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Example sentences for "copier"

Lexicographically close words:
copia; copiam; copias; copie; copied; copiers; copies; copiis; coping; copings
  1. The mechanism of the roller copier is shown in Fig.

  2. Working from the clothes-wringer idea as a basis, the inventor of the roller copier set about to remedy the defects of the copying press.

  3. Mr. Furnivall believes that the copier of the MS.

  4. Item, to the copier of Mckeinzies Criminalls, a mark.

  5. Item, to the copier of Mckeinzies Criminalls, 2 mark.

  6. And the next morning, as is aforesaid, she died.

  7. Whereunto she answered, “I pray you trouble me no more, I’ll have none but him.

  8. The Christian is a copier of Christ’s example.

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