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Example sentences for "those days"

  • Books were much more precious than swords and silver-gilt bowls and second-best beds in those days, and when a departing person owned one he gave it a high place in his will.

  • Yes, there were great missionaries in those days, for the methods were sure and the rewards great.

  • The first walk he took was into France and Germany, missionarying--for missionarying was a better thing in those days than it is in ours.

  • Thus I was not only a genuinely keen student, but also a little of a prig and poseur in those days--and the latter kept the former at it, as London made clear.

  • I remember him now as talking, always talking, in those days.

  • We covered our hides in those days; no tight skirts like now.

  • The machine was not patented, and like many inventions in those days, it was kept as much a secret as possible, being locked up in a small room by itself, to which the ordinary workmen could not obtain access.

  • Two estates on Bellevue Avenue are now without the hostesses who, in those days, showed the world what great ladies America could produce.

  • It seems on looking back as if we must have been more fond of seeing each other in those days than we are now.

  • One remembers with a shudder the military manÅ“uvres that attended hotel meals in those days, the marching and countermarching, your dinner cooling while the head waiter reviewed his men.

  • They hanged at Tyburn, in those days, so the street outside Newgate had not obtained one infamous notoriety that has since attached to it.

  • She curtseyed to him (young ladies made curtseys in those days), with a pretty desire to convey to him that she felt how much older and wiser he was than she.

  • In those days, travellers were very shy of being confidential on a short notice, for anybody on the road might be a robber or in league with robbers.

  • Albert Edward's conduct was a popular subject of discussion among railroad men in those days, and as Ray pulled the tacks out of this lithograph he felt more indignant with the English than ever.

  • Ready-made clothes for girls were not to be had in those days.

  • Ray and Johnny began to talk about the Grand Canyon and Death Valley, two places much shrouded in mystery in those days, and Thea listened intently.

  • And we know what was the result of words in those days.

  • In those days, it was not enough for a novel to consist of several volumes.

  • But, as she used to say to her granddaughter, "no one was ever old in those days.

  • Colonels were very much in vogue in those days, and the fact that he had attained that rank proves that he was much older than she was.

  • I don't think there were many copies of Faraday's works sold in those days.

  • He was quite thin in those days, and his nose was very prominent, giving a Napoleonic look to his face, although the curious resemblance did not strike me at the time.

  • I was in a much better position than most operators to call on my imagination to supply missing words or sentences, which were frequent in those days of old, rotten wires, badly insulated, especially on stormy nights.

  • Evidently they did not 'assume a virtue' in those days, 'if they had it not.

  • There is a great difference, however, between the present race and that of fifty or sixty years ago; for in those days four-mile heats were the fashion.

  • I didn't allow myself to see things as they were in those days; now I do.

  • And in those days, too, he used to help her mother with her gardening, and hover about her while she stood on the ladder and hammered creepers to the scullery wall.

  • But, dear me, there were no lamps in those days, and it was a dark night.

  • It transmits itself like physical form and feature; and for a man, in those days, to have had an idea that his ancestors hadn't had, would have brought him under suspicion of being illegitimate.

  • In those days of highwaymen and scourers.

  • In those days he had affected zeal for monarchy.

  • Shortly after the flight had been accomplished, it was announced that the Bleriot firm would construct similar machines for sale at L400 apiece--a good commentary on the prices of those days.

  • Dolly nodded and smiled, and feeling in her pockets (there were pockets in those days) with an affectation of not being able to find what she wanted, which greatly enhanced her importance, at length produced the letter.

  • Mr Dennis's allusions to the flourishing condition of his trade in those days, have their foundation in Truth, and not in the Author's fancy.

  • The journey was a very different one, in those days, from what the present generation find it; but it came to an end, as the longest journey will, and he stood again in the streets of the metropolis.

  • It was indispensable to most public conveniences in those days, that they should be public nuisances likewise; and Fleet Market maintained the principle to admiration.

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