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Example sentences for "braids"

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bragging; brags; braid; braided; braiding; braik; braikfast; brailed; brain; braincase
  1. Near the gulf of Nicoya, women wore the long hair parted in the middle from the front to the back of the head, and plaited into two braids which hung down on either side over the ears.

  2. That of the religious men reaches to the waist, and generally falls in braids behind.

  3. The little maiden with the dark braids of hair hanging far below her waist had developed into a tall, slender girl, with clear-cut, oval face, crowned by a mass of dark tresses.

  4. Her long yellow braids of hair--how Anne had envied those beautiful braids in old schooldays!

  5. Once they overtook and passed a group of women clad in short skirts and loose waists and with their hair hanging in braids down their backs.

  6. After that, nobody's braids or puffs would go right!

  7. It seemed to be suspended in the air between her and the false braids of the woman who sat in front of her.

  8. The woman with the false braids had brought from the dressing-room a sickly ivy-plant in a bottle, and the Christian Scientist was reversing his cuffs.

  9. The woman with the false braids looked around, and feeling that she must justify her movement in some way she rose and lifted her travelling-bag from the opposite seat.

  10. The coat was sometimes heavily decorated with needlework or braids of gold down the front, pockets, seams, and cuffs.

  11. Also full padded-out breeches tapering to the knee or just above, where a large tie and bow hung at the side, and full square breeches not tied in, are also a feature of these days, usually banded with wide braids at ends and sides.

  12. The hat, sometimes of white felt, was the same three-cornered type, edged with feathers and banded with broad gold braids or silver lace.

  13. The pocket was wide and set higher in the skirt, and the back opening of coat was decorated by several horizontal braids to the two side pleats.

  14. The bodice was banded with braids or lace on the front and seams, and the stomacher was often of fine embroidery; set rosettes or bows were placed at the waist.

  15. Braids may be noted down the sides in the fifties, and are seen now and then all through the reign, while large plaids and stripes were highly esteemed.

  16. In the dim light from the dressing-room he saw her, as he thought, sleeping placidly, her broad braids lying along the sheet.

  17. If only those wide braids under the little cap had been hanging over her shoulders the manner would have been justified.

  18. She had slipped on some clinging thing of blue and lace, and her hair in its night braids hung to her waist.

  19. She said from your description she thought I was a skinny, little girl in braids and short dresses.

  20. He was hatless, and his long, gray hair hung in two braids in front of his shoulders.

  21. I never said anything about braids and dresses.

  22. The rich silken braids of her luxuriant hair were confined at the back of her finely formed head with a golden arrow, which, with the exception of a plain band of gold on each wrist, was the only ornament she wore.

  23. Her rich tresses were wound about her head above a small Smyrniote fèz, with a falling tassel of purple silk; and the smooth braids that pressed her fair young brow were partly shrouded beneath a painted muslin handkerchief.

  24. She coiled her gold-brown braids around her head in simple fashion, though she usually wore them down, as it was so difficult to keep her hair up when she was on horseback.

  25. Two braids like plaited silk of the corn hung over her face.

  26. She looked like a plump little German fairy in her new white frock, with her long braids of flaxen hair.

  27. Cressy shook her head, and then winding one of her long braids around the young man's neck, offered the end of it to his mouth, and on his sternly declining it, took it in her own.

  28. At sight of me she understood, and turned quite white, standing there in her boudoir-robe of China silk, her heavy, burnished hair in two loose braids to her waist.

  29. The young girl loosened the braids of her hair; a thick, dark cloud fell over her bare shoulders and breasts.

  30. Then Rapunzel let down the braids of her hair, and the enchantress climbed up to her.

  31. She wondered how hair that curled naturally could be so thick and heavy, and she thought what a crown of glory would adorn Linda's head when the day came to coil those long dark braids around it and fasten them with flashing pins.

  32. And then she recalled Katy's voice saying: "Braids round your head.

  33. I have tried and tried to visualize you, and can't satisfy my mind as to whether the braids are up or down.

  34. Young girls with braids down their backs--and by the way, Linda, you did not tell me what happened "after the ball was over.

  35. You're dying right now to ask why I wear my hair in braids down my back instead of in cootie coops over my ears.

  36. That dress never was made for braids down your back," she said, glancing toward the bed where it lay shimmering in a mass of lovely color.

  37. It means that my braids are up to stay, so hereafter I'm a real woman.

  38. Did you go to school the next morning with braids down your back, or wearing your coronet?

  39. Haven't you noticed that my braids are up?

  40. Her hair hung in two golden brown braids over her shoulders and her pure profile was bent intently over the paper.

  41. There was little to distinguish the dress of the men from that of the women; but the men all wore full beards, and the women braids of hair wound about their heads.

  42. Then she blushed, drew the silver arrow from the gathered gold-shot braids above her neck, held it out to him, and was gone.

  43. The braids of her yellow hair were bound in wreaths, and on one side of her head a saffron crocus was stuck with the bell downward.

  44. What splendid thick braids you have, Laura!

  45. She was evidently very conscious of the fact that her braids were now wound about her head and adorned with a stiff white bow that stuck out several inches on either side.

  46. Behind the scenes Anne, in an entrancing trailing gown of pale blue with pearls wound in her long fair braids was trying to get Jimmie Jones to shut his eyes without opening his mouth.

  47. She now dressed her hair in two braids instead of one, and these braids were tied with ribbons instead of a shoe-string.

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