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  1. He made the braiding go wrong, and took it off and began over again.

  2. But, powerless to begin, she feigned to busy herself all the more devotedly with braiding the deep-green circlet.

  3. For sorrow can endear a place as well as joy; and the little hut on the bare moor, in which he could see Nanna working at her braiding or her knitting, was the spot on all the earth that drew his soul with an irresistible desire.

  4. Slowly and with some hesitation he got to Nanna in her little stone hut, braiding her straw and nursing her crippled baby.

  5. She was busily braiding the fine Tuscan straw for which Shetland was then famous, and her eyes were so intently following her rapid fingers that it was unlikely she had seen him coming.

  6. Bettina, who was braiding her hair, looked up at him.

  7. Yet, as I saw you braiding your hair, it brought back my little sister so vividly, and I wondered what she would think of me--now.

  8. They also have a special word (which I can not recall) for braiding with four strands in distinction from braiding with three (pidra).

  9. The longer part serves to fasten the foreshaft to the shaft, and was probably put on separately and worked into the braiding of the rest of the line at the junction.

  10. A hair manufacturer in Newburyport, Massachusetts, who has three women braiding hair for jewelry, and making wigs, pays by the day, of ten hours.

  11. She was fond of braiding her heavy thick hair and wrapping it around her head so that there were no hair-ribbons to betray her.

  12. I had a letter from a girl who lives in Glenside," confided Betty, re-braiding her hair.

  13. The braiding and small slashing continued of a similar character to the end of the Elizabethan age.

  14. The female bodice was arranged with a long stomacher, often shaped into curved forms at the point, and this was set with jewels or embroidery, otherwise the bodice was decorated with braiding and jewels as in Elizabeth's reign.

  15. During this short period the character and placing of braiding was the same as in the latter part of last reign; slashing had almost completely gone out, except for the treatment of some ladies' sleeves cut into bands.

  16. This may be named the period of ribbon trimmings, though braiding was treated in broad lines on the short jackets and sleeves, and down the sides of the breeches.

  17. The female head-dress consisted chiefly of flowing hair banded with a circlet of various shapes, but a development of braiding plaits is found very early, and the hair was probably arranged so before the Roman era.

  18. Tonight she looked especially attractive as she sat braiding her long yellow hair into two heavy plaits, with a blue corduroy dressing gown worn over her night-dress.

  19. Fearing that Miss Patricia might regard her frivolous appearance with disfavor, she now began braiding it into one heavy braid.

  20. For a considerable portion of the way, where our travellers passed, the occupation of the inhabitants was that of braiding straw for bonnets; and here every body seemed to be braiding.

  21. Now and then some country nymph has her hair flowing down behind her, braiding it with a piece of ribbon.

  22. The women wore chains and rings and bracelets, and their hair was left loose upon the shoulders without braiding or tying.

  23. It is a mistake to believe that Persians or other Asiatics are only impressed by gold braiding and by a large retinue of servants.

  24. These skirts are occasionally very elaborate, with heavy gold braiding round them, richly embroidered, or covered all over with small pearls.

  25. She's working hard, mixing and kneading dough, shaping loaves and braiding rolls, placing loaves and rolls on huge trays, and then sliding the trays into an enormous baking oven.

  26. The contrasting colors made the braiding process clearly visible and more understandable.

  27. Braiding or Working, to select from; any Article required to Special Design or Size can be Manufactured to Order at a few hours’ notice.

  28. Barclay, braiding a four-strand whip, and finding that his cunning of nearly fifty years had not left his fingers.

  29. It just seems like yesterday that all you boys were raking over the scrap-pile back of my shop, and slipping in and nipping leather strands and braiding them into whips, and I'd have to douse you with water to get rid of you.

  30. When a great stack of the willow wands had been cut, Clay and Jule began roughly braiding them together.

  31. Case and Clay continued the work of braiding mattresses, and Alex.

  32. Straw-braiding was another of the early trades, and the first straw bonnet braided in the United States was made by Miss Betsey Metcalf, of Providence, R.

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