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Example sentences for "would think"

  • He would think of the old blind "Samson Agonistes"; he would think of the Greeks at Thermopylae, of the siege of Haarlem.

  • He would think about it for hours before he fell asleep; and when he opened his eyes it would be waiting at his bedside to pounce upon him.

  • He could not tolerate me afterwards, he would think me only fit for the insane-asylum.

  • I would say Campbells down on 6468 Lane, the old house still stands there I would think he would still be friendly with them, and I know them very well.

  • Christophe would suddenly wake up in the midst of the dreadful smell of food and tobacco: he would look at the people about him with strange eyes: he would not recognize them: he would think in agony: "Where am I?

  • But such feelings had for him an exquisite savor, and in the evening, when he had returned, he would think himself a hero.

  • He would think: "Why, why is she like this?

  • Once in his own house he would think up some plan.

  • He would think of him for hours and whole days.

  • I was afraid he would think me a coward, and I said: "Well, I'll try it.

  • Brooke promised that he would think of it; and then Dorothy tripped up to relieve Martha, dreaming nothing at all of that other doubt to which the important personage downstairs was now subject.

  • The house was theirs till Christmas; between this and then he would think about it.

  • At last he said that he would think of it, and consult his partner; and then he got up to take his leave.

  • I would think a little before I answered it," said Mrs. Trevelyan.

  • He would think scruples on that head frivolous in any person who is zealous for a Church, of which both Dr.

  • He would think it madness to declare open hostilities against rivals whom he might stab in a friendly embrace, or poison in a consecrated wafer.

  • As if oldness is any reason why a great fellow like that should have a better chance than the rest," we would think.

  • Martha Burney had been left in charge of the house, and had received a warm invitation to consider it her home; but she only replied that she would think about it.

  • It's what I would think of a man of your intelligence.

  • Well, I would think so too, at all events!

  • I would think shame to be otherwise the first day of my fortune," said I.

  • I would think this of little account, the more so as we cannot catch our man.

  • It's a gentleman's policy, I would think, to have the squabble in the open air, and save the women the likely sight of bloody gashes.

  • Or again (I would think), am I not dead and done with?

  • Mr. Fenwick said that he would think of it, and let Fanny know on the following Sunday.

  • All this went through his mind again and again, as he determined that on that day, being Sunday, he would think no more about it.

  • Fenwick had declared that he would fight if he could find a leg to stand upon, and he thanked Grimes, saying that he would think of the suggestion.

  • I would think better of this, Mary," said the Vicar.

  • I would think it were true worship indeed, which had engraven on it the name of the true and living God, if it did speak out so much of itself.

  • It may be his work appears not excellent, nay, but if ye knew his counsel, ye would think it so.

  • Ye would think it were an irrepealable decree, if all the nations in the earth, and angels above, convened to adjudge a man to death, did pass sentence upon him.

  • Each in turn befogged his suggestions by deference to what the world--which to them meant London--would think of their acts.

  • I could no longer anticipate his wishes, I found, or foresee what he would think or say upon matters as they came up.

  • Sal, I would think little o' the Lord if He needed to create a new sea to drown one man in.

  • I would think it was a black-burning disgrace for a minister to be fond o' flowers.

  • The above list will hopefully provide you with a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "would think" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this group of words.

    Some common collocations, pairs and triplets of words:
    preventive medicine; twelve fathoms; would allow; would cease; would continue; would expect; would follow; would have been more; would have given anything; would have thee know; would hold; would lose; would love; would meet; would often; would present; would produce; would reply; would see; would sell; would sometimes; would sooner; would try; would understand; would write; wouldst thou