upon them.

  57. Its indicator, in fact, must respond to every rise and fall of the current, as a float rides on the ripples of a stream.

  58. The ink, therefore, marks a wavy line on the paper, which is in fact a delineation of the rise and fall of the signal current and a record of the message.

  59. If there's a fumble, fall on the ball and stay there, unless you see a chance to run with it.

  60. There came a grim tightening of his lips, and into his eyes that had been dazed by the fall there was a look of anger, but that was all.

  61. It's a wonder some of us didn't fall to that idea before this.

  62. Not now, and if any of those fellows expect to make the eleven this fall I'll have to make them cut it out.

  63. Fortunately, however, most of the fall crops were in, and the fact of not having his steeds to work for him did not seriously inconvenience Mr. Appleby.

  64. So He causes sleep to fall on this man--now understand me, I do not say this story is true.

  65. They knew that the horrors of death would fall upon him, and that God would get his revenge.

  66. The god said, "Thou knowest that if the shadow of a dog fall upon the sacrifice, it is unclean.

  67. There never has been a man or woman of genius from the southern hemisphere, because the Lord didn't allow the right climate to fall upon the land.

  68. With the doctrine of hell taken from the Church, that is the end of the fall of man, that is the end of the scheme of atonement.

  69. Again the devil taketh him up into an exceeding high mountain and showeth him all the kingdoms of the world, and the glory of them; "And Saith unto him, All these things will I give thee, if thou will fall down and worship me.

  70. And before he gets through he admits that the Old Testament is a rotten tree that will soon fall into the earth and act as a fertilizer for his doctrine.

  71. They were taught that, when any man started after God in that way, if he had been guilty of any crime he would fall by the way.

  72. The dreadful nemesis for such dense inappreciation by Parliament of its obligations to the community was, unfortunately, soon to fall heavily upon the unhappy people of the metropolis.

  73. The details do not fall within the history of the sanitary evolution of London, except so far as they affected the central governing authority of London.

  74. Surely in common fairness, those who had let it fall into such a state should have paid the penalty therefor, and not the public of London, who had had no part in bringing the property into such an evil condition.

  75. The rate of death from diphtheria also showed a continuous fall, and this fall had been coincident with the introduction and increasing use of the anti-toxic serum treatment of the disease.

  76. This the Metropolitan Board felt to be an injustice to the ratepayers upon whom the charge fell, and an encouragement to owners of houses occupied by poor people to allow them to fall into or remain in a dilapidated condition.

  77. Numbers of them have a fall towards the summit or highest level of the street through which they pass; the bottoms are very irregular, running up and down and forming successions of hills and hollows.

  78. The Medical Officer of Health for Bethnal Green wrote:-- "All sanitary evils fall with greatest force upon those who are unable to quit the scene of their misery or to provide the means for its alleviation.

  79. They fall into two geographical groups--the Asiatic and the African anthropoids.

  80. Her face, in the new fall hat, flushed angrily and her hands dropped.

  81. She walked without the slightest hesitation directly to the well-curb, to the spot which she had mentioned, stooped down, and brushed away the three-inch fall of snow.

  82. All this could not fall to earth, as it would fall, if he allowed himself to be carried away by his love for Pepita, without great discredit.

  83. I can not succeed in persuading myself that the cause of my fall had in it anything either mean or base.

  84. I do not wish, when I ought to be humble, to fall into the sin of pride, by trying to justify my fault.

  85. Profane and ecclesiastical history is fall of instances of this blindness, which God permits, no doubt, for providential purposes.

  86. If God, in chastisement of my pride, has let me fall from his grace, it is possible that any temptation, however slight, might have made me waver and fall.

  87. Would it be a want of respect on my part, should I fall into the fault of presumption or insolence, if I were to warn my father of the danger which he himself does not see?

  88. And if it had, if I were pleasing in Pepita's eyes otherwise than as a friend, if the woman to whom my father is paying his addresses should fall in love with me, would not my position then be terrible?

  89. He told me that in his time he had been very wild, that he had led a very bad life, and that he saw no way of reforming, notwithstanding his years, unless Pepita were to fall in love with and marry him.

  90. I do not believe that it would be easy for me to fall into a lapse from virtue so shameful and unexpected as the one you fear.

  91. Although I write to Luisito admonishing him to flee from temptation, I am already certain that he will fall into it.

  92. I enter her house against my will, as though summoned there by a conjurer, and no sooner am I there than I fall under the spell of her enchantment.

  93. She clasped her hands together tightly, and pressed them first to her bosom and then to her brow, and then again she returned to the niche from which the fall into the river must be made.

  94. It occurred to her that old Balatka himself was a consenting party, and that utter degradation was to fall upon the family instantly.

  95. But, Souchey, she will never fall out with him.

  96. She discovered, however, from various words that her father allowed to fall from him, that his opposition to her marriage had nearly faded away.

  97. Lotta had felt that there was no need of the delicacy of compliment in feeding a man who was so undoubtedly hungry, and she had therefore bade him at once fall to.

  98. And she would face the anger of all the saints rather than fall short in her revenge upon her lover.

  99. You will fall into trouble about the maiden," the elder Trendellsohn had said.

  100. Thrice she released herself from her backward pressure against the stone, in order that she might fall forward and have done with it, but as often she found herself returning involuntarily to the protection which still remained to her.

  101. I would sooner fall in the gutter than eat my aunt's meat.

  102. She climbed up into the niche, and found that the river was very far from her, though death was so near to her and the fall would be so easy.

  103. You are by nature too stern to fall into such faults.

  104. I have heard it said that such characters fall in love quickly, or not at all.

  105. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "fall" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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