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  1. Within a generation one hundred and forty thousand copies of the work were sold in the United Kingdom alone.

  2. The largest edition published was in 1811, of five thousand copies octavo; but even this did not circulate largely among the people.

  3. For the first edition of seven hundred and fifty copies quarto, Scott received £169 6 s.

  4. It was a great success; nearly fifty thousand copies were sold in Great Britain alone by 1830.

  5. With it were found corrected copies of the foreign despatches written by Milton while he filled the office of secretary, and several papers relating to the Popish Trials and the Rye-house Plot.

  6. The first edition of two thousand copies disappeared at once, and was followed the same year by four octavo editions.

  7. The sale of "Marmion" ultimately reached fifty thousand copies in Great Britain.

  8. Sydenham published several medical works, copies of which are now extant, but his pretensions to skill availed him but little in time of need.

  9. The suggestions, copies of which would be found on the chairs, had been drawn up by the London Group, and submitted to the rest as a basis for a provisional organisation until next May.

  10. Maybe, copies sent abroad have been more crushed than inland ones.

  11. Unfortunately, we cannot use large envelopes on account of the weight; but always, when two copies have been ordered, they are sent in tube form.

  12. Besides, he offered 5000 ducats for the purchase of extant copies of the Protestant "Radziwill Bible," published by his father, intending to have them destroyed.

  13. There are two copies in the Archivo, one of which is incorrectly endorsed "1569.

  14. Several copies of this are made, two of which are sent to the author of the book.

  15. On the day that it appears half a dozen copies are sent to the author with compliments of the publisher.

  16. If the author wishes any more copies of his book to present to his admiring friends, he must buy them and pay for them like any one else.

  17. The disposal in this manner of 1000 copies of a book not only pays the cost of its publication, but generally yields a small profit to the publisher.

  18. I caught one of our clerks trying to make copies of voice-tapes.

  19. They also received teleprint copies of the Storisende papers.

  20. We were engaged in making copies of important documents for Mr. Wynn.

  21. Earlier copies have-- The antidote of death.

  22. Free copies of it went to the Cooperstown, N.

  23. One who counterfeits; one who copies or imitates; especially, one who copies or forges bank notes or coin; a forger.

  24. Copies are transferred with an inked roller.

  25. A contrivance for producing manifold copies of a writing or drawing.

  26. An apparatus by which a number of copies of written matter, maps, plans, etc.

  27. A contrivance for producing manifold copies of writing or drawing.

  28. Footnote 82: Copies of the letters written by Mr. Lionel Phillips were seized after the rising and published by the Boer Government.

  29. Originally it was part of the museum and contained only copies of rare books.

  30. The interior furnishings are copies of those used by "Teddy," although the cook stove is thought to be the original.

  31. Hundreds of letters and cards were carried on this flight for collectors who desired copies of the special commemorative cancellation stamp.

  32. Frances Densmore has placed hundreds of their songs in notation, copies of which are published in the bulletins of the Smithsonian Institution.

  33. Chardin, one of the two copies from which the edition in Italian was printed, is now the property of Mr. Edwards of Pall Mall.

  34. A list of the copies made from this celebrated picture has, together with its history, been given in a former page.

  35. Copies of both this and the former may be seen at Milan[i208].

  36. He copies life with so much fidelity, that he can be hardly said to invent; yet his exhibitions have an air so much original, that it is difficult to suppose them not merely the product of imagination.

  37. It will afford that pleasure which arises from the observation of a man of judgment naturally right, forsaking bad copies by degrees, and advancing towards a better practice, as he gains more confidence in himself.

  38. Certainly, he who in two years sells thirteen hundred copies of a volume in quarto, bought for two payments of five pounds each, has no reason to repent his purchase.

  39. These copies, as they gathered faults, were apparently manuscript; and he lived in an age very unlike ours, if many hundred copies of fourteen hundred lines were likely to be transcribed.

  40. The sale of thirteen hundred copies in two years, in opposition to so much recent enmity, and to a style of versification new to all, and disgusting to many, was an uncommon example of the prevalence of genius.

  41. Of this volume only three perfect copies are known to exist.

  42. A number of these songs have probably been lost; he had no thirst for fame, and took no pains to circulate them, but they found their way to the public in written copies and cheap prints, and his name was soon known throughout the country.

  43. An edition of 3000 copies of the Missionary Herald is republished in Cincinnati, for circulation in the West.

  44. In each edition, whoever might have been the publisher, the number of copies issued had generally not exceeded two hundred, and that the number was so small shows at the same time the narrowness of the reading circle of that age.

  45. If this be true, the record which was burnt must have been one of several copies of the incomplete chronicle, which, as Euclid would say, is absurd!

  46. Though her appeal was not read, hundreds of copies were circulated among the members in the hope of stirring thought on the subject in the South.

  47. The State and local societies were represented, officers and members being there to receive all who were in sympathy, to talk suffrage to opposers, to pass out good leaflets, and to exhibit copies of the Woman Suffrage History.

  48. For some time it gave one column in each Sunday issue to the control of the State Central Suffrage Committee, and printed two hundred copies of the column for special distribution among the country papers.

  49. Preëminent among these was that of the noble Thomas Garrett, whose good words of encouragement for woman's enfranchisement may be found in the bound copies of The Revolution as far back as 1868.

  50. Copies of the petition, and information furnished upon addressing either of above named officers.

  51. He produced copies from the record office of several indentures returning members to parliament, the signatures of which were in the hand-writing of women, or to which women were parties.

  52. Ten thousand copies were printed for free distribution, and a handsomely decorated department granted the society in the exposition for their work.

  53. The above preamble and resolution appeared in the woman's column of the Lincoln Beacon the following week, and 250 copies were printed in the form of hand-bills and distributed to the twenty-three post-offices in Lincoln county.

  54. Copies of two of the early appeals have been secured.

  55. The power and fascination of the tale itself made its merits known to the public without the kindly fingerposts of professional criticism, and early in December the rush for copies began.

  56. Part; a few copies on India Paper at 1s.

  57. A vast number of copies has been sold at a cheap rate, and given away by persons who ought to have known that it was a mere fiction.

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