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Example sentences for "illusion"

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illumine; illumined; illumines; illuming; illumining; illusionary; illusions; illusive; illusory; illustrate
  1. It was for a vision that rose before her and the Votaress; an illusion of the boat's whole speed being lost to the boat and given to the shore.

  2. The foam and the swift wooding-up gave an illusion of speed to the boat herself, and in what seemed no time at all the empty scows were dropping away astern; but it was farewell for good and all to the Westwood, the Antelope.

  3. She seemed to partake of the illusion that haunted this whole city, but the firm resilience of her limbs under his questing fingers convinced him that he had a living human girl in his arms, and not the shadow of a dream.

  4. Fantastic columns marched around the mottled walls, upholding a ceiling, which, at once translucent and dusky, seemed like a cloudy midnight sky, giving an illusion of impossible height.

  5. But the fatal period approached; the physician who prescribed it went out; I followed, and, still seeking for some illusion in the misfortune which menaced us, I tremblingly interrogated him.

  6. The sea was so fine, and our journey so rapid, that I began to think it nearly as agreeable to travel by sea as by land; but my illusion was not of long duration.

  7. I was a little bothered, perhaps startled, and got up and looked in the glass, but the illusion vanished.

  8. He did not seek experience for the sake of experience, like so many in our day who are under the illusion that truth and wisdom arrive perforce.

  9. No lurking illusion or other error, false in itself, and clad for the moment in robes of splendour, ever passed undetected or unchallenged over the threshold of his mind--that point that divides vision from the realm and home of thought.

  10. On considering we were still three-fourths of a mile from it, and that we could see its minutest parts distinctly, the illusion was explained.

  11. The towns too, with their open squares and arched passages, have quite a southern look; but the damp, gloomy weather was enough to dispel any illusion of this kind.

  12. Cavour did not share the illusion of the Italian democracy that the "great heart" of the French nation was with them.

  13. The old illusion that here was some one who needed her aid began to grow in Carrie's mind.

  14. This illusion ended when another young man passed along the aisle and poked her indifferently in the ribs with his thumb.

  15. Thoughts of all the charming women she had seen in plays--every fancy, every illusion which she had concerning the stage--now came back as a returning tide after the ebb.

  16. What old illusion of hope is not here forever repeated!

  17. They are under the illusion that talking effects great results.

  18. But when human instruments interposed, the illusion vanished.

  19. Refreshed by rest, and with a fancy still more excited by the mystic wonders of which I had been dreaming, I now resolved to revisit the chapel in the pyramid, and put an end, if possible, to this illusion that haunted me.

  20. So entirely did the illusion of the scene," &c.

  21. Tradition, Reality and Illusion were the three.

  22. Mantegna first aimed at the full illusion which finished art is capable of producing, and though not so great a man as Giotto, was a much greater painter.

  23. And gradually he found himself yielding to the pleasure, to the illusion of permanency created by her presence.

  24. But the illusion was gone, and I saw myself as I was.

  25. That's what makes his illusion so convincing.

  26. The party stood for a little while aghast, and the illusion which had seized upon Challoner when he had first come in sight of the red rock-tower on the other ridge attacked him again.

  27. He would see himself a shining figure before men's eyes, the perfect cavalier; and the illusion would dazzle him into generosity.

  28. It was part of the illusion that she conceived herself to be indispensable to Miss Cursiter.

  29. It was the last rent in the veil of illusion that Rhoda had spun so well.

  30. Under that veil of illusion she herself had become communicative.

  31. It was as if a veil of blessed illusion had been spread between her and her world; and nobody knew whose fingers had been busy in weaving it so close and fine.

  32. The woman who gives an elderly man the illusion of virility will always be sought after.

  33. She was partial to draperies and that, perhaps, created the illusion of diaphaneity.

  34. The affair only proves that any woman who can give to an old man the illusion of virility, he will not only marry her, but he will wear her on his heart of hearts; become her slave, in fact.

  35. And to make more concrete the illusion of a consciousness transposed from the key of her everyday life, the embracement of her arm by this strange man--wasn't he a stranger to her?

  36. When I measure the distance between the objects before and after the displacement, I have also sufficient reason for excluding the hypothesis of the illusion of my senses.

  37. On the contrary, hypnagogic illusion is, with me, a decided phenomenon.

  38. These experiments at Choisy and Bordeaux, in the course of which there were both good and bad seances, convinced me that I had not been the victim of illusion at l'Agnelas in M.

  39. It may quite naturally occur to my readers to think I have been the victim of illusion or fraud.

  40. In vain might I plead that I am persuaded of the regularity of my perceptions, in vain assert that I observe no tendency to illusion in myself, my testimony would remain none the less suspected.

  41. Besides, the supposed reproach of illusion cannot be applied in a general sense; to admit its justice would be to do away with the very foundations of our sciences.

  42. Illustration] We present two practical illustrations of illusion in the use of lines.

  43. This illusion is best shown in the illustrations of the parallel lines that are crossed diagonally, with the result that the lines no longer look parallel because of the angles.

  44. The illusion of color produced by means of the prism.

  45. But in the potent illusion of free-will (if illusion it be) rests all morality and all the admiration that we feel for good and evil deeds.

  46. The reality and life of the dialogue, in which Vindici and Hippolito first tempt their mother, and then threaten her with death for consenting to the dishonor of their sister, passes any scenical illusion I ever felt.

  47. That which in comedy, or plays of familiar life, adds so much to the life of the imitation, in plays which appeal to the higher faculties positively destroys the illusion which it is introduced to aid.

  48. When the coloured veil of illusion is gone, the world which we saw through it is also gone, for now we see life as it is, in the white radiance of eternity.

  49. There is no such illusion as gloomy pessimism, and it has been truly said that a man's cheerfulness is the measure of his faith.

  50. The Sutras are here brief to obscurity; only a few words, for example, are given to the great triune mystery and illusion of Time; a phrase or two indicates the sweep of some universal law.

  51. Much less can the "mind" know itself, the more so, because it is pervaded by the illusion that it truly knows, truly is.

  52. The Gaulois observes that "the English journalists residing at Paris keep up the illusion that Paris must fall by sending to their journals false news, which is reproduced in the organs of Prussia.

  53. This illusion is especially notable on Haleakala, for the old volcano rises directly from the sea without buttresses or connecting ranges.

  54. There is a familiar and strange illusion experienced by all who climb isolated mountains.

  55. It proved more distant--a common illusion in the crystal atmosphere of these upland regions.

  56. Had Russia risked such a battle and been successful, the historical illusion of which I speak would call the strategy of the advance faulty.

  57. This error or illusion is part of that general deception so common to historical study which has been well called "reading history backwards.

  58. Had Russia risked a great battle and lost it, the historical illusion of which I speak would treat the campaign as a designed preface to the battle.

  59. This is not my finger, but just a tube, made of gold-beater's skin and cleverly colored, which fits exactly over my middle finger and gives the illusion of a real finger.

  60. This time, he clearly distinguished the breathing, which alternated with that of the sleeper, and he had the illusion that he also heard the sound of a heart beating.

  61. Hence the illusion that philosophy, which must needs be experience supremely critical, is experience eulogistically supreme.

  62. To language is due the illusion that qualities are permanent.

  63. Is not this illusion chargeable to failure to see in these three modes of consciousness three emphases or biases of living?

  64. Illusion and error enter in with the neglect of the very preeminence of this character of reality.

  65. If the illusion in trying to name and define mental states is due to their fluidity and privacy, by the same token the same treatment of physical objects, which Bergson regards as valid treatment, is in fact equally illusory.

  66. Though no longer under any illusion with respect to it, Francis returned to his former life.

  67. Perhaps Francis did not in the outset perceive the gravity of the danger, but illusion was no longer possible, and from this time he showed, as we have seen, an implacable firmness.

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