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  1. The second dolmen had also a grotto or allée couverte, in which was found an earthen pot, containing ashes and three gold necklaces.

  2. At the other end of the dolmen was an avenue of stones, some supporting the skeletons of horses’ heads.

  3. One of the top stones overhangs the others, showing the dolmen to have been originally larger.

  4. It is a galgal of heaped stones, in the centre of which is a dolmen or galleried chamber, which was opened in 1832, and is the most curious monument in the Morbihan.

  5. It is, however, tolerably evident that these have been produced by the gradual disintegration of the granite, and that the dolmen in the Teign is due to the action of the river.

  6. If, however, one goes back to the period that preceded the dawn of Japanese history, one finds that plain beads of clear glass, both blue and white, have been discovered in the dolmen tombs.

  7. The official interpretation of dolmen is daul or table stone, but it is quite likely that the word tolmen is capable of more than one correct explanation.

  8. Section of the Dolmen Chapel of the Seven Sleepers near Plouaret.

  9. In Devon they were shelf-stones, and wherever we meet with a farm called Shilston, there we may confidently assert that a dolmen formerly existed.

  10. Now of the large dolmen or cromlech we have only the fine Drewsteignton example, and that deserves a visit.

  11. In some cases the dolmen becomes the allée couverte, a long chamber or hall constructed of uprights and coverers.

  12. Nine big stones in a straight line are followed by a menhir, a disposition often seen on Dartmoor; and at Pawton is a dolmen called the Giant's Quoit, an exceptionally fine example.

  13. In the dolmen proper, the supporters of the great capstone are columns and not merely slabs enclosing the space.

  14. A dolmen is a monument consisting of several perpendicular stones covered with a great block or slab.

  15. If these people were cannibals, the evidence must rest solely on the human bones discovered at a dolmen near the village of Hammer, Denmark, which had been subjected to the action of fire.

  16. There can be no doubt on the point, however, and excavations beneath the dolmen of Marconnieres strikingly confirm the earlier discoveries of Dr.

  17. The chief dolmen has within it as many as ten chambers.

  18. In Lower Galilee a single dolmen has been found; in Upper Galilee four of moderate dimensions are known.

  19. To take a case in point: Cromlechs are most numerous in England, and dolmens in France, and in both these countries we meet with a form of dolmen (Fig.

  20. This dolmen was carefully excavated by MM.

  21. Beneath a dolmen of Algeria was found a crouching skeleton with two crania lying at his feet, which crania had doubtless belonged to victims immolated in his honor.

  22. Whenever a dolmen has been opened in Finistere," says Dr.

  23. Beneath the Vaureal dolmen were found five skulls in a row, and near one of them, that of a woman, lay a necklace made of round bits of bone and slate, on which hung a little jadeite hatchet as an amulet.

  24. A more serious difficulty would be the placing of the table of the dolmen on the supports, which are often raised to a great height above the ground.

  25. This feeling seems to find expression in the dolmen or house of the dead, with a carefully prepared opening in the door as if inviting the spirit to free egress.

  26. Here we have a form intermediate between the small dolmen without entrance-stones and the large chambers, which we shall consider later.

  27. Their graves and dolmen gray-stones are still found.

  28. Not far off is a tumulus and another dolmen known as Dol-er-Groh, an enormous stone table or altar.

  29. The chief of these are the dolmen known as Mané-Lud, Mountain of Ashes, of vast dimensions and having a grotto beneath it.

  30. The dolmen is composed of three or more upright stones sustaining one or more coverers, and was often buried under a cairn.

  31. Of the rude stone monuments the dolmen or cromlech is sepulchral, the dolmen when large having been a tribal or family mausoleum, and the kistvaen, which is far smaller, contained the bones of one individual alone.

  32. Menhirs are still erected by the dolmen builders on the Brama-pootra, the Khassias, and always in commemoration of the dead.

  33. The dolmen belonged to the period before bodies were burnt; it was the family or tribal ossuary.

  34. At Larnaca, in Cyprus, a dolmen is said to exist in a chapel, and in Spain one is found in the crypt of a Church of St. Miguel in the Asturias, and another in a hermitage.

  35. The most interesting result of Herr Schumacher's journeys have been the discovery of the sites of Hippos and Kokaba east of the Sea of Galilee, and of dolmen centres like those which I found in Moab.

  36. And on each of these mountains we found groups of dolmen still standing.

  37. The groups in Moab were all so placed, just as Kit's Cotty-house stands near the Medway, or Stonehenge above the Avon, or like the dolmen near a sacred spring in Finisterre.

  38. The crawling through was always believed either to cure sickness or to ensure good fortune, and the dolmen has often been used as an altar.

  39. Not only could we never find any trace of sepulture, or of a grave beneath, but often the size precluded the idea that the dolmen could have been either a hut or a tomb.

  40. There is a rude circle of menhirs at the site, with a trilithon or dolmen on one side.

  41. But it is also not impossible that water was required in connection with rites at the dolmen altars.

  42. The oldest remains in Bashan are apparently the dolmen groups discovered by Herr Schumacher, which are of the same character with those described further south.

  43. Another, found in a dolmen in Poitou,[1341] has been published by M.

  44. Another from a dolmen in Lozère[1115] has been thought to be for sharpening the points of bone instruments.

  45. One of red stone, 4 inches long, and with four holes, was found in a dolmen near Assens.

  46. Another, 3 inches long, from a dolmen in Langeland, is of bone, with but two holes, and is ornamented with cross bands of zigzag lines.

  47. An axe-head of this kind, from a chambered tumulus or dolmen at Craigengelt, near Stirling, Scotland, is engraved by Bonstetten.

  48. A large arrow-head from the dolmen of Bernac, with pointed barbs, has a strongly dovetailed central stem.

  49. Illustration: Section of the Dolmen Chapel of the Seven Sleepers near Plouaret.

  50. Although the dolmen is no longer underground, I must refer to that of Confolens near S.

  51. Thus altered, the dolmen served as a baldachin or canopy over the stone Christian altar that is still in place beneath it.

  52. Mr. Ferguson erroneously claimed the dolmen as evidence that rude stone monuments continued to be erected till late in the Middle Ages.

  53. A writer in the seventeenth century says that in his time devotees regarded the dolmen as the tomb of a saint, and scrabbled up the soil, and carried it away as a remedy against sundry maladies.

  54. The dolmen served as a crypt to the church, and from it have been recovered objects in stone and copper of a prehistoric period.

  55. The dolmen was formerly partially embedded in a tumulus, and the chapel, erected in 1702, was so constructed that the great table-stone of the dolmen has become the chapel roof, and the supporting stones form two of its sides.

  56. This practice they also followed in building the dolmen near the wood of Rocher, on the road from Dinan to Dol, say the people of that country-side.

  57. The allee couverte is a dolmen on a large scale.

  58. The stones in the dolmen of Esse are thought to change their places continually, like those of Callernish and Lewis, and, like the Roman Penates, to have the gift of coming and going if removed from their habitual site.

  59. In the eighteenth century, people venerated the Fairies' Dolmen and used still sometimes to expose scrofulous children there.

  60. The ancient Druid approves; and, while you go up to the dolmen and Stephane keeps an eye on you, he continues to question Elfride.

  61. They settled themselves under the dolmen and each in turn kept watch while the other slept.

  62. Absurd, yes; but it all acquired a curiously disturbing significance on the day when Maguennoc was able to compare the scraps of prophecy engraved on the dolmen with the complete prophecy.

  63. She reflected that the best place would be at the end of the island, at the spot where the dolmen stood.

  64. Vorski had hurried across the space between himself and the dolmen and, stooping, almost kneeling, was examining the turquoises.

  65. The dolmen was moved to where we stand, the slab of the kings of Bohemia was buried under a layer of earth and a Calvary rose at the very spot where the sacrilegious miracles were once wrought.

  66. On the top was a dolmen with two sturdy supports and a long, oval granite table.

  67. You shall see Maguennoc's, at the end of the island, to the right of the Fairies' Dolmen .

  68. But there is another one underneath, which is protected by the dolmen and which you can't see from here; and that is the one on which the selected victims were offered up.

  69. She followed him at a distance and stopped on a hillock between the Fairies' Dolmen and the Calvary of the Flowers.

  70. As soon as the bridge is cut, we'll light a bonfire on Fairies' Dolmen Hill and they'll send a steamer from the mainland.

  71. Draguignan, by the road to Comps, is a large dolmen composed of one flat stone resting on four similar stones.

  72. The oblong flat stone at the base of the table of the altar belonged to a dolmen which stood on this hill from the earliest times, and is called the “Pierre aux fièvres,” from its once supposed power of curing of fever those who lay upon it.

  73. The dolmen at Espartignac and the cromlech of Aubazine are the chief megalithic remains in the department.

  74. Megalithic monuments are numerous, chief among them being the dolmen of Fontanaccia in the arrondissement of Sartene.

  75. The dolmen also existed in China in very early times, but had been replaced by a chamber of finished masonry not later than the ninth century B.

  76. In the Korean peninsula the dolmen with a megalithic roof is not uncommon, and the sepulchral pottery bears a close resemblance to that of the Yamato tombs.

  77. In China the art of working in bronze was known and practised during twenty centuries prior to the Christian era; but although Japan seems to have possessed the knowledge at the outset of the dolmen epoch, (circ.

  78. It was at one time supposed that the highly specialized form of dolmen found in Japan had no counterpart anywhere on the continent of Asia, but that supposition has proved erroneous.

  79. The dolmen is regarded by archaeologists as the most characteristic feature of the Yamato tombs.

  80. The Three Brothers of Grugith,” a cromlech or dolmen at S.

  81. Among the megalithic people the stone grave was gradually reduced in dimensions from the mighty dolmen to the small kistvaen.

  82. The latest interments in a dolmen are always nearest the opening; sometimes the more ancient dead have been removed farther back in the monument to make room for the new-comers.

  83. On the coverer of a dolmen close to the railway at Assier, in the Department of Lot, is such a rock basin, natural perhaps, but if natural, then utilised for the purpose of a food or drink vessel for the dead.

  84. Another dolmen in the same department, at Laramière, has one distinctly cut by art at the eastern extremity of the covering stone.

  85. It would be a cruelty to the dead to imprison him; and if the circle be complete, the dolmen closed in on all sides, he could not come in and out at pleasure.

  86. Prunières produced an elliptical disc of skull which had been found by him inside a human skull that had been trepanned, and which came from a dolmen in Lozère.

  87. There was a dolmen at Buzy at the opening of the valley.

  88. In the Casa da Moura, a dolmen in Portugal, was found a skull on which the operation had been begun, but never completed.

  89. Smiting and kicking, I got clear of them, and saw that the dolmen towered across the fire, and straightway I knew that through the smoke was the only way.

  90. Once we went round, and I saw the great dolmen and the gleam of sword Helmbiter beneath it.

  91. Illustration: Dolmen near Drewsteignton] Relics of the Bronze Age are far more abundant, and they form, indeed, the chief archaeological feature of Devonshire.

  92. This is a dolmen consisting of three huge stones, on which rests a still larger block, twelve feet long and estimated at sixteen tons in weight; it doubtless was a Neolithic burying-place.

  93. As the moon swept slowly higher the pale light fell upon the boulders and the dolmen as it had fallen for so many ages past.

  94. There is a dolmen under the trees," he said.

  95. And no doubt what you call the dolmen is the Cave.

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