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Example sentences for "capped"

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  1. There rises Artemision, there rises the hoary peak of Kronion, its snow-capped crest seeming no unfit dwelling-place of the aged god who reigned before Zeus and his children.

  2. A mile or two ahead were low, pine-capped hills, and between two of them I saw a patch of the bright green foliage of cottonwoods, a sure sign of water.

  3. The old man capped it with a coal from the fire, muttered a short prayer, and, blowing great mouthfuls of smoke to the four points of the compass, started it upon its journey round the circle.

  4. Black-capped milkmen, with flaps drawn down over ears, sat upon their wagons, appearing in their garb as if the hangman had rigged them up for a final journey.

  5. Now and then the air was touched with the fragrance of hayfields, reclaimed here and there upon the Campagna, and mists were slowly descending upon the snow-capped peak of Soracte.

  6. To southward the view was bounded by the Church of Santa Prisca above them and far off rose the snow-capped cone of Soracte.

  7. The air was so pure, so transparent, that against the horizon the snow-capped summit of Soracte was visible, like a crown of glittering crystal.

  8. It is set in a clearing, with the thick spruce and balsam and cedar hemming it in, and a tall ridge capped with golden birch rising behind it.

  9. It was almost noon when Jan spoke a few low words to his watchful Indian and walked to the top of the cedar-capped ridge that sheltered Porcupine City from the north winds.

  10. They talked over their old college pranks and successes; they capped Greek verses, and quoted ancient epigrams upon their tutors, who had been dead since the Seven Years' War.

  11. These are all whitewashed; and the principal is capped with a large crescent, or rather a trident, rising from a series of gilt globes: the other domes crown the several corners.

  12. Then the occurrences of the night, the run off the lee shore, and the white-capped billows that had growled so in the gloom, began to come to his recollection, and he realized that they had had a tough time of it.

  13. He glanced at the white-capped waves in the bay, and then at Thomas.

  14. Paul hoisted the jib, and the Fawn rushed out among the white-capped waves; but she walked over them so majestically, that John declared she could weather any gale that ever blew.

  15. It is probable that its highly colored cap has caused it to be gathered by the careless collector of bright-capped Russulæ, and that thus R.

  16. In the little wheelhouse, perched high up in front of the funnel, Skipper Chard clung to a handrail and peered through the rime-frosted glass across the endless grey vista of tossing, white-capped seas.

  17. The Mont Cenis may therefore be held to have set a fashion which will be followed till the highest Himalaya is but the ornamental apex or snow-capped gable-tip of some resounding fuliginous corridor.

  18. On the firm edge of the palace, from bracketed base to grey- capped summit against the sky, where grows a tall slim tower which soars and soars till it has given notice of the city's greatness over the blue mountains that mark the horizon.

  19. The hills are capped with snow, although the season is so forward.

  20. At the end of the court we walk into the kitchen, where the black-capped little padrone and the gigantic white-capped chef are in close consultation.

  21. From cloudlike Radicofani, above Siena in the west, to snow-capped Monte Catria, beneath whose summit Dante spent those saddest months of solitude in 1313, the mountains curve continuously in lines of austere dignity and tempered sweetness.

  22. Beyond the village the valley broadens out once more, disclosing Apennines capped with winter snow.

  23. Next, Monte Amiata stretches the long lines of her antique volcano; the swelling mountain flanks, descending gently from her cloud-capped top, are russet with autumnal oak and chestnut woods.

  24. And here and there, in back canals, we come across coloured sections of old buildings, capped by true Venetian chimneys, which for a moment seem to realise our dream.

  25. The tidings capped the glory of an effulgent day.

  26. He has made as it were monuments to his father Haremakhu; he has set up two great obelisks capped with gold at the first festival of Triakonteris.

  27. Cooper draws attention to the fact that obelisks were capped with metals, and pyramids were covered with polished stones.

  28. Illustration: "He has set up two great obelisks capped with gold.

  29. From this hieroglyphic sentence we learn that the pyramidion of each obelisk was covered or capped with some metal, probably copper.

  30. No country square dances here; nothing older than the very latest dancing, and the most modern of ear-capped coiffures!

  31. Six thousand feet up on the western slope of the Rockies, this valley is shut in on three sides by rugged, white-capped mountains.

  32. Serve with whipped cream which may be capped with chopped pineapple.

  33. They are pretty capped with a cube of currant jelly.

  34. Lemon or orange cake filling or frosting may be used instead of juice or marmolade, and crushed fresh, sweetened berries make a good filling and covering if capped with whipped cream.

  35. Lay on a lettuce leaf and serve with mayonnaise dressing capped with whipped cream.

  36. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "capped" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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