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  1. Now in the hamlet below there lived a boy who had become known to the hermit on this manner.

  2. One year many of these crab-apples were stolen, and the sick folk of the hamlet had very little conserve.

  3. The noon had long been passed before They gained the height of Lammermoor; Thence winding down the northern way, Before them, at the close of day, Old Gifford's towers and hamlet lay.

  4. How old, then, was Hamlet when Yorick died?

  5. Every fool can tell that; it was the very day that young Hamlet was born; he that is mad and sent to England.

  6. Of all the days of the year, I came to 't that day that our last King Hamlet o'ercame Fortenbras.

  7. Him may you mark in every vale Moving beneath his fleecy trail, And tell whene'er the motions die Where every town and hamlet lie.

  8. But the hamlet and church close by on her left hand were hidden by the wood, though sounds issuing from it could be heard occasionally--shouts and bursts of laughter, and at times the music of a stringed instrument and a voice singing.

  9. The hamlet hung on the steep slope of the sierra, whose snow-clad heights and jagged peaks, towering away into cloud-land, gave us a fair forecast of the labours in store.

  10. His thoughts would carry him a thousand times a day to the hamlet which nestled far below.

  11. On two occasions in the Castiles has our advent to some hamlet of the sierra been hailed with joy as that of a strolling company of acrobats!

  12. The dichos were postponed, and the hamlet slept with a heavy load of doubt and fear oppressing its mind.

  13. The night of April 10th we spent at Rocio, a squalid hamlet clustered around the chapel of Nuestra Senora del Rocio, an ancient shrine visited yearly at the vernal festival by faithful pilgrims.

  14. Capileira is the highest hamlet in the sierra, and is celebrated for its hams, which are cured in the snow.

  15. Thickly, too, fell the snow; before dawn the whole landscape lay enveloped in the white mantle, and the bye-ways of the hamlet were choked to the lintels.

  16. We were told that a trio of brunettes had travelled the long four leagues from the hamlet of Rocio to our lonely quarters to join the festive scene, but felt too much flattered by the compliment to inquire if such was really the case.

  17. How broken the area is may be noted in the case of Pelsall, which is cut off from the mother parish by Bloxwich, a hamlet in Walsall parish.

  18. The place grew up as a hamlet on the banks of a little stream, just on the verge of Cannock Forest.

  19. The statement proceeded:--"Every Hamlet and Village in the Ecclesiastical Parish of Wolverhampton has a Constable and all other parochial officers, and maintains its own poor as it were a separate parish.

  20. Scotlands were "the corner-lands," this hamlet being at the corner of a triangular piece of land, bounded on all sides by ancient roads.

  21. But the history of the place is naturally involved in that of the city of Coventry, as the hamlet never had any separate and independent existence like that of our Staffordshire township.

  22. It is a hamlet in the parish of Holy Trinity, Coventry, and its name was anciently spelt Wylnhale.

  23. Disgusted with the cowardice of the hamlet of Trois-Feuilles, I passed on without noticing the man's sneer.

  24. Presently from the hamlet of Alincourt over the stream came the dull roll of the drum again and the faint, clear voice: "Attention!

  25. It was once one of those fortified farms in the times when every hamlet was a petty kingdom--like the King of Yvet├┤t's domain.

  26. La Trappe is about four kilometres from Morsbronn, near the hamlet of Trois-Feuilles.

  27. This working model was a superior community which was established at the Breton home of the Countess de Vassart, a large stone house in the hamlet of Paradise, in Morbihan.

  28. In every town and hamlet men watched and waited with a tension which cannot be described.

  29. Lihoa sent his companions to the hamlet with the command, that those who wished to go on the trip to the Goldland were to get ready immediately, and he betook himself straight to the College of the Holy Saviour.

  30. Full of joy they went back to their little hamlet where they told of their experiences and soon converted many of their people to the Christian faith.

  31. Still greater than the rejoicing in the little hamlet was that at the College of the Holy Saviour when the shipwrecked boys put in their appearance.

  32. But, in reality, nine was not at all a poor congregation for a tiny hamlet like this on a Sunday morning.

  33. A nearer view showed the cottage to be the fag-end of a small hamlet lying snugly in the protecting hollow of the hills.

  34. Othello is now in preparation; and Hamlet and Macbeth are stock pieces.

  35. Freeman, Medical Officer of Health of the Hamlet of Mile-end Old Town, stated that his attention was called to the state of the meat by the sanitary inspector.

  36. But each little settlement had its wooden church, and each church its steeple--a steeple crude and pathetic in its expression of effort on the part of a poor little hamlet to embellish, more than any other house, the house of God.

  37. Nepesta is only a hamlet and station, but serves to mark a well-known crossing of the Arkansaw.

  38. One of these bears off more to the left, and strikes the creek at the hamlet of Cieneguilla, whence you follow the creek in the canyon to La Bajada; but the straighter road keeps on S.

  39. On breaking camp this morning, Pike passed on his right the bluffs from which the hamlet of Osage Bluff takes its name; this is about a mile north of the river.

  40. Present Jimmy Camp is a hamlet about Corral Bluffs, 9 m.

  41. About thirty or forty stades above the mouth of the canal is a table-land, on which lies a hamlet and a palace made up of as many palaces as there are districts in Egypt.

  42. Shylock and Hamlet of middle time, Lear in ripe age, The Tempest, near his death.

  43. At length, fearing to lose his target by longer delay, for the first train was now abreast of the tiny hamlet of Beaumetz, and nearing the junction and the bridge-head at Velu, he threw out the signal for the attack.

  44. It will be absolutely necessary for you to know every road, hamlet and village marked on that map, before you go over.

  45. Edward Meyrick would come whirling in and out of the hamlet once a day.

  46. Twice this last fortnight had she been forced to give up a night-school she held in a little lonely hamlet among the fells, because even she had been too tired to walk there and back after a day of physical exertion.

  47. Word had already fled like wildfire through the hamlet that the Squire was there.

  48. One day, about three weeks from the beginning of the outbreak, when the state of things in the hamlet was beginning decidedly to mend, Meyrick arrived for his morning round, much preoccupied.

  49. Presently they reached the hamlet of High Close, and the house where Mary Backhouse died, and where her father and the poor bed-ridden Jim still lived.

  50. Of all the madwomen who have sung and said, since the days of Hamlet the Dane, if Ophelia be the most affecting, Madge Wildfire was the most provoking.

  51. There is no hamlet so small as not to be touched by their ramifications.

  52. This was productive of systematic work, and when the Legislature the following winter submitted an amendment, workers in every city, town, hamlet and school district were ready for the campaign.

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