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appealable; appeale; appealed; appealing; appealingly; appear; appearance; appearances; appeard; appeare
  1. It is rather the soul than the hand, the man than the technique, which appeals to us,--the more human the call the deeper is our response.

  2. The former is art in its proper setting and appeals to us on account of its true intimacy with life.

  3. It is a notice put up for the protection of a certain wonderful plum-tree, and appeals to us with the grim humour of a warlike age.

  4. Carlyle frequently appeals in his condemnatory verdict on sublunary things.

  5. Judicial Committee is a court of law, whose principal function is the hearing of appeals from ecclesiastical courts and from Indian and colonial courts.

  6. Appeals from the Stannary Courts may be made now to the higher courts of England.

  7. Their literature has neither the breadth nor the flow of that of Greece or Rome, but it is instinct with a passion which often holds of the very depths of being, and appeals to the ends of the earth.

  8. Then came the tears--scalding tears; appeals for mercy and abject promises of peace.

  9. And in spite of my almost frenzied appeals to restrain him, he lanched upon him.

  10. Another exhibit there that appeals strong to the feelin' heart wuz Kate Marsdon's Siberian leper village.

  11. Then how loath they wuz to even listen to Columbuses pathetic appeals and prayers!

  12. And I would not send out to 'em the Bible and whiskey packed in one wagon, appeals to Christian living and the sure means to overthrow it.

  13. Cobb, Howell Cobb, and others seized the advantage that events gave them, and, in a whirlwind of passion, swept aside all the arguments and appeals of the more conservative men.

  14. But the Union flag floating in Pickens County irritated the rest of the State; and hundreds of appeals were made to Governor Brown to send troops to Jasper, and have the flag taken down by force.

  15. There were two reasons why the fiery appeals of Genet to the people of Carolina to take up arms against Spain were received enthusiastically.

  16. To these appeals he made but one response, and then turned a deaf ear to all criticism.

  17. The women and children assembled, and begged Elijah Clarke to take them out of the country; and in response to the appeals of these defenseless ones, he undertook the movement that culminated in the glorious victory of Kings Mountain.

  18. M^r King remarked as to the comparative expence, that the establishment of inferior tribunals w^d cost infinitely less than the appeals that would be prevented by them.

  19. There's a Napoleonic touch about the business that appeals to one.

  20. The Ripton bowler was as conscientious in the matter of appeals as a good bowler should be.

  21. The name of Sigismund was heard, too, in one of those wild appeals that the frantic suffer to escape them, in their despair.

  22. Of all the distractions induced by poverty and wealth it is one that appeals to me now as the most significant.

  23. It did not help to make them clearer that her wistful, unuttered appeals to me to solve the mystery surrounding my personality passed by without result.

  24. In spite of his tragic appeals to Ruin not to overtake him, he seized my hand and kissed it.

  25. It was also a day when I had made two gentlemanly appeals for employment, losing one because I couldn't write shorthand, and the other because the man in need of a secretary didn't want a high-brow.

  26. It appeals to those who call themselves Whigs by all the professions of their party here in times past.

  27. Appeals of a different character were now addressed to the country at large, and these were efficiently aided by Colonel Humphreys, the friend and companion of Washington, who was at the time our minister in Portugal.

  28. It appeals to the young by the best instincts of their nature.

  29. Its earnest appeals were calculated to touch the soul, and to make the very name of slavery and slave-dealer detestable.

  30. It may justly strengthen those of maturer age who are not moved by the simple appeals of duty, unless the smiles of mankind attend them.

  31. While thus encouraging you in behalf of Universal Peace, the odious din of War, mingled with pathetic appeals for Freedom, reaches us from struggling Italy, from convulsed Germany, from aroused and triumphant Hungary.

  32. It appeals to good men in the name of virtue and religion.

  33. It appeals to those who call themselves Democrats by all those principles which give life, dignity, and truth to the Democratic character.

  34. Neither the general body of the believers, nor any Local Assembly, nor even the delegates to the annual Convention, should be regarded as having any authority to entertain appeals against the decision of the National Assembly.

  35. If the order was not obeyed, the Commission was to apply for assistance to the circuit court of appeals in the district where the offense was alleged to have been committed.

  36. He always remained with the Republican party, preferring to attempt change from within; and he always opposed the interests and found his strength in direct appeals to the people of his state.

  37. A Commerce Court was also provided, so as to expedite the decision of appeals from orders of the Commission.

  38. Italy and Greece are free, the lofty appeals to classic heroism are out of date, and such fiery high-swelling trumpet notes as 'Yet, Freedom!

  39. If the Utilitarian appeals to facts, common sense, and experience, so also does the Conservative; and until public opinion is decidedly for progress the dead weight prevails.

  40. Its story appeals to them, its peoples and its myriad wonders and beauties.

  41. There is no other quality that appeals to the high caste Oriental as inscrutability and imperturbability do—qualities of soul and of breeding that echo his own, and to which his own answer.

  42. More than any other of the young men seated with him on the benches of the school of rhetoric, Augustin hearkened to the dumb appeals which came from the ancient ruins and new palaces of Carthage.

  43. Augustin was obliged to hold out the hand, to deliver from the height of his pulpit pathetic appeals for charity.

  44. Had she been there all the time listening to all his appeals and taking no notice?

  45. It was not, indeed, until she had been a week at the Hall that, being disturbed by the appeals of Lucy as to whether she did not think baby was looking better than when she came, she burst forth at last.

  46. But the pitiful looks of those baby eyes, now bright with fever, now dull as dead violets, the little inarticulate murmurings, the appeals that could not be comprehended, added such a misery as was almost too much for flesh and blood to bear.

  47. The second deals with appeals from interpretations of the Fundamental Law of the Constitution.

  48. It is that under the chief of the two heads under which such appeals to the Judicial Committee would fall the very intention to do impartial and indifferent justice could not presumed in advance.

  49. For all such appeals involve two classes of cases.

  50. I think," said Sir Robert Borden for Canada, "we have had just about enough Appeal Courts, and I think the tendency in our country will be to restrict appeals to the Privy Council rather than to increase them.

  51. The first deals with appeals from interpretation of the ordinary law.

  52. It is, on the contrary, a powerful means of diffusing doctrines to which it lends the colouring of imagination, and for which it appeals to the feelings.

  53. There is a certain lavishness about the coinage of the Continent that appeals to our curiosity.

  54. Now that the ministry was in power, the necessity for continuing these public appeals was felt to be all the stronger; and Harley's shrewdness in selecting Swift to take this important matter in hand shows his ability as a party leader.

  55. Throughout the length and breadth of the kingdom "The Examiner" was welcomed and its appeals responded to.

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