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  1. There are a lot of other sectors where slaves can be sold in this area.

  2. There won't be a thing there that can't be knocked down and transposed out in a day or so.

  3. They say that there were at least two to three thousand slaves in this North American concentration camp and that they are being transposed out in small batches and replaced by others airlifted in from India.

  4. There was a great deal of activity in all of them, and he screwed the magnification-adjustment to the limit to scrutinize each human figure in turn.

  5. The Organization personnel there had been dragged outside, and a group of paracops were sealing it up, installing robot watchmen, and preparing to flood it with gas.

  6. There were two hundred and fifty in this batch; this Coru-hin-Irigod only bought the batch he sold at the plantation.

  7. No matter how uniform the Kholghoor Sector may be otherwise, there are dozens and dozens of small belts and sub-sectors of different religions or sects or god-cults.

  8. In consequence, there existed around the Paratime Building a marked and understandable reluctance to antagonize Yandar Yadd.

  9. Several of the bureau chiefs who had been there when he had gone out had left, and the psychist who had taken charge of the prisoner was there.

  10. Except for a few cuts on the scalp of the one who had been felled with the bottle, there was not a mark on any of them.

  11. There are those I would risk my life to kill, but I would not throw it away thus.

  12. We could have as much fun there as on the Dwarma Sector," Dalla said.

  13. In their ordinary motions they may be said to resemble two persons waltzing.

  14. The children, thus insulated from the world, and educated entirely at home, saw nothing so worthy to be loved as each other, and their attachment was as romantic as the scenes around them.

  15. The French gentleman is perpetually wiping his dirty fingers on a napkin spread out before him, and of which the beauties are not invisible to his neighbours on each side.

  16. Don't damn the remains of your fellow-mortals, Master Cringle; that is my leg.

  17. At length the girl died, and poor puss went to the funeral of her own accord.

  18. The tip of the cat's nose is always cold, except on the day of the summer solstice, when it becomes lukewarm.

  19. A recent traveller, in describing the American courts of law and their proceedings, says, in one instance Counsellor Lloyd had grossly insulted Judge Turner in the street, and was tried for the offence by the judge.

  20. He was here cut short by the voice of his mate, who had gone forward to slay a pig for the gunroom mess.

  21. The band is probably two inches thick at the upper part, and above an inch at the lower part.

  22. Little more than forty years ago this country was an absolute waste.

  23. But, wherever the Surprise cruised, if there was not a sea on, and the yacht was sailing slowly enough to admit of it, Little Tim had a line overboard, trolling far astern.

  24. But, as he had looked abroad over the surface of the bay, his courage had been restored somewhat, for there were no waves of any size discernible to his eyes, and the wind was still light.

  25. There was a continued grating sound along bottom, and presently a bundle of floating laths drifted out, clearing the rudder.

  26. And that his intended threat had been without avail, and that they were thoroughly fearless and ready to act, there could be no doubt.

  27. At the head of the cove the shores were of clean, fine sand, broken here and there at intervals by a few patches of clam-flats, bared at low water.

  28. There were provisions that the crew had been able to buy with their own earnings.

  29. But nobody has ever claimed her, and there isn't really any danger of that.

  30. And withal, there were two words that interested him greatly and made his disappointment all the more keen.

  31. There was scant sail on, with the peak lowered; and Harvey did the trick pluckily and sailor-fashion.

  32. There were beds enough in the roomy old house for all, as the rest of the family had not arrived.

  33. Perhaps he realized that common failing of every yachtsman, to think that there is nobody else in all the world that can sail a boat quite as well as himself.

  34. It is a pity always that a reigning prince should be unmarried; there are so many opportunities in that case for intrigue, and for mistakes.

  35. On occasion it would suit the despot's sense of humor to snub and slight the veteran soldier of a said-to-be superior race; and he would choose to do that when there was least excuse for it.

  36. There were ancient gold coins in heaps on the floor where they had burst by their own weight out of long-demolished bags-- countless coins; and drums and bags and boxes more of them behind.

  37. There are camels and camels--more kinds than there are of horses.

  38. There was never any knowing who was a spy of his and who wasn't.

  39. Without you there to lend me courage I had failed!

  40. There were the inevitable sweetmeats--the inevitable sugared drinks.

  41. If there were no witnesses his problem would be simple.

  42. It snatched from us the prettiest part of our garden; there is scarcely room enough left for 'pussy wants a corner,' and now mamma has rented half of it and the ground-floor of the mill to a family from Prague for a summer residence.

  43. There is a certain Monsieur Cabouat de Hauterive whom I have in my eye for Stella.

  44. But Reason stands sentinel there and refuses to admit her.

  45. There has been rain during the previous night, but not much, and the whole earth seems decked in fresh and festal array.

  46. Is there anything particularly interesting to be seen out there?

  47. I am entirely without prejudice; and when there is anything to be praised in France I always do it justice.

  48. It is Stasy, of course; there may be another woman in the world with those same sloping shoulders, but there can be none with such a thin, affected voice.

  49. I had positively forgotten that there was such a thing.

  50. There is really no time for it, as della Seggiola would have informed any one save the Prince.

  51. Poor thing," he reflected, "there must be something attractive about her, or Les and his wife would not be so devoted to her.

  52. There were the negro huts, the garden, the plantation, everything exactly as I had left it.

  53. It was, without exception, the strangest coast we had ever seen, and there was scarcely a possibility of distinguishing the boundary between earth and water.

  54. There was a moment of solemn silence: none moved or spoke.

  55. What should there be written upon your face?

  56. With closed mouth, drooping ears, and head low, there stood the mustang, meek and docile as any old jackass.

  57. Is it possible there are persons so utterly unhappy?

  58. Madam," said one of the guests in a low voice to Madame de Moncar, "there is mystery here.

  59. In vain we listened: there reigned around us the profound stillness of a summer night in the country.

  60. There was a brief pause, and even the soldiers, awed by his intrepidity, forbore to fire.

  61. In the open prairie it's the worst; there stands the old man, so plain, with his silver beard, and the spectre just behind him.

  62. It is the interest of every man to keep it secret," said the judge; "and there can be nothing to induce even the worst amongst us to betray a cause, by the success of which he is sure to profit.

  63. It is very rare to meet with one where there are two sorts.

  64. There are a few personal and incidental matters of which I wish to say something before reaching the contents of the Portfolio, whatever these may be.

  65. But there was a repetition of the old experiences.

  66. When there was a talk, therefore, about a race between the champion boats of the two institutions there was immense excitement in both of them, as well as among the members of the Pansophian Society and all the good people of the village.

  67. There must be many persons present at the meetings of the Society to which this paper is offered who have had experiences like that of its author.

  68. In her studies she was so far in advance of her different classes that there was always a wide gap between her and the second scholar.

  69. Oh, there are plenty of members who are willing enough to write, --especially to give an account of their own papers.

  70. There is no voice like that which breaks the silence--of the stagnant hours of the night with its sudden suggestions and luminous counsels.

  71. There was a fire-engine, but it was nearly half a mile from the lakeside settlement.

  72. There must be some reason for your seclusion which curiosity has not reached, and into which it is not the province of curiosity to inquire.

  73. How many children there are who tremble at being left alone in the dark, but who, a few years later, will smile at their foolish terrors and brave all the ghosts of a haunted chamber!

  74. So as there was nobody left but my father and mother, you see for yourself I had no choice.

  75. So as not to be caught off his guard, he put his left hand into the pocket of his dusty and greasy trousers and felt there the hard body of a revolver, which he then transferred to his right-hand pocket.

  76. And there are not a few charlatans in this world of the Trirodov brand.

  77. There was something remote and unpremeditated in this, as if it were a thing remembered from another, previous life.

  78. Only somewhere, within the domain of vague consciousness, there gleamed dimly a strange white face.

  79. How many courts are there in this devilish hole?

  80. Elisaveta came to Trirodov's house early in the day and remained there long.

  81. He hasn't left yet, and there are several matters and reports to attend to.

  82. Afterwards there was dancing--then card-playing.

  83. There is really no reason why they should sleep.

  84. Here and there were evidences of left-off games.

  85. There were other instructresses who had just returned from the depths of the wood--some children were going into the wood, others were coming out, quite different ones.

  86. Quite close to the magic line there was an apparent effort on the part of an elegantly dressed woman and a young man of the breed of dandies to emerge from the general throng.

  87. There was no place in which to hide from the hideous frenzy.

  88. Suddenly there was a weird rustle, there rose all about them the squeak of piping little voices, and the sounds of a confused scampering.

  89. There must be some way to go on, some place to obtain money," she cried.

  90. There they sat on a rock, Ruth holding the wild flowers she had plucked on the way, and talked.

  91. Were there not men who would unhesitatingly take hold of this project now and complete it in the time allotted?

  92. He was fond of girls, especially lively ones, and knew a good many here and there within reach of his motor car, including a number of pretty Mexican maidens of humble parentage.

  93. Renting there is better than starving here," her husband declared.

  94. About her eyes was a slight redness, but on her lips there was a tremulous smile.

  95. To the latter there was in the fact of completion a sense of unreality.

  96. There will be work on the dam most of the winter, where the building is only a matter of stone and brush.

  97. There won't be room for three of us, will there?

  98. In her gaze, too, there was a faint curiosity, as if she wondered who the persons might be, and what they were doing here, and of what they had been conversing when interrupted.

  99. Maybe there will be and maybe there won't.

  100. Then he saw here and there in the funnel of light projected by his car lamps what looked like solitary bits of white down sinking through the radiance.

  101. There still remains a question about the distribution of the rhymes, which here, as in most other cases, I have chosen to make alternate.

  102. There the step-dame keeps her hand From guilty plots, from blood of orphans clean; There no dowried wives command Their feeble lords, or on adulterers lean.

  103. Nought is there for man too high; Our impious folly e'en would climb the sky, Braves the dweller on the steep, Nor lets the bolts of heavenly vengeance sleep.

  104. There can be no doubt that to an English reader the metre chosen does give much of the effect of the original; yet the resemblance depends rather on the length of the respective lines than on any similarity in the cadences.

  105. For the place of the Alcaic there are various candidates.

  106. But pause, gay Muse, nor leave your play Another Cean dirge to sing; With me to Venus' bower away, And there attune a lighter string.

  107. But I have not adopted it; and I believe there is good reason for not doing so.

  108. There was only motion--and him walking down the line of machines where the hands reached out, working, working.

  109. Other than these sounds there could be only the quiet all around.

  110. There is room for everyone here, there are no boundaries and no ceilings and no walls anywhere.

  111. There was darkness and silence and a cool motion of antiseptic air.

  112. He remembered the inference from the Superfather that there might be a bad strain in his blood line.

  113. Then a man's voice, deep and flowing: "You know that there is no entrance or exit to this city.

  114. There must not be any of these sounds either to lure the imagination into some distance where danger and excitement might be waiting.

  115. They show you contented there to the end of your working life.

  116. There were long, tree lined streets and buildings, some built in rising spirals, some in spreading squares, others in ovals, domes and curved half circles.

  117. And if there was this life and light up there, why the great dome over the city?

  118. There were old myths but they've been dead for countless generations.

  119. We knew that there must be freedom beyond the walls, if we could get through.

  120. Then it was gone and no matter how the two people bending there waited and listened, it was like putting their ear to a white stone.

  121. He wondered if there really was a white ball beyond it sometimes and tiny dots of light, set in blue black.

  122. The commercial interest anxiously desire a revolution, because there exists, in fact, no active commerce in Hungary, the Hungarian commerce being degraded into a mere broker-ship of Vienna.

  123. There is a stirring vitality of busy life about this your city of New York, striking with astonishment the stranger's mind.

  124. There are fifteen millions of people inhabiting what is or what was Hungary, and the country between her and the Adriatic.

  125. Wherever there is a people, there is my love.

  126. The freedom of commerce on the Danube is a law of nations guaranteed by treaties; and yet there exists no freedom.

  127. I feel happy in this memory--there is a solemn tranquillity about my mind; but in such a moment I would rather be silent than speak.

  128. So much do we value the freedom of conscience, that the very thought was repugnant to us all, that there should be unequal rights of citizenship between Protestants and Catholics and professors of the Faith of Moses.

  129. Almost in every country there is some proud cemetery, or some modest tomb-stone, adorned on such a day by a garland of evergreen, the pious offering of patriotic tenderness.

  130. In my many speeches I have dwelt largely on the necessity that there is for America to act this part.

  131. Never yet was there a people against which all the arts of hell had been combined worse than against the people of Hungary in 1848.

  132. Respecting progression from right to left or left to right on the toes, there is no general law with which the author is familiar.

  133. When she has brought her complement she considers her task accomplished, whether the victims are still there or not.

  134. But to both these rules there are very many exceptions.

  135. In Albania there exists one single fragment of vigesimal numeration, which is probably an accidental compound rather than the remnant of a former vigesimal number system.

  136. The same meaning attaches to this numeral in a few other languages also, and reminds one of the habit some people have of beginning to count on the forefinger and proceeding from there to the little finger.

  137. There is scarcely room for a doubt on the date.

  138. Of course, ecclesiastically speaking, there is no doubt at all that a bishop may resign his spiritual functions, i.

  139. There are some notices of De Dominis, also, among the Birch and other MSS.

  140. At the end of a week the scald got well, and the good woman told us that she knew there was no harm in the charm, for "she had heard say as how it was some verse from the Bible.

  141. I should be glad to know if there is at present any trace of such a territory remaining.

  142. It may be fairly inferred that this edition came out under the superintendence of Welwood, and it would be interesting to ascertain whether there are any alterations in the sixth edition.

  143. There can be no objection to the interpretation on that score.

  144. There appears no reason to suppose that he built the house.

  145. Is there a more comical trade than the democratical?

  146. I return to the discussion of absolute prices, and declare that there is no absurdity which cannot be rendered specious by such reasoning as that which is commonly resorted to by protectionists.

  147. Is there not an Association of Ladies, who, though they have not kept their promise, still, promised each other not to wear any clothing which was manufactured in other countries?

  148. By this singular apothegm: "In political economy there are no absolute principles.

  149. If it happens that there be one which does not cultivate it, it is because, even to itself, such cultivation is not useful.

  150. In practice, is there one exchange in a hundred, in a thousand, in ten thousand perhaps, where there is a direct barter of product for product?

  151. If this increase is so great that there is more loss in producing the article in question at home than in attracting it from foreign parts by the production of an equivalent value of something else--laissez faire.

  152. The honest countryman, arriving in the city of Cincinnati, there met an Englishman and a Yankee.

  153. But you do not like doctrines; you hold systems in horror; and, as for principles, you declare that there are no such things in political economy.

  154. It does appear to me, if there is anything which can have a practical authority, when the object is to prove profit and loss, that this must be commercial accounts.

  155. While Jamestown was deserted by both belligerent parties, and its frightened inhabitants were waiting in feverish anxiety the next event in the great drama, there suddenly appeared in the harbor the wonderful vessel Despair.

  156. There are few crafts afloat even at this day that equal it in elegance.

  157. There was an old man and woman with some young people of his own age.

  158. It seemed useless to go armed, when there was not a whisper of danger; but scarcely had the worship begun, when a terrible warwhoop broke the stillness.

  159. Outside of the little garrison, there were not over two hundred men capable of bearing arms, and it was the utmost folly to resist.

  160. There was a small boat hanging by the davits, which had sustained no other injury than two holes in its side.

  161. There he saw a sight calculated to startle him.

  162. There he built a house for himself near the bank of the little creek, and there he organized a civil government.

  163. The man was sparing of his words; but when he did speak there was something terrible in his voice; it was deep and heavy like the roar of a cannon.

  164. The grass grew short and in places there was none at all.

  165. There was no shelter near enough for them to reach it, and it was too dark to travel.

  166. But there was another ground for the anxiety with which Cromwell watched the proceedings of the Commons.

  167. Danby himself, conscious of the truth that there really were designs which Charles dared not avow, was shaken in his rejection of the disclosures and inclined to use them as weapons to check the king in his Catholic policy.

  168. Among the Baptists and Independents there was vague talk of an appeal to arms.

  169. There were risings in Devon, Dorset, and the Welsh Marches, but they were quickly put down, and their leaders brought to the scaffold.

  170. Whenever there was any strong opposition he gave way.

  171. There was a general dread that a plot was on foot for the establishment of Catholicism and despotism, and that the war and the Indulgence were parts of the plot.

  172. A fresh success at Ross brought him to Waterford; but the city held stubbornly out, disease thinned his army, where there was scarce an officer who had not been sick, and the general himself was arrested by illness.

  173. In such a war there was no formal breach of the Triple Alliance, for the Triple Alliance only guarded against an attack on the dominions of Spain, and Ashley and his colleagues were lured into assent to it in 1671 by the promise of toleration.

  174. The beginnings of physical science were more slow and timid there than in any country of Europe.

  175. But such of them as are contiguous to cities are places of interest to more or less of the neighboring population; and, in some of them, there are commemorative services upon Memorial Days.

  176. Where they were placed, there they remain; "and there they will remain forever.

  177. The Indian history of this region is brief, but what there is of it is interesting to us on account of King Philip's connection with it.

  178. And there they sleep the sleep of the brave, with the sullen waves to sing their perpetual requiem.

  179. Besides Wachusett Lake there is another called Quinnepoxet, which lies in the southwestern part of the township, a small portion of it being in Holden.

  180. In Princeton there are four grist mills, five saw mills, and one fulling mill and clothiers' works," says Whitney in 1793.

  181. If you are disposed for a walk, there are any number of delightful woodpaths leading to famous bits of beach where you may sit and dream the livelong day without fear of interruption or notice.

  182. One finds himself at home in this new Western city, and there are a thousand ways in which to amuse yourself.

  183. Of the twenty-five thousand people in yonder city I don't suppose there are a dozen who know what his plans were.

  184. In the valley of the Mississippi alone there is abundant room for a population of a hundred million.

  185. Among the many issues of base coin which from time to time were made in Ireland, there was none to be compared in worthlessness to that made by James II.

  186. Stray discoveries are now and then made in the charter-rooms of royal burghs, as sometime ago there was found in the Town-house of Aberdeen a charter and several confirmations by King Robert Bruce.

  187. Is there any record existing of a want of money for the maintenance of the clergy, or for other pious uses, in any part of the world before the establishment of the Christian religion under Constantine?

  188. There is no fixed service, no presiding priest, no congregation.

  189. Eusebius himself composed a celebrated harmony, of which, as of some others in the sixteenth and two following centuries, there is a short account in Michaelis's Introduction to the New Test.

  190. Is there any more to be found in favour of "green eyes?

  191. In Hertford Street, May Fair, there is fixed in the wall of a house (No.

  192. At the time when the literati were engaged in investigating the authenticity of Ossian's Poems (to go no farther back), it was stated that there was in the library of the Scotch College at Douay a Gaelic MS.

  193. Query, Is this the proper mode of interpretation, or is there a misprint?

  194. With the exception of the rose beneath this, there is no identification here of Patrick Carey with the Falkland family.

  195. There is a ruin of a chapel in the hamlet of Westhumble, in Mickleham, Surrey.

  196. A waste of cloudy and perpetual night-- And yet there seemed a teeming presence there Of life that gathered onward in thick flight, Unseen, but multitudinous.

  197. Yesternight They moved us to the amphitheatre, Our final lodging-place on earth, and there We sat together at our agapé For the last time.

  198. There dwell the lords of knowledge and of thought increasing, And they whom insight and the gleams of song uplift; And thence as by a hundred conduits flows unceasing The spring of power and beauty, an eternal gift.

  199. And every mode and saying of that land gave token Of limits where no death or evil fortune fell, And men lived out long lives in proud content unbroken, For there no man was rich, none poor, but all were well.

  200. There were no castes of rich or poor, of slave or master, Where all were brothers, and the curse of gold was dead, But all that wise fair race to kindlier ends and vaster Moved on together with the same majestic tread.

  201. And I wander there at even, Sometimes when my heart is clear, When a wider round of heaven And a vaster world are near, When from many a shadow steeple Sounds of dreamy bells begin, And I love the gentle people That my spirit finds therein.

  202. Even though there be a total deprivation of what may strictly be called food, some of the cases already cited show that if water be taken life is preserved for a much longer period than would otherwise be the case.

  203. In the lower limbs, especially the left, there was a tremor like a nervous trembling which was soon quieted.

  204. It was apparently shown that there was no such interference, for the blood began to flow at the usual time on Friday.

  205. The parents were urged by others to give up the fight by sending the nurses away, but they refused on the ground that want of food had nothing to do with the symptoms, and that she would not eat whether the nurses were there or not.

  206. The opening was entirely covered over by the scalp, and he was surprised to find that there was no cicatrix.

  207. There was neither rigidity nor extreme precipitation; nothing in fact, calculated to produce injuries.

  208. The mother then assured me no imposition would be discovered in that house, because there was none.

  209. There was nothing then remarkable about her dress.

  210. The engine may be perfect, the water may be in the boiler, but unless there be force in the form of heat there will be no steam; and there will be no heat unless there be fuel in a state of combustion.

  211. There was no longer any doubt in anybody's mind that Jims was getting positively pretty.

  212. Rilla-my-Rilla, there were girls as sweet and pure as you in Belgium and Flanders.

  213. But the torture of Jem's disappearance was another thing: there was a poison in it that kept it from healing.

  214. One of his own deacons has always insisted that Mr. Arnold's theology was not sound and I am beginning to believe that there is some reason to fear it.

  215. There was Dog Monday, waiting for the train, just as patient as usual.

  216. They stood there for a moment, Ken on the lower step.

  217. You feel things before they really come--feel them all alone when there isn't anything to help you bear them--to take away from them.

  218. They hadn't learned yet how the mistake had happened but supposed there must have been another Robert Grant.

  219. And I hope she doesn't know that I nearly drowned you that first morning when Susan wasn't there and I let you slip right out of my hands into the water.

  220. I can't tell him about Ken--because, after all, what is there to tell?

  221. There were gardens over here--beautiful gardens with the beauty of centuries--and what are they now?

  222. There are times when I wish I had never been born.

  223. She caught at it vainly--but there were enough left.

  224. Ash Wednesday next ensuing; and there follows a statement of the terms upon which the tenant may acquire any or all of them.

  225. At that cost they reached Calais, and within three days were at Bruges, where again there was a long halt.

  226. But there is a local reason for dwelling on this custom.

  227. Among these books there was of course some scholastic theology and canon law, but there was also the Latin version of the Book of Messer Marco Polo, as if to signify that the latest modern literature was by no means excluded.

  228. This time there is no record of his payments, nor should we be aware of his journey if it were not for two documents.

  229. There is less doubt about the position of the chambers, which are often mentioned in connexion with the Infirmary, and which were probably attached to Little Cloisters, then recently rebuilt by Abbot Litlington.

  230. Footnote 90: There is another means of verifying the Abbot's absence daring this year.

  231. And you sit there as serene as a brazen statue, and own it without a quaver," she reproached him.

  232. There is my wife, Signorino," suggested Gigi.

  233. There should be a fellow-feeling between you and me.

  234. There are never plenty of good Catholics," said sire.

  235. Yes--perhaps there is," she admitted thoughtfully.

  236. But there were other things to be taken into account," he said.

  237. Are you familiar with--is there a door over in that area?

  238. And there was Captain Solomon up there, and Captain Arnett, and several other reserve officers, that we kind of set up a command post, is actually what it was.

  239. Did you talk to anybody while you were up there or before you got up there concerning how Ruby got into the basement?

  240. There were three of us in there that morning.

  241. And you did so, I suppose, because you knew of the possibility that was being talked about that Ruby had passed by you and you thought that he was there and he might know?

  242. I think Captain King was there just a very short time.

  243. Well, like I said, I think there was somebody the other side of him, but I am not going to be certain about it.

  244. No; I saw the reruns of it when he ran in there and shot him, but I wasn't visible in that.

  245. In fact, there was nothing--there was nothing said about who was to be down there and who wasn't.

  246. If Jack had been in that--were you moving around such after Rio Pierce's car moved that, if Jack had been down there in the basement area, you would have seen him?

  247. You say there was nobody to your left except a man with a movie camera?

  248. Do you remember telling anybody out there about seeing a man coming down the ramp?

  249. I went into the assembly room, and there were a few men in there.

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