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Example sentences for "walking"

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walkers; walkes; walkest; walketh; walkin; walks; walkt; walkway; wall; wallabies
  1. When Chatz did appear he was walking slowly, and his face had an expression of subdued disappointment resting on it.

  2. So far there had been no sign of a walking specter.

  3. One horse was already saddled, and walking by West’s side was the Indian who was to ride his horses.

  4. If all squaws looked as well, a man wouldn’t mind being an Indian,” he said significantly, walking by her side.

  5. Anglo-Saxon gentleman walking out, with his servant behind him carrying an umbrella; the drawing was probably made not far from five hundred years ago, when the umbrella was first introduced into England.

  6. As I sat there, I saw a man walking quickly along the high road.

  7. A fortnight ago, I was walking with Owen, when poor Mrs Jones met us with tears in her eyes, "Was nothing going to be done to the shaft, her baby had nearly been killed there a few days since.

  8. He pushed his hat over his eyes, and before I could reply was several paces away, walking rapidly in the direction of the still romantic and once beautiful Rhoda Vale.

  9. I was there, and saw you walking at the head of the procession.

  10. A considerable number of Indians are usually walking the streets with moccasins for sale; and I saw several on the river-side, a mile distant, in wigwams, of which their birch canoe formed a principal part.

  11. The ride home was delightful, the full moon ‘walking in brightness,’ and throwing her horizontal rays across the river as she rose.

  12. Cloth or carpet boots, galoshes, with spikes to their heels, iron pointed walking sticks, are the defensive weapons perpetually in employ on these occasions.

  13. Europeans, walking over hard roads, soon knock these to pieces; but the Indian, tripping over snow or grass, finds them a light and agreeable chaussure.

  14. Even in walking or running, if for a short distance, he is left behind; but in these last movements, he possesses a power of perseverance and continued exertion to which there is scarcely any parallel.

  15. They were walking side by side, behind the carriage, taking off their hats, and bowing to the people cheering on either side.

  16. They are at the head of a long row of men, walking two by two," said Mrs. Peterkin.

  17. But she did, yellow gloves and all, and said it was dreadful walking now, the frost so late coming out of the ground, and she had quite envied Lavinia running across the fields after the boys.

  18. So he and Sue began walking along the edge of the island, looking for alligators.

  19. Helen, walking off a little way to get a better view.

  20. In a few minutes he came walking back on his hind feet with the folded evening paper in his mouth.

  21. She had seen Bunny and Sue walking in this direction, but she did not imagine they would get inside a car.

  22. Walking a little way apart down the length of the freight car, in which they could now see very well, Bunny Brown and his sister Sue approached the pussy.

  23. But, all of a sudden, as they were walking along Sue grasped Bunny by the arm and exclaimed: "Look!

  24. I hope the island isn't large, for I don't fancy walking many miles in this hot climate.

  25. Noah, and after walking for some time they came to the top of a hill, from which they had a good view of the island.

  26. Noah looked over the railing to the sand below he saw a little figure walking directly in the silver moon path.

  27. Juanita Sterling caught her breath--the man walking beside Polly was Mr. Randolph!

  28. If we had a good, live president, our superintendent would get her walking ticket instanter.

  29. A tall figure was walking slowly, very slowly up the street!

  30. That Wilmerding dude will be walking down to school with you, same as last year!

  31. The company speedily divided itself into two's, and Miss Sterling, with a bit of a heart flutter, found herself walking beside the president of June Holiday Home.

  32. On arrival, walking round the town, first to Ilaria and last to San Romano, he notes: "Found all.

  33. Shut up, an umbrella is an unmanageable walking stick; open, it is an inadequate tent.

  34. It is well to walk under universal ensigns; and there is an old tale of a tyrant to whom a walking forest was the witness of doom.

  35. A little time after I was helping King George V to get crowned, by walking round a local bonfire and listening to a local band.

  36. Wind always sounds full and physical, like the big body of something; and I fancied that the Thing itself was walking gigantic along the great roads between the forests of beech.

  37. For my part, I have no taste for pretending to be a walking pavilion; I think nothing of my hat, and precious little of my head.

  38. There is somebody or something walking there, to be crowned with flowers: and my pleasure is in some promise yet possible and in the resurrection of the dead.

  39. Then I was an idle, but eager youth walking out from London; now I was a most reluctantly busy middle-aged person, coming in from the country.

  40. But whatever fantastic intellectual excuses they may have put forward for their strange and unnatural conduct in walking out when the prison door was open, there can be no doubt that the real cause was the warm weather.

  41. But walking into my own house and thinking it was another man's house is a flight of poetic detachment still beyond me.

  42. Sometimes walking upon bare and lustrous pavements, wet under numerous lamps, a man seems a black blot on all that golden looking-glass, and could fancy he was flying in a yellow sky.

  43. And when the darkness crept from the sapphires of Mary to the sanguine garments of St. John I fancied that some hideous giant was walking round the church and looking in at each window in turn.

  44. One day in April, a certain gentleman's groom, Roger by name, was walking his master's horses in some fallow ground.

  45. Nay, we ourselves were deceived; for where the artist seemed to have strewed the vine-branches thickest, we could not forbear walking with great strides lest we should entangle our feet, just as people go over an unequal stony place.

  46. And here these Miss Smarties and Mrs. Case want to put me off the team," thought Hester Grimes, walking down toward the athletic field and the gym.

  47. She said this to Nellie Agnew, when they had separated from Laura and Jess, and were walking toward home.

  48. Within a week after coming to my house, she was playing tennis, walking three miles to church, and generally living the life of a normal person.

  49. For several months she had spent much of the time walking the floor and wringing her hands in an agony of terror.

  50. He resumed his duties at the bank, walking a mile and a half the first day and three miles the second.

  51. We may, then, go forward with the conviction that we are walking on solid ground and that the main paths, at least, will turn into beaten highways.

  52. Playing golf and walking at least six miles every day, he rejoiced in a new sense of strength in his body, which for twenty years he had considered "used up.

  53. As we were walking home, I said to Some One, 'Supposing that was you, would you have liked to lose your sweetheart in that way?

  54. Alfred was walking quickly and nervously, looking over his shoulder hurriedly this way and that, as if some one were dogging him.

  55. He was one of that kind of men who go out walking with their wives on the day of rest, and who carry their babies in the streets, and enjoy it.

  56. I fancy I see you walking in and looking about in astonishment, you dear aunty!

  57. They were walking slowly as they conversed, and Mr. Sheldrake, allowing his companion to lead the way, observed with secret satisfaction that they were walking in the direction of Lily's house.

  58. You may mention, then, that the gentleman who had the pleasure of walking home with her to-night did you a little service.

  59. His grateful mood took a benevolent turn presently, for observing an old woman humbly dressed walking in the shadow of the trees, he called to her, and gave her a small piece of silver.

  60. Then they sink and sink through the flowers, which dissolve and melt away, as it seems, and she and Felix are walking among the stars.

  61. But Lily had her duties to perform, and within an hour they were walking towards the Royal White Rose, and Felix bade Lily good-night at the stage-door.

  62. See this last specimen of the British father slouching along, and his wife walking discontentedly a few steps behind him.

  63. You see that young fellow," pointing to Alfred, who was walking away with hanging head.

  64. Does Joe Heiskell's "walking to meet us" mean any more than that "Joe" was scared and wanted to save his skin?

  65. It is as impudent and absurd as if a prosecuting attorney should stand up before a jury and ask them to convict A as the murderer of B, while B was walking alive before them.

  66. Two men were slowly walking down the way.

  67. I looked up, and saw, slowly walking on to the point at which Mary was securing her boat, the possessor of the existence that had come into mine.

  68. I asked,--for a gnome of ill was walking up and down in my brain, as we had walked on the sands so few hours before.

  69. And then he thought for a long time, the minister did, walking about the room and looking at all the books.

  70. Rare halts to breathe the animals; then the steady, tearing gallop again; no walking or other leisurely gait.

  71. Walking with Coronado to the brink of the colossal terrace, and sheltering himself from the view of the rest of the party, he scanned the trail with his glass.

  72. It is our common fortune," returned Clara, winding her arm in his and walking him up and down the veranda.

  73. But much as he craved rest, he kept awake until midnight, now walking up and down, and now smoking his eternal cigarito.

  74. Thurstane, walking his horse and making signs of amity with his cap, had by this time reached the low bank of the rivulet, and halted within four hundred yards of the savages.

  75. Aunt Maria, walking up to the girl and caressing her with a tenderness which was all womanly.

  76. Mrs. Lambert was sitting in a yew parlour under a blue silk umbrella that was almost a pavilion, and she received them with many comments upon the energy of walking so far on this hot afternoon.

  77. She longed to look up in aspiration and behold Saint Ursula in that tall bed of hers or cheerful Tobit walking with his dog in the angel's company, and in the corner her own desk that was full of childish things.

  78. For a little while she held the door ajar so that a thin shaft of lamplight showed his tall shape walking quickly away under the trees.

  79. Pauline flung round her shoulders that white frieze coat in which he had first beheld her under the moon, misty, autumnal, a dream within a dream; and now they were actually walking together.

  80. Why was he walking so quickly away from her?

  81. And I thought to myself as I was walking up home, I thought now what if there wasn't no such thing as a Pope any more than there's women with fish-tails and all this rubbish you read of in books.

  82. However, they set out in an atmosphere of good-will, and Pauline was happy to have him beside her walking up Wychford High Street.

  83. And didn't you ever get used to walking a bit more slowly in India?

  84. But it did not matter, for the field where they were walking was not flooded, and they went on toward the mill.

  85. Oh he is, he is," she murmured, and Guy thinking of Richard in India wondered if he ever dreamed of Margaret walking like this in a snowy England.

  86. The shock of someone knocking at the door, walking in, introducing himself and sitting down to talk yanked Aron's mind into awareness.

  87. The Captain finally showed up, walking briskly, a smile on his face.

  88. More movement on the path and a new Captain of the guards emerged, walking just as briskly, but in a new direction.

  89. They answered, and asked where we were going, to which I responded by saying that we had been hunting for the ferry for an hour or more and were going to cross, walking along in a business-like manner while talking.

  90. The next moment, when the broad space through which they were walking ended in a berry-patch, he plunged among the bushes with eagerness, to gather for her black raspberries in his drinking-cup.

  91. Walking alone in the solemn woods along the lake shore, the path suddenly ended on a rocky terrace, unshaded by trees, and directly over the water.

  92. Walking through the scented woods she found it easy to tell them of the date fixed for her entrance into the convent.

  93. Fancy me walking down to a district meeting with such an auctioneer's tag hanging on my back.

  94. After a little they went back to bed, and Louis made light of everything with stories of his own sleep-walking until he fell asleep again.

  95. It was long in coming, for she had been sick; but when she got better I saw her going out to ride, and a little later she took to walking in the park with her maid.

  96. The farewells, the compliments, the joy of walking down to the coach on the arm of Vandervelt, were as dust to this invitation of the Dowager Countess of Skibbereen.

  97. As Stanley spoke he motioned to a short, stout lad who was walking across the campus.

  98. Out on the grounds and down by the stream the Rover boys saw a number of students walking around and standing in groups talking.

  99. Dick is walking back to the college," said Grace.

  100. Then walking is out of the question," came from Sam.

  101. Walking along the highway, which ran down to a little milk station on the railroad, the three boys soon discovered a farmhouse nestling between some trees and bushes.

  102. Who can become learned, unless he know something for certain, and progressively advance into it, as a man in walking progressively advances from step to step, and thereby successively arrives at wisdom!

  103. In Baltimore a-walking with a lady I did meet With her babe on her arm, as she came down the street; And I thought how I sailed, and the cradle standing ready For the pretty little babe that has never seen its daddy.

  104. St. Vincent was walking up and down the quarter-deck with his flag-captain, Hallowell, as the reports came in.

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