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image; imaged; imageless; imagen; images; imaginable; imaginably; imaginal; imaginaries
  1. Bertrand has pointed out that the 1849 version of the Temptation contains colour and imagery similar to the Légendes des Siècles, though written ten years before Hugo's poem.

  2. He abused Chateaubriand, Madame de Staël, and George Sand for their highly coloured imagery and flowing manner.

  3. Milton did not intend such a comparison; but he could not tell the story without his over-full mind recurring to the imagery of the past.

  4. Long before modern European nations received this imagery of past credulities the poets of Greece and Rome had versified the same old-time beliefs.

  5. No old-time imagery of the older nations enchanted them; they were carefully taught to live for themselves and by themselves, but to make their profit out of others whenever possible to do so.

  6. We find his followers unsuccessfully attempting to use the same imagery and rhapsodical verbiage, not realizing that these were, as De Goncourt would say, the product of their master's propre nevrosite.

  7. Above all, considering imagery to be the soul of poetry, I have avoided either adding images of my own or suppressing those of the original.

  8. This latter element is especially predominant in the attributes and imagery applied by the Vedic poets to Indra, the god of the atmospheric region, the favourite figure in their pantheon.

  9. Brentano, whose early writings were published under the pseudonym Maria, belonged to the Heidelberg group of German romantic writers, and his works are marked by excess of fantastic imagery and by abrupt, bizarre modes of expression.

  10. The best examples are charged with the mellowed sweetness of rhythm and metre, the depth of thought and feeling, the vividness of imagery and the stimulating fervour of expression which are the finest fruits of poetic power.

  11. The perfect sweetness of the verse, and the poetical imagery in 'Venus and Adonis' and 'Lucrece' practically silenced censure of the licentious treatment of the themes on the part of the seriously minded.

  12. The Hebrew prophets invariably utilized for their poetic imagery the characteristic beliefs of the peoples to whom they made direct reference.

  13. This ancient custom, like many others, contributed to the poetic imagery of the Bible.

  14. Poetic imagery had originally a magical significance; if the ocean was compared to a dragon, it was because it was supposed to be inhabited by a storm-causing dragon; the wind whispered because a spirit whispered in it.

  15. These latter poems overflow with the imagery and the feeling of the old wooded scenery of Buckinghamshire.

  16. The story is a common one to many countries, but it scarcely exists with so much clear and distinct imagery as in your recital, Herr Pastor," said Hardy.

  17. There is a wild picturesque imagery that must appeal to the most educated mind.

  18. Even that lofty imagery which constituted the peculiar charm of his ministry, was ordinarily but an amplification of scriptural tropes and descriptions.

  19. They clothed their terrible denunciations of national iniquities and their confident predictions of the ultimate triumph of truth and righteousness in imagery so vivid that it will never fade.

  20. He clothed all the kinds of opposition they had met, all the difficulties they had contended with, in imagery suggested by the observation and experience of the voyager across the Atlantic in the most tempestuous season of the year.

  21. It continued to think, at length, with imagery and all manner of reminiscences.

  22. In a dramatic composition,' to use his own words, 'the imagery and the passion should interpenetrate one another, the former being reserved simply for the full development and illustration of the latter.

  23. The first is gross enough to fancy all the imagery of the mariner's visions delivered by the poet for actual facts of experience; which being impossible, the whole pulverizes, for that reader, into a baseless fairy tale.

  24. The second reader is wiser than that; he knows that the imagery is not baseless; it is the imagery of febrile delirium; really seen, but not seen as an external reality.

  25. We have elsewhere given more similar cases, where we perceive the fundamental difference between thought by imagery and rational thought.

  26. Thought by imagery cannot remain itself and at the same time take on a rational dress.

  27. His vivid imagery and his predictions of coming troubles seemed to produce a magical effect on the minds of the people.

  28. His natural, spontaneous, heart-stirring eloquence, with its exalted imagery and outbursts of righteous indignation, was entirely unprecedented in that era of pedantry and simulation of the classic and heathen oratory.

  29. Mary Wilkins Freeman has a remarkable short story, The Hall Bedroom, which is one of the best illustrations of the use of dream imagery and impressions.

  30. Hawthorne gives us a symbolic morality in The Celestial Railroad, where he pictures the road between heaven and hell, drawing on Bunyan's imagery to describe the landscape and characters.

  31. In the rough it is true that the hope of the ungodly perishes, and the limits of the truth are concealed by the splendour of the imagery and the perfection of artistic form in which the well-worn platitude is draped.

  32. Hearing the cry for help precedes active intervention in the case of men's help, and the strong imagery of the prayer conceives of similar sequence in God.

  33. But the imagery of the fight is not sufficient to include all aspects of Christian effort.

  34. Indeed, similar imagery had already found a place on the prophetic page.

  35. Much of the imagery seems to have been suggested by Jer.

  36. Its imagery is far less exalted, its hope of immortality far less distinct and unquenchable.

  37. We shall see how the imagery of the chapter produced a deep impress on the imagination of the holiest thinkers--how magnificent a use is made of it fifteen centuries later by the great poet of mediaeval Catholicism.

  38. In general, we find in them neither imagery nor sentiment that yield us delight.

  39. In Lear it is the flash of sudden inspiration across the incongruous imagery of madness; in Timon it is obscured by the exaggerations of misanthropy.

  40. The style is vigorous and concise; it is rich in imagery and powerfully expressed, but is deficient in elegance and perspicuity.

  41. It has been shown that such an opinion is hard to justify; it would be more fair to say that as far as the introduction of the imagery of nature is concerned, Coleridge bears the same relation to Wordsworth that Horace bears to Virgil.

  42. Horace used nature to illustrate his philosophy, to clothe or adorn his imagery dealing with matters outside the countryside; Coleridge did the same, but not so well, for he lacked the Horatian humour.

  43. So you may toy with imagery in mere intellectual ingenuity, and then you might as well go write acrostics; or you may toy with it in raptures, and then you may write a Sensitive Plant.

  44. That Lalla Rookh, rich, melodious, and glowing with a wealth of imagery which wearies by its very excess, is the production of one who never visited the people or scenes he therein describes.

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