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appealed; appealing; appealingly; appeals; appear; appearances; appeard; appeare; appeared; appeares
  1. The list of names I here inclose to you consists of moderately priced articles, and will enable you to make a good appearance for your dessert, and at a trifling expense.

  2. For a sirloin of beef the under part of the loin should always be cut when hot, and the upper part cut straight from the backbone towards the outside of the ribs, by this plan you will not spoil the appearance of the joint.

  3. Fish fried in oil would have a much better appearance than when fried in fat, but probably would be objectionable to a weak stomach.

  4. Previous to visiting the Continent, I had quite a dislike to the unfortunate Pied de Mouton, whose blackish appearance in stall and basket seemed to be intended to satisfy the ravenous appetites of the gentlemen with the slouched hat.

  5. Be particular in tying the legs upon paper to the spit, as directed for the turkey, as it so improves their appearance when roasted.

  6. A great improvement to the appearance of hash may be effected by adding a few spoonfuls of brown gravy (No.

  7. Lady Georgiana Fullerton's first appearance as a novelist rendered her famous at once.

  8. The individual sporangia rise from a common hypothallus, and occasionally portions of this run up and give to a sporangium the appearance of being stipitate.

  9. These little structures have a fairly architectural appearance and may be called trabecules,--trabeculae, little beams.

  10. In general appearance the shorter forms of the species resemble slightly C.

  11. The stiff projecting hairs of the capillitium are hyphal in appearance and under the lens recall the phycomycetes; but the spores and withal the general structure seem to claim recognition here.

  12. But the appearance as a whole is as of some brown diderma; only the calcareous capillitium abides to prevent mistaken reference.

  13. The amaurochetes are remarkable in that they appear upon coniferous wood, logs or lumber, to all appearance undecayed.

  14. But the whole habit and external appearance are different; the stipe notably long, clumsy, surcharged with lime; a very singular form.

  15. The author compares the color and external appearance to that of P.

  16. The spores of this species resemble closely those of the preceding, but the sporangium is at sight different in appearance and proportions and the capillitium not the same at all.

  17. This species most nearly resembles in appearance and habit of growth P.

  18. They ran up to me, and at once called off the dogs, who were specially struck by the appearance of my Dianka.

  19. In spite of the tow, the water soon made its appearance under our feet.

  20. For instance, from his account I learnt that every year before mowing-time a small, peculiar-looking cart makes its appearance in the villages.

  21. His appearance was sudden, unexpected, and electrical.

  22. Beside him a man was seated, whose dress was shabby and general appearance disgusting.

  23. Before Mark Antony had done speaking, the partida rode up, pointed to the dark appearance of the sky, and intimated that we had three leagues to ride before we should reach our intended quarters.

  24. The first was genteelly dressed, and his general appearance was superior to that of his companions.

  25. She bears the appearance of a faithful servant, who has retired with every comfort.

  26. From his appearance you would guess him to be fifteen, but his face told you that he was at least five years older; and on every line and feature of that sinister countenance cunning and knavery were imprinted.

  27. His whole appearance was that of a man recently engaged in some sanguinary affray.

  28. Her sailing properties were admirable; and her whole appearance told that she was neither adapted for, nor employed in peaceful commerce.

  29. I never was more surprised than at the general appearance of my lord's "great chamber.

  30. The fosterer and I lost no time in making a hasty toilet--and in five minutes our outer men had assumed as ruffianly an appearance as that of any contrabandista in Biscay.

  31. He had quite changed his appearance by removing the spectacles, for the owlish touch was gone and he seemed at a stroke ten years younger.

  32. To be sure, his appearance was not improved by a three days' growth of beard.

  33. Daily experience teaches us how easily some people overstep the limits of normal fatigue, and in extreme cases even come to a nervous breakdown because nature did not protect them by the timely appearance of strong fatigue feelings.

  34. The interference effect is gradually overcome and both opposing associations become automatic, so that either of them can be called up independently without the appearance of the other.

  35. In mode of life and in appearance he was very unlike his predecessor, Brother Dámaso.

  36. Her appearance was kindly, but her tongue not very flexible to the Castilian.

  37. A man with the appearance of a peasant standing near him on the edge of the excavation and close beside the capstan watched all his movements.

  38. The court room had not the same appearance as the day of the discussion of the fête.

  39. While they were thus making an end of the long and tedious suit, the sudden appearance of a sergeant and four armed guards, bayonets fixed, broke rudely in upon the merry-makers.

  40. He knew that the money-lender was gratified by the frequent appearance of a brougham at the door.

  41. It was a perilous and wearisome journey, which, however, found relief by the appearance of lights in what seemed to be some kind of human habitation.

  42. So ably did he act that Stephen Kemble made proposals to negotiate a London engagement; but Kean deemed that further experience was necessary before he should attempt a metropolitan appearance in leading characters.

  43. These two facts, combined with the broken-down appearance of the gentleman spoken of, immediately presented themselves to Mr. Montague in a business light.

  44. I wrote, and fancied perfection in my compositions; when I wanted bread they promised me affluence and soothed me with dreams of reputation, whilst my appearance subjected me to contempt.

  45. Mother and daughter spent an anxious afternoon, and about four o'clock, at their lodgings, a lad made his appearance with a parcel, and not long afterwards the friendly housekeeper appeared too.

  46. Forlorn as is the appearance of the interior and exterior of the once beautiful chateau, it is not more forlorn and desolate than the heart of the young soldier, sole tenant of the silent and deserted chamber.

  47. In the delirium of her last appearance before us we can trace three distinct tones of thought working into one another as if in some weird harmony.

  48. There may be single cases, such as the appearance of Banquo to Macbeth, where, as no eye sees it but his own, the apparition may be resolved into an hallucination.

  49. As Queen Margaret's second appearance is to mark the fulfilment of a general retribution, so her first appearance denounced it beforehand in the form of curses.

  50. The new notion made its appearance early in the country which was the main stronghold of the opposite view.

  51. The judicial mind has an appearance of receptiveness, because it seeks to shut out prejudice: but what if the idea of judging be itself a prejudice?

  52. But there was something in Regan's personal appearance that belied her real character; her father says to her in this scene: [173.

  53. If we accept the principle of ascending levels of physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual functions, we should expect to find that sex makes its appearance in more than one form.

  54. She was obliged to repeat the story over again mentally to divest herself of the feeling that his appearance had in some way rendered the contention futile between the rights of Emberance and Katharine.

  55. Only to the office," replied he; and his appearance and manner might have attracted the attention of any skillful rogue.

  56. He mistook her anxious appearance for sorrow at what she had done.

  57. An appearance at least of good feeling was restored, and after breakfasting on their bread and cheese, they embarked again, on what promised to be a perilous voyage.

  58. He had put on his best clothes, and his appearance this time was very creditable.

  59. It was a cheerless home; and the faint light of the blazing board only served to increase the desolate appearance of the place.

  60. Harry was struck by the sad appearance of the girl, and the desponding words she uttered.

  61. Also Milka Ternina, an excellent artist, made her first appearance in Boston.

  62. Steyermark's Orchestra of twenty men visited America and made their first appearance in New York City.

  63. First American appearance of Rudolph Ganz, noted pianist, with the Kneisel Quartet, in Boston.

  64. But perhaps the most noteworthy event was the appearance of Maud Powell, an American woman, whose career placed her in the front rank of violinists, and has but recently ended with her death.

  65. First appearance of Nicolai Sokolov as conductor of the Cleveland (O.

  66. First appearance in America of the London (England) Symphony Orchestra, A.

  67. Toscanini made his first appearance as conductor.

  68. Josef Stransky made his appearance as conductor of the Philharmonic Society in New York City.

  69. First appearance in America of Josef Slivinski, Polish pianist, at a concert in Madison Square Hall, New York City.

  70. Louis Koemmenich made his first appearance as conductor of the Oratorio Society of New York City, at a performance of "Elijah," on the resignation of Frank Damrosch.

  71. First appearance in America (in concert) of Madame Parepa-Rosa, at Steinway Hall, New York City.

  72. Nevertheless it is as interesting to note the beginnings of music in this newly settled country as to watch the appearance of the baby's first tooth.

  73. Is it not quite absurd that a man can't even take a glass of wine without an appearance of infinite difficulty and pain?

  74. It has the appearance of being monastic, but a more ornate capital has been added, the plate on which bears the date of 1688.

  75. Chaucer announces the approach of evening by describing the position and appearance of the sun more often than any other time of the day.

  76. Chaucer is here contrasting the sun's appearance in summer and winter.

  77. But now, by the reference to Saturn, "the pale Saturnus the colde" suggesting the dimness of his appearance in the sky, we are reminded that these gods are also planets.

  78. It was peculiarly English in appearance with its window boxes, its discreet curtains, its polished brass and enamelled doorway.

  79. Miss Holland sat at her desk to all appearance reading over the letters she had typed that afternoon but her mind was very far from the correspondence before her.

  80. She was feeling more sure of herself and had suppressed the panic which his sudden appearance had produced in her.

  81. All further conversation was ended by the appearance of the same horrible apparition which had so terrified Pinto a short time before.

  82. The appearance of a small pond ahead put a stop to further adventure in linguistics, since Pinto had promised to catch some fish from the next water they met.

  83. In spite of its size and the threatening, horrible appearance of its uplifted spines, the coati made short work of it, worrying it like a dog, and finally breaking its spine.

  84. He was an expert woodsman, but sinister in character and appearance and with great influence over the worst element among the Indians.

  85. Partly for the sake of appearance before the servants, and partly because I was taking myself to task for the repugnance I felt towards my husband, I found something to say, though my voice shook.

  86. First came my cousins, who were too much troubled about their own bedraggled appearance to pay much attention to mine.

  87. Reaching the door of the drawing-room I saw my intended husband for the first time--there being nothing in his appearance to awaken in me the memory of ever having seen him before.

  88. There were compliments on the improvement in my appearance (Aunt Bridget declaring she could not have believed it, she really could not), and then Nessy undertook to take me to my room.

  89. The newsboys had made their appearance on the street, together with the day laborers.

  90. The room presented the appearance of a wreck.

  91. It woke to its work about seven o'clock, at the time when the newsboys made their appearance together with the day laborers.

  92. It was all dark; the windows had the blind, sightless appearance imparted by vacant, untenanted rooms.

  93. It was a devastation, a pillage; the table presented the appearance of an abandoned battlefield.

  94. Of Maria Macapa's past prior to the time of her appearance at the "flat" absolutely nothing could be learned.

  95. But what a difference it made in the appearance and weight of the little chamois bag!

  96. What the appearance of the earth to an inhabitant of the moon?

  97. What the appearance of the sun to the inhabitants of planets in other systems?

  98. Its blue appearance is supposed to arise from the particles of which the atmosphere is composed, possessing the property of reflecting the blue rays, in greatest abundance.

  99. What is believed to be the cause, of the red appearance of the sun, through a fog, or misty atmosphere?

  100. What must be the appearance of the earth to an inhabitant of one of the planets?

  101. But they may see our sun as we do theirs, in appearance a fixed star?

  102. An appearance in the atmosphere, occasioned by the decomposition of solar light, in its refraction, and reflection, in passing through drops of rain.

  103. We were, if you recollect, viewing the earth at a great distance, in appearance a little star, one side illumined by the sun, the other in obscurity.

  104. Her first impression was that she had died suddenly, and the idea was confirmed by the pale and lifeless look of the body, the face void of expression, and the whole appearance showing no sign of vitality.

  105. This longing in Mrs. Lister, in some way unknown to us, probably produced the appearance which startled my mother and led to her prompt appearance on the scene of the tragedy.

  106. Both the colonel of the regiment and one or two officers who saw the body confirmed the fact that the appearance was much according to my description, and the death-wound was exactly where I had seen it.

  107. Her impression and recollection of all the persons in the room at Oxford was most vivid, and she even described the appearance of the house on the opposite side of the street.

  108. Two years later he had a vision of the child--dead--and correctly described its appearance and surroundings, though the death occurred in a house unknown to him.

  109. As I looked out of the window in my dream, I saw a wood of dusky-foliaged trees having a somewhat segregated appearance in their heads--that is, their heads did not make that dense mass like our trees.

  110. I had no further interview with the old gentleman until a week later, when he was much calmer in his appearance and conversation, and at this interview he told me that his son died on Saturday, January 3rd, at about 2.

  111. I can declare that his first appearance to us was a reality as much as the second; We concluded, and so did all his relations, that it portended his death, but he is still alive, over eighty years of age.

  112. Backman described quite accurately the appearance of the house, its furniture, how the rooms were situated, where the suspected man lived, and gave a very correct account of Niklas Jonnasson's personal appearance.

  113. He was wearing a hat and overcoat, and there was nothing unusual about his appearance excepting that he did not seem very well.

  114. She adds in her written statement, 'The appearance in my room was most vivid and quite unmistakable.

  115. I have not liked the appearance of the fellow from the start," said Mr. Drayben.

  116. But his appearance of ridicule did not disguise the fact that he had been impressed by the story of the hunchback.

  117. There was something forbidding in the appearance of the island with the unpleasant name.

  118. A very natural mistake, considering that you have a face that is strongly Irish in its general appearance and you have associated with Barney Mulloy so much that you have acquired his brogue.

  119. They stared away toward those woods, as if watching for the appearance of their missing friend.

  120. Among those who had been watching for Merriwell's appearance was Wat Snell.

  121. The cloth on c is very closely woven and has the appearance of simple interlacing.

  122. Much variety of character and appearance was given to the fabric by varying the order of the strands in intersection.

  123. In appearance the cloth is much the same as that done in the twined style.

  124. The appearance was highly diversified by green, blue, yellow and black, presenting different shades of colour when reflected upon by the light in different positions.

  125. This man was buried last Sunday, and in size and personal appearance looks much like Alden.

  126. Noting the singular appearance of her face, Mannis was startled, for he saw that Belle appeared as if unconscious of her actions.

  127. The fright occasioned by the sudden appearance of the supposed dead man having been dispelled by Alden's words, all except members of the family withdrew.

  128. The following day, as he lay upon his bed looking at the kind-hearted woman watching over him, his mind seemed utterly broken down, for his appearance was that of listless disinterestedness.

  129. Mannis had inherited a large fortune, which, added to his fine personal appearance and many accomplishments, made him a lion in both public and private circles.

  130. Although the body was so badly decomposed that a thorough examination was impossible, the bullet-hole was plainly visible, the whole face having the appearance of being scorched and lacerated.

  131. His appearance seemed to please the Senator, for he extended a more cordial welcome to Paddy than to any previous visitors.

  132. The appearance of the Investigator next morning was like a thunderbolt in the village of Cleverdale.

  133. The town, on the occasion, presented the appearance of holiday grandeur.

  134. George Alden was warmly greeted by his old friends, his first appearance at the bank being the occasion for a spontaneous levee.

  135. Her appearance was the occasion of many friendly greetings.

  136. His personal appearance was commanding, and for a young man he had taken a high standing in the political arena of the day.

  137. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "appearance" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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