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Example sentences for "evocation"

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evinced; evinces; evincing; evir; eviscerated; evocations; evocative; evoke; evoked; evokes
  1. This finished, they proceeded to the evocation of Baal-Zeboub, at first by the Conjuration of the Four, but no fiend appeared.

  2. He had not seen his betrothed for four years.

  3. No thought of thwarting his father's mandate crossed his mind; he was bound by the decree of the dead.

  4. At his best he equals Loti in his evocation of the mystery that encompasses us, a mystery that has been sounded in music, seldom in language.

  5. You rub your eyes as you finish; for with all your credulity, painful in its intensity, you have assisted at a pictorial evocation; both picture and evocation reveal magic in their misty attenuations.

  6. In one respect it is very remarkable--the evocation of atmosphere.

  7. This poet slew his soul by his evocation of terror.

  8. The evocation was so vivid that it caught her breath like a blow, and she sank down helplessly on the divan among the piled-up books.

  9. As a mere drop-scene for her personal adventure it was just as much in its place as in the evocation of great perspectives of feeling.

  10. Perhaps it was only because the evocation of St. Germains brought the presence of her mother before her.

  11. The evocation of his friend's peculiar, masterful personality was not pleasant.

  12. I seemed at any rate, for an instant, to see their evocation of her as distinctly as I had seen her by the pond; and I brought out with decision: "It must have been also what she wished!

  13. But at this evocation she broke down; she dropped, with a sudden sob, upon my sofa and, as I had seen her do before, gave way to all the grief of it.

  14. But we must remember that, even in this fundamental part of its operations, none of these arts proceeds by imitation or evocation pure and simple.

  15. The history of the evocation of Samuel by the witch of Endor[128] is well known.

  16. I know that considerable difficulties and objections have been formed as to this evocation and this apparition of Samuel.

  17. Surely the august Spirit of Kwammu Tenno might well rejoice in this charming evocation of the past by architectural necromancy!

  18. It rises to us for the reason that although his music is an evocation of past times, a conjuring up of the buried Muscovy, it is a glad and exuberant one.

  19. The whole produces the impression of solid reality and quick life and we get from it the kind of pleasure communicated not by the imitation but by the evocation of living truth.

  20. But Olivier felt some disappointment, for the poignant evocation of Goethe's dramatic poem disappeared in this metamorphosis.

  21. He could not drive her from his mind; he bore within himself a sort of evocation of her image, as once he had borne the image of the Countess after she had left him; he often had the strange sensation of her presence in the studio.

  22. So this was the ending of the whole day; this evocation of a fair girl, with a somewhat long face and eyes of blue.

  23. XVI This evocation of the deep joys of his youth had given Abbe Mouret a touch of feverishness.

  24. The Vicar leaned forward and hid his face in his hands before that poignant evocation of Robina.

  25. All the true emotions, qualities, traditions that made up her secret life were roused in her by their own inherent vitality, never by his evocation of them.

  26. All her romantic evocation of life as she wanted it to be helped her to this.

  27. Lizzie sat silent, spellbound, as she listened, by the sudden evocation of Mr. Jackson Benn.

  28. Unless my present evocation of them has made you see them; which would be their worst stroke yet!

  29. In a moment his rival's evocation became to him impossible to bear.

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