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Example sentences for "clad"

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  1. When many had not even rags to cover their nakedness, and none were clad as civilized men should be to face the winter's snows and rains, it was nonsense to talk of campaigning.

  2. Heavy obstructions to navigation had been placed in the Neuse River, a little above New Berne, as a defence against an iron-clad ram the Confederates had built at Kinston.

  3. He was clad in the homespun of the country.

  4. They were clad almost precisely as were Randolph McCoy and his accompanying son Calvin.

  5. They stood on both sides of the ropes, hatchet in hand, casting fiery glances into the defile on the bank of the Eisach, and between overhanging wood-clad precipices.

  6. He was followed by three Tyrolese, clad in their national costume, and holding their rifles in their arms.

  7. On one side extended the splendid valley, with its meadows clad in the freshest verdure of spring, its foaming white mountain-torrents, its houses and huts, which disappeared gradually in the violet mists bordering the horizon.

  8. I do not want heaven and God and the snow-clad mountains yonder to hear a word of it.

  9. We met numbers of bare-legged half-clad women and children, bringing in the produce of their fishing, shrimps and cockles tied up in nets, and peasants with carts carrying in sea sand for dressing the land.

  10. The statue of Roland, Vicomte de Dinan, one of the nine great Barons of Brittany in the twelfth century, is of gigantic proportions; the warrior is clad from head to foot in chain mail, but he holds one of his gauntlets in his hand.

  11. Now of his own accord he brought out a suit of clothes, fitted for seafaring, and, having clad myself in them, I journeyed with him as far as Padua.

  12. I beheld before me a damsel clad in white.

  13. I, myself, happening to be in Rome a few years before his death, often spoke to him and observed him with astonishment as he took his walks about the city clad in strange garb.

  14. Many a garment did I make for them from those of the dead, who were now clad in purer robes.

  15. As he travelled inland he came one day upon a man clad in scarlet sitting on the side of a rocky hill tying stones to his feet.

  16. An old man was he, and clad in a blue linen robe, and having a crown of reeds upon his head.

  17. With bare necks and hair unbound they went, crying aloud the while; and in their hands they held staves of pine, and were clad in the skins of wild beasts.

  18. But we have Messapus, and the augur Tolumnius, and all the chiefs of Italy, yea and the Volscian Camilla, with her squadrons clad in bronze.

  19. And sitting on a throne was the image of King Picus, clad in royal apparel, bearing a shield on his left arm.

  20. Meanwhile others sought to break down the gates of the palace, Pyrrhus, son of Achilles, being foremost among them, clad in shining armour of bronze.

  21. Last of all came Camilla the Volscian, with a great company on horses, clad in armour of bronze.

  22. But chief among them all was Turnus, who moved in the midst, clad in armour, and overtopping them all by his head.

  23. It was their custom to go on shore every morning, and to return on board in the evening, generally clad in rags.

  24. The forests on the mountains were all clad in fresh foliage, and glowed in many variegated hues; and even the lower hills were not entirely destitute of pleasing spots, and covered with herbage.

  25. The south side of the mountain is clad in forests, almost to the summit.

  26. A breeze stole delicately through my open window and ruffled my hair, luring my eyes to the out-of-door world where young Summer goes walking today, clad in blue and green.

  27. Just before the start he came over and exhibited himself to me, clad in vest and drawers, with sneakers on his little feet and a huge red 5 decorating his visibly inflated chest.

  28. I must have looked a sight, half-asleep, my hair in braids down my thinly-clad back.

  29. There he stands clad in his Bakhtiyari costume, the dress of a mountain tribe in Persia which asserted its independence of Teheran.

  30. I have heard it aforetime, when skin-clad men sang in fire-circles that pressed back the frost and night.

  31. Athene is clad in a long chiton with diploidion; her left hand rests on the edge of her shield at her side.

  32. The Victory is clad in a long chiton, over which is a diploidion girt at the waist; she wears bracelets and armlets.

  33. The body is clad in a long chiton without sleeves; an upper fold falls over the bosom as low as the waist, passing under a broad girdle such as would be suitable for charioteers.

  34. On the left are three mortals, clad in Roman military armour, who appear to be approaching as if to consult the Oracle of Apollo, and who, from the difference of stature, are probably a father and two sons.

  35. All are clad in the himation, which in the figures actively engaged in controlling the cattle is worn so as to leave one or both shoulders free.

  36. No signs of fear or weakness show’d Those virgins: clad in steel and brass, With clubs they to the battle strode; In strength no males could them surpass.

  37. Odin spake: “Th’ unconquer’d North invites us With her fir-clad mountains wild and drear!

  38. In summer clad in hue of clay, But when stern winter hovers in sight, They flaunt in bridal robes of white?

  39. His start of surprise, coming close upon his iron-clad impassiveness, was like a pantomimic change.

  40. Clad in a flowing gown of some filmy black material shot with gold.

  41. It is his own wording, except for certain legal formalities; and I assure you I have seldom seen a more iron-clad document.

  42. At last faire Hesperus° in highest skie Had spent his lampe and brought forth dawning light, Then up he rose, and clad him hastily; The Dwarfe him brought his steed: so both away do fly.

  43. They were very poor and miserably clad in old skins, and sang and danced to testify their pleasure on receiving the presents which the French distributed among them.

  44. He rose to his feet and far beneath him from the tree clad banks of the river the long howl of a wolf smote upon his ear.

  45. Miss Enid Maitland was clad in a way that would have caused her father a stroke of apoplexy if he could have been suddenly made aware of her dress, if she had burst into the drawing-room without announcement for instance.

  46. Astro, watching the black-clad spaceman pass directly opposite them and continue down the street, seemingly unaware that he was being watched.

  47. Then he faced the black-clad spaceman squarely.

  48. He saw the black-clad spaceman returning toward the hut.

  49. Roger waited until he was sure that the black-clad spaceman had gone, then he sat up and worked desperately on the thin metal chain binding his wrists.

  50. Astro eagerly as the white-clad medical officer emerged from the room.

  51. Newly clad from head to foot in a scarlet suit of King Olaf's giving, Leif stood aft by the great steering oar.

  52. On the opposite bank, some hundred yards below their point of observation, stood two long-haired, skin-clad men.

  53. Noiseless as birds, and almost as swift, they skimmed along over the snow-clad plains and half-frozen marshes.

  54. Beyond, the plain rose in gentle hills, which were overlooked in their turn by pine-clad snow-capped mountains.

  55. The sound of a deep-drawn breath made him turn, to find himself face to face with a young mail-clad Viking, in whose shaggy black locks he recognized the Egil Olafsson whom Helga had that morning 'pointed out.

  56. I approached the castle, and there I beheld two youths with yellow curling hair, each with a frontlet of gold upon his head, and clad in a garment of yellow satin; and they had gold clasps upon their insteps.

  57. He beheld a maiden with yellow, curling hair, and a frontlet of gold upon her head; and she was clad in a dress of yellow satin, and on her feet were shoes of variegated leather.

  58. Take a hundred valiant bowmen, all chosen men of might, skilled in their art, and clad in glittering armour.

  59. And Pwyll was clad in coarse and ragged garments, and wore large, clumsy old shoes upon his feet.

  60. This done, they all gazed at the beautiful youth, who was clad in a grey jacket, and wore breeches and hose of the same cloth, with a grey hunting-cap on his head.

  61. And as he abode thus clad with arms, about the third watch of the night, lo!

  62. When they were all clad in Lincoln green and had thrown aside their monks' grey habits, "Now we will go to Nottingham," said the king.

  63. On the morrow Le Beau Disconus clad himself in his best armour, and rode forth to the gate of the great palace of Synadown; and with him for escort came Lambard and his knights.

  64. There he was clad in clean raiment, and feasted, and the lady would have had him be lord of her city and castle.

  65. A little away from them I saw a man in the prime of life, with his beard newly shorn, clad in a robe and mantle of yellow satin, and round the top of his mantle was a band of gold lace.

  66. There he set her in a strong castle, and clad her meanly, and guarded her so strictly that no man could see her or come at her without his leave.

  67. Before them all Griselda stripped off her fine clothes, and went forth clad only in her smock, barefoot and bareheaded.

  68. They stopped and waited under a linden tree to watch; and they saw riding behind the hounds a knight clad in silk of India, upon a bay horse.

  69. He was clad in a long, white sheep-skin coat, and on his back he had a large black leather pack.

  70. It was lying quite close to the edge of a broad glacier, which sent its river of ice from the snow-clad mountain peak into the depths of the valley.

  71. But suddenly, just as the coffin was being lowered into the grave, a tall, stern monk came into the churchyard, and he stood still and pointed to the snow-clad mountains.

  72. At Hisingen the trees are clad in light colours, as if they are little maidens in bridal attire.

  73. She followed Hjalte across the courtyard all the way to the King's Hall; but Hjalte took no more heed of her words than a warrior clad in armour heeds a boy throwing stones.

  74. Owing to its elevation the frosts in this district are tolerably severe, while in summer the sun looks steadily down with his hot glance into the valley till its vine-clad sides are permeated by heat.

  75. Putnam studied for a moment the back of her head and her figure, which was girlishly slender and clad in gray.

  76. As we passed along we saw half-clad natives standing knee-deep in mud and water pulling the full-grown plants or putting in young ones.

  77. Several scantily-clad children rolled about on the ground, and in the shade of a tamarind tree an old gray-headed man was pounding taro-root.

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