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  1. Another characteristic of this group of rocks is the perfection with which many of them show prismatic or columnar jointing, a structure often called "basaltic jointing.

  2. The intersection of derived shadows when produced by the intersection of columnar shadows caused by a single light does not produce a simple shadow.

  3. Compound derived shadows are of two kinds; that is columnar and spreading.

  4. The pyramidal shadow produced by a columnar body will be narrower than the body itself in proportion as the simple derived shadow is intersected farther from the body which casts it.

  5. The columnar piers and small arches used are like those in the apse rather than like those in the remainder of the church.

  6. In the first place the aisles are built low, and with columnar piers close together, thus insuring the support of a heavy triforium wall.

  7. The flows are often scoriaceous at the top and sometimes display columnar structure, as in the crags at the lighthouse.

  8. This groove is lined by columnar cells, some carrying cilia, others being glandular and secreting sticky slime.

  9. Fifteen hundred metres down that distance a great barrier of columnar or cylindrical rocks stuck out of the water from W.

  10. Near this stood erect another columnar rock of a similar shape, the head and base entirely of red rock.

  11. One obtained from this point a fine view of the entire city spreading from north to south, at the bottom of the imposing frame of mountains on the south with their extraordinary columnar formation.

  12. At the northern end of the range stood a castle--the work of nature--with three square towers, and between them numerous monoliths or pillars standing on walls of columnar formation.

  13. A cluster of high vertical columnar rocks was seen.

  14. On the west side of the pass we found curious small domes as well as pillars and other rocks of columnar formation.

  15. After this we passed close to another curious spur of mountains on the east--quite isolated and of a red vertical columnar formation.

  16. It was in any case curious to notice that at the two termini east and west of the two parallel ranges white rock in columnar form was exposed in both ranges in corresponding sites.

  17. Dangerous rapids occurred half-way down its length on the right; then followed a mass of square columnar pillars of rock not unlike basalt.

  18. Here and there the line of a wall is broken with a vast niche or columnar buttress.

  19. Theodore Winthrop wrote of these forests:-- Long years of labor by artists the most unconscious of their skill had been given to modelling these columnar firs.

  20. The natural fissures or cleavages between the lamina run nearly in a perpendicular direction, giving the rock the columnar structure of trap or greenstone.

  21. The surface appeared broken for several miles; and in many of the valleys we could discern columnar and pyramidal masses of sand-rock, sometimes entirely naked, and sometimes bearing little tufts of bushes about their summits.

  22. There are also some columnar masses of white sandstone, twenty or thirty feet high, standing remote from each other, having the d├ębris around their bases covered with shrubby oaks.

  23. A silicate of alumina, of fibrous or columnar structure.

  24. A mineral of brownish black color, occurring in columnar or foliated masses.

  25. Shaded by a ledge of rock, beneath a facade of columnar lava, we ate our dinner.

  26. Half-way up the mountain some great masses of the columnar rock, shaded by laurel-like trees, and ornamented by others covered with fine pink flowers but without a single leaf, gave a pleasing effect to the nearer parts of the scenery.

  27. Afterwards we went across to Helgafell, a hill of columnar basalt rising two or three hundred feet above the surrounding low-lying land.

  28. During the latter part of the day's journey, which was along the high banks of the river Hvita, we saw some fair specimens of columnar basalt.

  29. This island is composed of columnar basalt; it is a striking feature in the surrounding scenery, where hundreds of smaller islands dot the fjord.

  30. The Dynastidae MacLeay may always be known by a columnar prosternum rising vertically between the arms and the medipectus.

  31. At its northern extremity stands an insulated columnar mass, somewhat resembling the Cheesewring, on a rude pedestal shaped by the waves from the rocky layers.

  32. The rock overhangs above, hence the water shoots clear of the cliff, and preserves an irregular columnar form, widening at the base with bubbles and spray.

  33. The Romans, in their arched constructions, habitually strengthened the point against which the vault thrust by adding columnar features to the walls, as shown in Fig.

  34. In the Gothic pier the object is to express complexity of function, and the pier, instead of being a single fluted column, is broken up into a variety of connected columnar forms, each expressive of its own function in the design.

  35. The classic order has its columnar support, its beam, its frieze for decorative treatment.

  36. His breasts were round and strong as shields, on which the veins and sinews were traced like tendrils winding round the muscles, and his columnar limbs, all excited admiration.

  37. The mature plants are columnar in form with the remains of the volva enclosing the column-like stem at the base; the cap in its deeply pitted reticulations somewhat resembling that of the Morel, although of different texture.

  38. The lens when first formed is an oval vesicle with a small central cavity, the front and hind walls being of nearly equal thickness, and each consisting of a single layer of elongated columnar cells.

  39. The thin epiblast ep composed of columnar cells rests on the incomplete lower layer l, composed of larger and more granular hypoblast cells.

  40. The cells forming the invaginated layer become gradually more columnar than the remaining cells, and constitute the hypoblast; and a structural distinction between the epiblast and hypoblast is thus established.

  41. Each body is formed of a series of lobes, and exhibits a well-marked distinction into a cortical layer of columnar cells, and a medullary substance formed of irregular polygonal cells.

  42. This papilla is covered by the columnar mucous layer of the epidermis (e), from which it is separated by a basement membrane, itself a product of the epidermis.

  43. The epiblast in a large number of Chordata arises as a single row of more or less columnar cells.

  44. The inner wall of the chamber is formed by the columnar cells already spoken of.

  45. The lighter part is formed of columnar epiblast and hypoblast only, while in the darker area a layer of the mesoblast, derived from the intermediate layer of the fifth day, is also found.

  46. The walls of the passage are formed of a layer of columnar cells continuous both with epiblast and hypoblast.

  47. The epiblast is composed of a single row of columnar cells.

  48. Brunelleschi not only introduced columnar arcades into a number of cloisters and palace courts, but also used them effectively as exterior features in the +Loggia S.

  49. Forum of Trajan formed one of the most imposing of those monumental aggregations of columnar architecture which contributed so largely to the splendor of the Roman capital.

  50. The temple stood in the midst of an imposing columnar peribolus entered by magnificent gateways.

  51. They were basilicas in plan, with timber ceilings and high clearstories on columnar arcades.

  52. Prostylar (or prostyle); with a columnar porch in front and no peristyle.

  53. It was the noblest and most perfect of a class of buildings whose prototype is found in the monumental columnar porches of the palace-group at Persepolis.

  54. Occasionally the basilican arrangement was followed, with columnar arcades separating the aisles.

  55. These palaces were all built around interior courts, whose walls rested on columnar arcades, as in the P.

  56. Amphiprostylar (or -style); with columnar porches at both ends but no peristyle.

  57. There is no evidence that the Assyrians ever used columnar supports except in minor or accessory details.

  58. The fine vaulted columnar entrance vestibule, the court and the salons, make up an ensemble worthy of the great architects who designed it.

  59. This fact is perpetuated in the traditional names, Doric and Ionic, given to the two systems of columnar design which formed the most striking feature of that architecture.

  60. It is preceded by a narrow columnar vestibule and two pylons enclosing a columnar atrium and two obelisks.

  61. Then the columnar neck completes the whole Greek-sculpture-baffling body!

  62. So might your creeping youth columnar rise And reach, by year and year, symmetrical, To where all shade stops short, shade's service done.

  63. The Norman in Apulia could hardly fail to adopt the columnar forms of the land in which he was settled; but he could not bring himself to give up the threefold division of height and the bold triforium of his own land.

  64. In those cities the Norman adopted the columnar arcades of the basilica, while in Sicily the Saracen still at his bidding placed the pointed arch on the Roman column.

  65. They consist of columnar basalt bent very curiously, and capped by amorphous basalt.

  66. It consists of crudely columnar basalt capped by a kind of marl.

  67. On our right there was a precipitous ledge, and a recent flow of lava had poured over it, cooling as it fell into columnar shapes as symmetrical as those of Staffa.

  68. Its peaks are needle-like, or else blunt projections of columnar basalt, rising ofttimes as terraces.

  69. At Pei-pei there are three circular pools, each about fifty feet in diameter, and separated by walls six feet thick, in a bed of columnar basalt.

  70. The Wailuku River is the boundary between the two great volcanoes, and its waters, it is supposed by learned men, have often flowed over heated beds of basalt, with the result of columnar formation radiating from the bottom of the stream.

  71. Nay, in all Denmark and Scandinavia, the original residence of the Ostmen and Danes, there is not a single parallel to be found to those columnar edifices!

  72. Caucasus abounds in those columnar fanes, and it must not be forgotten that Caucasus has been claimed as the residence of our ancestors.

  73. In Spain we are certain that they had established a home; and why does this appear as free from every evidence of columnar architecture as does the former place?

  74. Trees, with stout columnar stems and broad crowns of erect and spreading finally pendulous leaves.

  75. Largely cultivated as an ornamental tree in tropical countries, and often planted to form avenues, for which its tall pale columnar stems and noble heads of graceful foliage make it valuable.

  76. Throughout the grand scene, great rocky columns and pinnacles arise, their brilliant hues maintained to the tops, and the scattered pines clinging to these huge columnar formations give a green tinge to parts of the picture.

  77. These are a succession of magnificent terraces, fifty feet high, with beautifully colored columnar supports.

  78. The bush was dim and shadowy before the meal was finished, but Alton flung fresh branches on the fire, and the blaze that whirled aloft rent a track of radiance through the rain, and called up the vague outlines of the columnar trunks.

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