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savoury; savoys; savvee; savvy; savyng; sawah; sawbones; sawbuck; sawce; sawcy
  1. Mix four leaves of melted gelatine with one pint of mayonnaise and use to bind some crab meat.

  2. Smooth the top with a knife, and decorate with some of the fruit used for filling.

  3. I saw you--all the past rushed back in that stolen moment.

  4. Through time's wide ocean I saw but the promised golden isle.

  5. No sooner had the girl gone to her room for the night than Fox Sprite followed her.

  6. The next day the travellers arrived at the capital and Su-nan presented himself before Chow-sin, the Emperor, leading Fox Sprite with him.

  7. If I am not mistaken, at the bottom of this pond you would find yourself worse off than I should be at the top of a palm tree.

  8. Then, too, the pain was so great that he could scarcely keep from rolling on the ground.

  9. Then, too, she had been so meek and lowly while in their holy order that they did not once dream of charging her with any crime.

  10. Oh, no, we lived in a big house over yonder in another village; in a big house with a high stone wall.

  11. That will surely do just as well, and I shall save my money as well as my face.

  12. It is hotter than the Fire god himself ever dreamed of making it.

  13. Kindly order him to take me to the lake and throw me in, for it's cool there and I like the water life much better than that on land.

  14. You shall soon see whose prayers the gods will answer, yours or mine!

  15. They dragged her from the presence of the nuns who had just begun to love her.

  16. At last, the chunk of gold was dropped in the very spot where they had first spied it, and the two comrades went away, each happy because he loved his friend better than anything else in the world.

  17. The fire king would soon destroy every building on that hill-top.

  18. They honour him because he has not waited till you die to do sacrifice for you.

  19. Only afraid, that's all," said the man, still proceeding with his work.

  20. He's only shamming; he knows his master is here, and therefore has recourse to these manoeuvres, but it won't do.

  21. I thought you told me your husband was drowned?

  22. The wonder, Ursula, is, how your people could ever have got hold of that name, and similar ones.

  23. Thomas Gordon Hake, must have been sufficiently striking at any period of his life.

  24. We saw before the reason why Hermes is said to be the son of Maia, the eldest of the sister stars of spring.

  25. The pain, swelling and tenderness is extreme, and the constitutional symptoms, while being severe are not usually grave.

  26. The edges are sharply cut, and both base and edges are bound down to the deeper tissues.

  27. A drop of blood from a man with septic infection will reproduce the disease when injected into the blood of an animal; hence it is a true infective disease.

  28. One of the early signs of absorption is the appearance of the urine, which may assume a smoky, greenish or blackish hue.

  29. This affection is nearly always very acute, beginning as an acute synovitis and extending to the articular fibrocartilages at an early date.

  30. In this way, the leucocytes are able to pass through the interstices between cells, or along narrow channels in the tissues.

  31. The cavity left by the slough rapidly fills with new granulations.

  32. Among the most frequent complications is cellulitis, and this may sometimes be so severe as to necessitate operation.

  33. Certain cases resisting such procedures are best treated with a plaster of Paris cast to immobilize the part for several months.

  34. This symptom is due to the destruction of the synovial covering of the bone ends involved, permitting contact of bone with bone.

  35. Perforating ulcer from lesions of the central nervous system is comparatively rare and it is doubtful if it is ever due to embolism or to ligation of the arteries.

  36. One or several joints may be attacked simultaneously.

  37. She was pale, and there were traces of tears on her cheeks, and Samson, as he glanced at her askance from under his heavy eyebrows before he rose, saw that she was struggling to repress some strong emotion.

  38. The squire caught us, and we were going to stop, but he made us go on, and he saw fair.

  39. As the latter had said, the girl was sleeping still, and Mrs. Busker saw that her position had not changed by a hair's breadth.

  40. Dawn came at last, though it had seemed as if it never would break again, and, for the first time for many a year, the first gleam of sunlight saw her dressed and downstairs.

  41. She scarcely saw them, or anything but the farmhouse, which drew her now with an influence as strong as its repulsion had been an hour ago.

  42. It was bright moonlight now, and as she ran lightly across the Five Ash field in her white summer dress, Dick, waiting in the shelter of the hedge, saw her plainly, and advanced to meet her.

  43. Of course, it was his fault--he saw it all clearly.

  44. I saw him a little while ago at the door of the Brilliant Theatre.

  45. I watched her always--I followed her many and many a time, though she never saw me.

  46. We saw the announcement of his marriage in the Times.

  47. I was never contented unless I saw some new coast every six months or so.

  48. They saw before them a man somewhat above the middle height, who might have served an aspiring sculptor as a perfect model for a chieftain of old Gaul, or a dauntless Viking.

  49. He gazed at her in speechless suspense,--and saw as in a vision the pure radiance of her face and star-like eyes shining more and more closely upon him.

  50. If such a thing as a national conscience existed it was very feeble—eaten up with pride.

  51. It was important to him to get into Parliament.

  52. It is impossible for any Church to realize its truest conceptions.

  53. A grand scientific gathering was being held, and the house was full of men of science.

  54. She saw what we all of us see if we walk out of a night, the drunken harlot run in by the police, who stand in admiration as her more fortunate and equally sinning sister drives by in her brougham.

  55. A time came when she went out to service at a country house just by.

  56. He should have the physical power to sit out any time in the midst of any row, no matter how noisy the crowd, and how heated the atmosphere.

  57. The Saw Rock Canyon local fauna may also be middle Pliocene in age but is considered to be from the later part of the late Pliocene, and, therefore, somewhat younger than the Buis Ranch local fauna (Hibbard, op.

  58. The Saw Rock Canyon fauna and its stratigraphic significance.

  59. I never saw such luck as that young Schofield devil has.

  60. I've never saw jest that set to a foregaff nor jest that cut of a jumbo-jib afore.

  61. Pete Ellinwood saw him, and in a great voice bawled down the hatchway to the fo'c's'le.

  62. I never saw the mirror after that--in fact, never looked for it.

  63. Code saw the rage in Pete's eyes and recognized that he could do nothing more to avert the trouble.

  64. There was a stiff westerly breeze, and Code, glancing up at the cloud formations, saw that there would be a beautiful racing half-gale on by noon.

  65. Schofield's eyes opened wide as he saw that the paper was that of the Dominion Cable office in Freekirk Head, and he read: "To A.

  66. Last I saw of him he was under that cherry-tree where you told him to stay until you got the others.

  67. He looked at her intently for a moment, saw her eyes again drop, and walked away.

  68. Once he reached the middle of the road Code saw that he had been mistaken in the location of the fire, for his mother's place was intact.

  69. At first he thought it was his mother, but he suddenly saw that it was Elsa Mallaby.

  70. She next saw him rowing dazedly to the Nettle B.

  71. A few steps brought them opposite the gate to the Schofield cottage, and Bijonah, following their motions like a hawk, saw Nat jerk his thumb in the direction of the house as they walked past.

  72. It wasn't five minutes ago I saw him under the cherry-tree.

  73. He assumed, in fact, a defensive attitude with which we were powerless to deal, and in the true spirit of defence he sprang out from time to time to deal us a counterstroke as he saw his opportunity.

  74. His main function, as he and his Government saw it, was to prevent a descent from Southern France upon Neapolitan or Levantine territory.

  75. He saw at once that a theory formed upon the abstract or absolute idea of war would not cover the ground, and therefore failed to give what was required for practical purposes.

  76. The idea was to dispute the control by harassing operations, to exercise control at any place or at any moment as we saw a chance, and to prevent the enemy exercising control in spite of his superiority by continually occupying his attention.

  77. He saw that real war was in fact an international relation which differed from other international relations only in the method we adopted to achieve the object of our policy.

  78. He saw that there was one class of war where the political object was of so vital an importance to both belligerents that they would tend to fight to the utmost limit of their endurance to secure it.

  79. He saw that the distinction between Limited and Unlimited war connoted a cardinal distinction in the methods of waging it.

  80. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "saw" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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