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Example sentences for "hamburgers"

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  1. The notion that they were Hamburgers died still-born.

  2. Last year it had seemed even worth the added discomfort of the swarming Hamburgers to be again in this wholesome, sweet-aired primitive place.

  3. In those days the Hamburgers saw, with astonishment, houses fitted up and furnished in the style of mansions, with costly upholstery and cabinet-work.

  4. The young Hamburgers went then to the seaports of the German and Atlantic Ocean, and of the Mediterranean, as they now do to America, and founded there commercial houses on their own account.

  5. The Hamburgers possessed not only a merchant fleet, but also a small navy.

  6. It was not devotion to the German empire, but an attachment to the customs of their daily life and family ties, which made the Hamburgers then, as now, rarely consider a foreign country as their fixed home.

  7. On the grill, the hamburgers were beginning to burn at the edges.

  8. Also, he has good hamburgers and coffee," Salt added.

  9. Such bad luck I have this summer," sighed Mark, expertly turning the hamburgers and salting them.

  10. Mark, a stout, grizzled man in slightly soiled apron, was frying bacon and hamburgers at the grill as he shouted orders to a helper in the kitchen.

  11. Two hamburgers coming right up," chuckled Mark, flattening twin hunks of ground meat on the grill.

  12. Mark's jaw had dropped and for a moment he forgot the hamburgers sizzling on the grill.

  13. It was in this war that the Hamburgers attained the honour of conquering the Victual Brothers, dispersing their crew and releasing their captives.

  14. As we have said, the step was inevitable sooner or later, and the Hamburgers knew it.

  15. The timid Hamburgers glanced at all this military display with some terror, feeling assured that such a proud bearing meant that the town that sent forth these men would not easily yield its claims.

  16. After Stortebeker's death the Hamburgers searched his ships for the hidden treasures.

  17. I had five hamburgers and five cups of coffee.

  18. I left the money on the counter for the hamburgers and coffee and the beer.

  19. C Cheeseburgers Pat out some small seasoned hamburgers exceedingly thin and, using them instead of slices of bread, sandwich in a nice slice of American Cheddar well covered with mustard.

  20. Crimp edges of the hamburgers all around to hold in the cheese when it melts and begins to run.

  21. Jim and Jan Perdue had chicken hamburgers and beef hamburgers grilling side by side, and Frank beamed like a kid with a new toy when he saw how the chicken burgers stayed plump and didn't shrink.

  22. I put the paper container of warm coffee and the greasy bag of hamburgers on the wooden chair, hoping the odor wouldn't bring any hungry rats out of the walls.

  23. Several other hamburgers followed the first.

  24. In nothing, perhaps, are the Hamburgers more to be envied, in a gastronomic view, than in their vegetables.

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