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failing; failings; faill; faille; fails; failures; faim; faimily; fain; faine
  1. It was my first big lesson of failure in football.

  2. That failure and its meaning lived with me.

  3. In years of black fly abundance at Seney (Michigan) National Wildlife Refuge the blood parasite has been responsible for reproductive failure in Canada geese (Branta canadensis; Sherwood 1968).

  4. We can see this effect in the usual failure of common terns to raise a third chick, even in the colonies that are surrounded by favorable habitat (Nisbet 1973).

  5. The principal exception has been the failure to regulate discharges of oil at sea, which continue to cause major damage to seabird populations in many areas.

  6. Our most conspicuous failure is in controlling oil pollution.

  7. Near failure of reproduction during a breeding season among arctic seabirds at Bear Island was reported by Bertram et al.

  8. In such instances, the effects might also be a breeding failure for only one or two seasons; in all probability such events occur, but whether they are as likely to be detected by us is problematical.

  9. Licenses have been withdrawn for failure to comply with regulations, and businesses closed for longer or shorter times.

  10. Painful as the task is, they never fail to warn the author, in the most impressive manner, of the probabilities of failure in what he has undertaken.

  11. You have once before assisted, although unconsciously, at the failure of a similar experiment.

  12. Dewey attributes Kant's failure to his logical method, which led him away from the psychological standpoint in which he would have found self-consciousness as a directly presented fact.

  13. There is not only the trial by death, but there is the trial by the success or failure of special acts--the counterpart, I suppose, of physiological selection so called.

  14. Dewey's failure to understand this difference is significant.

  15. As a consequence of his failure to do so, he fails, necessarily, to do justice to Green's standpoint.

  16. In "The Psychological Standpoint" Dewey ascribes the failure of the earlier empiricists to their desertion of the direct descriptive method (a criticism repeated frequently in later essays).

  17. Laying hands upon it, he jerked it away from Sam, who was a little piqued over the failure of his own efforts, especially as Penrod now produced a sonarous blat--quite a long one.

  18. What is the difference between your failure and the results of those men?

  19. Is there a sadder picture than you have in the life of a man, old or young, to whom God has sent prosperity, who by his own act then turns that prosperity into a failure by being proud of it?

  20. Yes, perhaps; but all through the failure he struggled to give expression to that of which his soul was full; and I do not doubt that even then they who heard him somehow understood him.

  21. If they were stronger they might do well enough to keep out the cold, but they are a failure to shake hands with between old friends like us.

  22. In 1862 Senator Sherman had prepared a very elaborate speech in which he devoted a good portion of it to prove that Mr. Lincoln was a failure and unless something was soon done by Congress, the war would be a failure.

  23. Through it all, Mr. Lincoln earnestly endeavored to support McClellan in the field; and the diversion of men and the failure of supplies were never in any degree due to a desire upon his part to cripple the Democratic general.

  24. I was led to this through fear of the failure of some correspondence to reach your eye, the drift of it was to secure the appointment of postmaster at this city for your humble servant.

  25. Hinc illae lachrymae; hence, disappointed at the failure of their endeavor to shape his policy in obedience to the suggestions of their own ignoble designs, their open revolt.

  26. The populace seemed maddened by their failure to learn anything of the purpose or results of my visit.

  27. He returned to the White House much disturbed at his failure to see the commander of the Union forces, and immediately sent for two other general officers, to have a consultation.

  28. Dumbly infuriated by his failure and urged by an imperative signal, Polkadot pressed such advantage as was left him.

  29. Failure to find the likeable Mills Harford came more quickly and saved a deal of time.

  30. But objections which point out to me any vice of manner, or any failure in producing an intended effect, will be really profitable.

  31. He is consequently afraid of failure, though not afraid of obscurity; and by failure he would understand that which I suspect most writers would be apt to consider as success--so high is his ambition.

  32. There has been failure to instruct those innocent people in the Catholic faith, and that is the only title under which the king of Espana holds that country, which does not belong to his patrimony.

  33. Unfortunately, however, Thomas was doomed to failure in his experiments.

  34. Byng was court-martialled, found guilty of failure to do his utmost to save Minorca, and condemned to death.

  35. But he must open the world's eyes to see his failure in its proper light.

  36. In his last great enterprize he had failed, and he returned to give an account of his failure, and to face the ignominy which his failure entailed.

  37. The trouble comes from the frontier people's failure to understand that His Majesty's government has any right to forbid backwoodsmen from taking over any Indian lands which happen to hit the fancy.

  38. On the eighth there arrived more letters from Governor Dunmore, in which His Lordship expressed his surprise and annoyance because of our failure to appear at the Hockhocking.

  39. This failure to provide for a water-supply was an amazing characteristic of many frontier defenses.

  40. Our failure to find any Indians at the Point and our prospects for an immediate crossing conduced to this belief.

  41. Against this line of reasoning was our failure to discover fresh signs, and the fact that Black Hoof's band was making north.

  42. The frontier complained against the failure of the dominant Quaker party of the coast to protect the interior against the Indians.

  43. Irrigation had never been tried, and the whole scheme was an experiment, the failure of which would have been fatal to the settlement.

  44. The numbering of the vote is a very essential element in the ballot, as by that means the priesthood has knowledge of the failure of any man or woman to vote as they have been ordered.

  45. Owing to the failure of single comb always to dominate completely in the heterozygotes, we expect to find some of the 75 per cent with the Y comb.

  46. But the pure dominant condition will vary in the direction of the recessive condition; such a result implies only a partial failure of the factor to develop completely; and we should not be surprised if occasionally the failure were complete.

  47. This failure even of the extracted dominants completely to stop the development of the tail gives a measure of the weakness of the inhibitor in this case.

  48. Most aberrations among organisms are due to a retardation or failure of normal development.

  49. It is clear that the ontogenetic failure of an inhibitor is easier to understand than the development of a character that is not represented at all in the germ-plasm.

  50. When such a failure occurs in a normal strain a sport results.

  51. As we have seen, failure of dominance is much more complete in some of the individuals of F2, namely, those with 4 toes, than others.

  52. Typically, we should expect F1 to show a single comb; the Y comb that we actually get is a heterozygous condition due to the failure of the median comb to dominate completely.

  53. The withdrawal of his brigade from the assault by Colonel De Courcey was justified by the failure of the corps of A.

  54. Woods, whom I had not seen or heard of since his flight to Australia, at the time of the failure of Adams & Co.

  55. I reported the facts to General Grant, who was sadly disappointed at the failure of the fleet to get through to the Yazoo above Haines's Bluff, and ordered us all to resume our camps at Young's Point.

  56. On the failure of his bank, he assumed personally all the liabilities, released his partners of all responsibility, and offered to assist me to engage in business, which he supposed was due to me because I had resigned my army commission.

  57. This attack failed; and I have always felt that it was due to the failure of General G.

  58. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "failure" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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