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  1. From their accounts it was ascertained that in the direction of Krakatoa the heavens were clouded with ashes, and that a grand column of smoke, illumined from time to time by flashes of flame, arose from above the island.

  2. Column A denotes the Average Number of the Population in millions.

  3. This same formation of the tail part of the vertebral column occurs transiently in the embryos of other birds, so that the tail of the Archaeopteryx evidently represents the original form of bird-tail inherited from reptiles.

  4. Below it is a column of four pairs of swimming bells, which eject water, and thereby set the whole colony in motion.

  5. A few moments of eager expectation, and colours were seen fluttering gaily in the air, arms glistened brightly in the sun, column after column poured on to the plain.

  6. Here, Mr. Slurk laughed very heartily, and folding up the paper so as to get at a fresh column conveniently, said, that the blockhead really amused him.

  7. He counted the number of italicized words in the first column of that page and found it to be 7; multiplied that number by the page number, and found the product 371; and, lo!

  8. The only thing that damped my ardour was that, stare as I would, I could see no column of smoke upon the mountain crest.

  9. I made my final arrangements, and looked anxiously at the mountain crest a couple of miles or so away, from which the mist was now beginning to lift, but no column of smoke could I see.

  10. A religious newspaper before me says of a proprietary medicine, "Advertised in another column of our paper: It is a hell-deserving article.

  11. One who dined with the Dundee column gave the following graphic description of the luxurious repast:-- "To begin with, there was no sort of furniture either in the messroom or the anteroom.

  12. The plan was for the column to start by train to Molteno, and from thence march to the Boer laager at Stormberg.

  13. Two hours before daybreak, while the column was in enclosed country, either a shot was fired or a boulder rolled into the battery in column of route.

  14. In the Nile Expedition which followed he was with the River Column under Major-General Earle, and was awarded a clasp.

  15. On that evening the column again started off for a last long wearisome tramp, the men, who had not been out of their clothes for a week, being now ready to drop from sleeplessness and exhaustion.

  16. Though the column was marching in fours and utterly unsuspicious of the position of the enemy, they gathered themselves together with marvellous rapidity.

  17. Northumberland Fusiliers, in column of companies, on the left, directing, and fifty paces from them moved the Northamptonshire Regiment in similar formation, and parallel to them.

  18. Early in the morning he had gone on ahead of the column for the purpose of making a route sketch.

  19. A column from Cape Colony had started, and more troops were pushing up as fast as train could carry them in the direction of De Aar.

  20. The column under Erasmus was to open the attack from the north-west, and falling back, was to draw Symons in pursuit away from his camp.

  21. During the afternoon of the 22nd of November a column moved out of camp in the direction of Beacon Hill to check the Boer advance.

  22. Column after column throw themselves one against the other with the force of a devastating torrent.

  23. In addition to the column that your secretary would have each month you could run further articles on nut growing, which would be of additional interest to your members.

  24. Fourteen years ago, before Mr. Bregger's career as an editor began, I edited a nut column in the Fruit Grower.

  25. At length they reached a tall column upon which was pasted many bills and placards.

  26. We will search the papers and we may see in the 'found' column that some one has it, and will give it up to you.

  27. The Torricellian tube, used as a barometer, was a means of creating a vacuum, which was formed at the top of the column of mercury.

  28. And again as she stood thus poised above him, he took joy to note the warmth of her rich colouring, the soft, round column of her white throat, the gracious breadth of hip and shoulder.

  29. The wind is blowing towards the snow," he said; "but I don't like that column of smoke rising from the Homestead slope in this high gale.

  30. Our column did not come in for the usual amount of attention from our friend the enemy, the reason being that a gentleman friend of ours, General Broadwood, was pounding away at them from one side, and Ridley from another.

  31. Since leaving Commando Nek our column has found and destroyed nearly three dozen good waggons and numerous deserted farms.

  32. Ridley's column has gone back in the direction of Pretoria to Rietfontein, as escort to a convoy, principally composed of waggons loaded with oat hay.

  33. This day, Monday (November 12th), the column marched into Krugersdorp.

  34. We are still camped within about three miles of this town, and expect to remain here till Hart's Column returns.

  35. The same brief, ancient and censored war news, the inspired leading article, a column on a cricket match between two scratch Bloemfontein teams, a treason trial, advertisements for I.

  36. In one of the latter was a very florid four-column account by a famous "War Special," of the doings of Rundle's Starving Eighth.

  37. Our camp was not far off, and we go there at about six; some of the column were in by eleven in the morning.

  38. Thus we turned out, our officers anxiously making the centre guides prove, and issuing special orders to us not to crowd when marching past in column of squadrons and all that sort of thing.

  39. They looked very fit, and appeared pleased to get on the column again.

  40. A sucking noise was heard, and the whole column was drawn into the gourd; after which the priest corked it up closely and put it in his pouch.

  41. For instance:-- "She then became a dense column of smoke curling up from the ground, when the priest took an uncorked gourd and threw it right into the midst of the smoke.

  42. Generally speaking, the literature of the walls covers pretty much the same ground as an ordinary English newspaper, from the "agony" column downwards.

  43. And he had gone out as a green brakeman, but he had come back as a hero, with a Tribune reporter posing him against a furniture car for a two-column photo.

  44. He even went back and read the entire column for a second time.

  45. The pair vanished round a corner that I knew ended in a cul-de-sac, so extinguishing my lamp, I sat down on a fallen column and waited till I should see their light reappear, when I proposed to effect my retreat.

  46. He had been stabbed twice through the back and once through the spinal column at the base of the neck.

  47. He stood at the corner barely three minutes, and then walked off through Pall Mall and down the steps near the Duke of York's Column into the Horse Guards' Parade, intending to walk quietly to his Victoria Street flat.

  48. They evidently dealt with that species of the tender passion which finds its outlet in the agony column or in fictitious addresses.

  49. I knew that personal column of ours would make a hit!

  50. Moreno was there, a column of smoke was issuing from its crater.

  51. A thin column of smoke was still rising from one part, but the fire itself seemed spent.

  52. Even as we watched the first column with eager eyes, another rose up not far from it, and another still, and then we knew that the fires were being made by Indians, who were hunting on the plains.

  53. In casting about we observed a thin column of smoke arising from a small gorge some little way ahead.

  54. We lay motionless for about half an hour, when I rose to take off my pack, and in so doing perceived a column of smoke, not far, at least to all appearance, from where we were.

  55. She was set down, the column moved on, and--Streight's well planned expedition miscarried.

  56. Hours now were worth months of common time, and on the following morning Cranor's column began to move.

  57. Mr. Ducklow had scarcely turned the corner of the street, when, looking anxiously in the direction of his homestead, he saw a column of smoke.

  58. But as his column of figures lengthened, and he ciphered out for us the average price for each day's sales, it was remarkable how much higher it stood than that of most of the fruit I saw in the market.

  59. He had learned to read the papers and magazines like an exchange-editor; his eye would fly from column to column, and he would rip the insides out of one in two or three minutes.

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