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Example sentences for "bust"

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  1. But I'm goin' to go out when I want to if I bust a hole through the clapboards.

  2. Whoever you be, don't bust that door down.

  3. It's a good thing BOTH of 'em didn't bust or we'd have foundered.

  4. An' den de river riz so fas' Dat it bust de levee railin's.

  5. Dat peacock squall to bust 'is sides, To see me runnin' 'bout.

  6. The beautiful curves of her bust and shoulders were broken or inverted.

  7. The palace on the Square of the Annunziata was a Riccardi palace at the time of Mr. Browning's poem, and at the window toward which Duke Ferdinand's eyes are turned there was a bust of a lady as late as 1887.

  8. A bust of Napoleon was carried in procession all over the town, and then the regular soldiers and the National Guard devoted the rest of the day to rejoicings, which were followed by no excess.

  9. If I've told yer once I've told yer a hundred times it's liable to bust and yer skirt and yer waist ain't on speakin' terms.

  10. And don't yeez eat too much or breathe hard or ye'll bust it, and then where'll you be at?

  11. A white bust of the Republic alone showed forth clearly against the dark wall above the dock where Salvat would presently appear.

  12. The greyish painting of the Christ had already vanished, and on the walls one only saw the glaring white bust of the Republic, which resembled some frigid death's head starting forth from the darkness.

  13. It's like that bust of Jove--or Bacchus was it?

  14. Model the head, neck, and bust until it looks like Fig.

  15. Go a leedle easy mit der Allegro, or we bust 'Fatinitza.

  16. Socrates From the bust in the National Museum, Naples.

  17. Homer From the bust in the National Museum, Naples.

  18. The marble bust becomes animated, and even the temple consecrated to the deity becomes religious, in proportion as these suggest the ideas and sentiments which kindle the soul to admiration and awe.

  19. Thus a bust of Athena in the Berlin Collection, signed by Eutyches, was seen by Cyriac of Ancona in 1445.

  20. These two currents resulted respectively in a bust of Garcia Moreno being placed in the Vatican, and in the unveiling in 1886, with much international oratory, of a fine statue of Grotius at Delft.

  21. In 1830 a bust of stone was found in the yard of the convent, which the workmen were digging up.

  22. If it is we'll bust the crust with dynamite.

  23. You'd like to bust me in the jaw, but you know I'm stronger.

  24. Another states that in passing over Calais the only figure that did not lift its head to gaze at the travellers was the Duc de Guise, whose bust in the Place d'Armes was incapable, for good reasons, of paying them that act of homage.

  25. In the far left corner of the room, on a pedestal, stands a stiff bust of George Washington.

  26. The bust of Washington and its pedestal move slightly; gradually they change and shape themselves into the figure of a well-dressed man, rather short and stocky, with a sociable, commonplace face.

  27. Her clothes become inflated to such an extent that they hide her head and bust entirely.

  28. There is also in bas relief a bust of Braddock in military dress.

  29. At the entrance to a farm in Illinois a farmer has nailed a shelf to a telephone pole near his gate, and on this shelf he has placed a small bust of Lincoln.

  30. It's going to just about bust up the eleven," said the first boy.

  31. I'd like to bust it open with an axe," he added savagely.

  32. Don't bust yore suspenders on this job, boys," Webb told his men.

  33. I've a notion to go an' bust my laig too.

  34. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "bust" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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