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Example sentences for "beck"

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becase; becaus; because; becaze; bechune; becke; beckets; beckon; beckoned; beckoning
  1. On the Procession or Triumph, Durer, Springinklee, Schaufelein, Burgkmair, and Beck were all engaged.

  2. Oubril believes, though he has no directions on this subject, that it would be suitable to Russia, and even advantageous for the assuring their own independence, that Hamburg and Lübeck should pass under the suzerainty of Russia.

  3. While walking through another open space among some scattered groups of small fir trees, Mr. Beck flushed a lutescent warbler from her nest in a hummock covered with the tangled fronds of dead brakes (Pteridium aquilinum).

  4. Thompson, Edgeworth, Badger and Beck butted in solidly behind the lithe quarter-back.

  5. Doesn't Beck know that, if he said a word against football, he never get another order for lumber from the H.

  6. Mrs. Beck was Battle's daughter and Mrs. Beck bought my father from Moss and that kept them together.

  7. That was the way it was with Beck and Duggins.

  8. Before I was born, Beck sold my mother and father to Duggins.

  9. It gives name to Kentmere village, and to the reservoir, or tarn, fed by the beck springing from the mountain bearing, in memory of the Roman road which neared its loftiest point, the very familiar name of High Street.

  10. And if you’d stayed in England you’d have been always at the beck and call of somebody else.

  11. I shall never be at anybody’s beck and call again.

  12. You don't imagine that I shall expect you to be a prisoner, just waiting on my beck and call!

  13. And Mary, as if his beck were a magician's, started toward him--the end!

  14. Mrs. Sherman and Eliot and Mom Beck went from one darkened room to another with hot lemonade, and Betty was left to roam about the place by herself.

  15. Imagine me carrying this into the Waldorf," laughed Eugenia, when she had expressed her thanks, and Mom Beck had been called to take the children away and give them cake and cream in the background.

  16. Mrs. Sherman drove down to the station, and Mom Beck went to the servants' cottage.

  17. Joyce that afternoon, looking up from the trunk that Mom Beck was helping her to pack.

  18. Mom Beck came out just then to tell them that dinner was waiting, and Lloyd hurried them through the back hall again, although she herself ran to the front door and looked out, before she took her seat at the table.

  19. At the last moment Mom Beck waylaid them in the hall with two huge bundles.

  20. He had just served a third term in the penitentiary, and she had heard Mom Beck say that nobody in the Valley would draw an easy breath while Limping Tige was loose.

  21. At the conclusion of the Diet, Bugenhagen had been summoned by the magistrates of Lübeck in order to introduce the new Church system in that city.

  22. In 1536 Bugenhagen related at table, during the conciliation meetings held at Wittenberg, the encounters he had had in Lübeck and Brunswick with “delivered demoniacs.

  23. Beck was tried, convicted and sent to the penitentiary.

  24. Beck had been living a few months in Bartholomew county and had passed as an unmarried man; had gained the affections of a young lady much younger than himself and much superior to him by birth and education.

  25. After their marriage the fact that Beck had already one wife became known and he fled to Kansas.

  26. She was running out with the pail in her hand, and with all the Beck children following.

  27. Mr. Beck mumbled something, and started for the barn.

  28. We hunted all over for Mr. Beck to tell him there was a guest among the poultry; but he was not to be found.

  29. Harpax, up you, and from my bedchamber, Where all things for our purposes are ready, Second each beck and nod, and word of ours.

  30. I say nothing but Tu quoque, smile, and forgive the child with a beck of my hand, or some such like token: so by that means I do seldom go without broken shins.

  31. Tom Beck felt that he could hold out no longer.

  32. Of course I know all about the Beck business, and what did I do?

  33. I did hope that now young Beck has gone, you would come to your senses.

  34. Beck sharply, as he caught the mare's bit with his left hand, standing firmly the while, but with his face drawn with pain.

  35. Poor Beck is right," thought Neil, as he saw his father's particularly cordial greeting of the baronet.

  36. Beck will hear you," said the young surgeon quickly.

  37. Beck was one of the first, and he came in the hope that Isabel would contrive to see him for a few minutes.

  38. No one heeded his words; but Alison and Beck watched Neil curiously as he was down on one knee making a hasty examination of the injured man.

  39. Beck in a low voice, "can't you see that Mr Elthorne is in a skillful surgeon's hands?

  40. Beck swung himself round and dashed off across the park as hard as he could go, without trusting himself to look back.

  41. He stood watching till Beck passed in among the trees, expecting to the last to see him turn and wave his hand.

  42. I think you asked me to come, Mr Elthorne," said Beck quietly.

  43. Isabel, my dear, I am sure Mr Beck will excuse you.

  44. Alison did not heed his words, but started forward with a cry, just as Neil and Beck also made a rush for the spot.

  45. Even the inclination and beck of his will suffices for his great work.

  46. He deserves the name of a king, whose beck heaven and earth obey.

  47. One might travel from Lübeck to Rome without leaving Napoleon's realms.

  48. Lübeck and her allies, on the death of Frederick I.

  49. Down below it was worse; sometimes "hoggishly mild," as Beck used to put it.

  50. As soon as she was moored, Beck told me, some of her party went ashore, presumably to look for the house.

  51. The orchestra was composed of Beck on the violin, Sundbeck on the mandolin, and the undersigned on the flute.

  52. Beck came below again, and said that now they were coming on board.

  53. When I afterwards asked one of them -- I think it was Beck -- what made them think of coming up, he replied that they thought we were going to run into an iceberg and were trying to get out of the way.

  54. For years I've been jumping to the four points of the compass at the beck of your old magazine and syndicate.

  55. The farm-house of Beck is partially constructed of Roman stones, and on the east side of the rivulet of Beck a few stones of the Wall are in their original situation.

  56. Sturtevant and Beck carried off the honors in the field events, the former winning both the pole vault and the high jump, breaking the record in each case.

  57. In taking both the hammer and the shot Beck did excellent work, as our table of records will show.

  58. Night after night you've danced with me; I've been at your beck and call; you used me to rescue you from Gray that time.

  59. He had placed himself at her beck and call.

  60. Beck greeted her with a bray astonishing for one of her size, and a switch with her rope of a tail.

  61. Beck was travelling round and round doing the grinding.

  62. Religion was in the field scattering pine straw, and Beck was there too, harnessed in company with a very lean Texas pony.

  63. Religion pulled up her rope reins, and Beck flew up the road as if all Sherman's army were after her; nor did she slacken until she reached the great gateway which turned into the Hermitage.

  64. She lowered the shafts gently and led Beck round the house.

  65. Beck drew up before the house with a jerk that had determination in it.

  66. Beck was in a hurry to get home, and the wagon bumped along over roots and stumps until it was a wonder how Religion kept herself on the board which served for a seat.

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