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Example sentences for "bisect"

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  1. Two chords of a circle, of which neither passes through the centre, cannot bisect each other.

  2. By drawing two non-parallel chords, and the perpendiculars which bisect them, the centre will be found as the point where these perpendiculars intersect.

  3. If a straight line through the centre of a circle bisect a chord, then it is perpendicular to the chord, and if it be perpendicular to the chord it bisects it.

  4. A and the cross-hairs of the telescope made to bisect the object presented by A, then the microscopes or verniers of the horizontal circle (also of the vertical circle if necessary) are read and recorded.

  5. They are further harmonic conjugates with regard to FA and FB (SS 64 and 13), so that they bisect the angles formed by these lines.

  6. The one solution which always exists contains the following:-- The three straight lines which bisect the sides of a triangle at right angles meet in a point, and this point is the centre of the circle circumscribed about the triangle.

  7. The lines FT and FP bisect therefore also the angles between FA1 and FB1.

  8. To bisect a given arc, that is, to divide it into two equal parts; Prop.

  9. If we combine both we have-- The two lines which bisect the interior and exterior angles at one vertex of a triangle divide the opposite side internally and externally in the same ratio, viz.

  10. The tangents at a point of a surface which bisect the angles between the chief tangents are called the principal tangents at the point.

  11. As the latter are perpendicular, they will bisect the angles between the other pair.

  12. Having given two parallel lines, to bisect on either any given segment without using a pair of compasses.

  13. As the axes are conjugate diameters at right angles to one another, it follows (S 23)-- The axes of an hyperbola bisect the angles between the asymptotes.

  14. Note: Problem differs from theorem in this, that a problem is something to be done, as to bisect a triangle, to describe a circle, etc.

  15. A2 on the base circle, and stepping it off three times to the right and left, bisect these spaces, thus making subdivisions on the base circle equal in length to those on the rolling one.

  16. Seemed to bisect the orbit of her shield, Like to a long blue bar of solid cloud 1816.

  17. From the extreme ends of the arc bisect it in B.

  18. To draw an elliptical figure whose proportion of width to breadth shall remain the same, whatever the length of the major axis may be: Take any square figure and bisect it by the line A in Figure 80.

  19. A 2 on the base circle, and stepping it off three times to the right and left, bisect these spaces, thus making subdivisions on the base circle equal in length to those on the rolling one.

  20. Bisect this circle with the straight lines A and B, which bear the same relation to their enclosing circle that the lines A, B, do to the circle E in Figure 274.

  21. For a design plan like Sketch A, bisect the semi-diameters and connect these points.

  22. Bisect its short edges and rule a line connecting these points.

  23. Bisect the crease, and place a point 3/8 of an inch up from the crease.

  24. For the diameters, bisect each side and connect the points of bisection.

  25. In particular, if we join P and P', we bisect the line AB.

  26. Indeed, it is possible that we might then assume to bisect an angle by imagining the plane folded like a piece of paper.

  27. The diagonals of a parallelogram bisect each other.

  28. Proclus to have given the following: [Illustration] Let CX bisect [L]C.

  29. If the work has been very carefully done, and they take the tape and bisect the line WE, thus fixing the line NS, they will have a north and south line.

  30. Euclid's plan was to construct an equilateral triangle (by his Proposition 1 of Book I) on the line as a base, and then to bisect the vertical angle.

  31. This might be postponed until after the problem to bisect an angle, since it merely requires the bisection of a straight angle; but considering the immaturity of the average pupil, it is better given independently.

  32. But now that this has been separated off, and, as we said, the others alone are left for us, the principle of law and the absence of law will bisect them all.

  33. Bisect the portion of the line between B C in the point D, and measure the distance between A and D.

  34. Bisect these distances, and these again, till you have a very close row of tacks, as in Fig.

  35. Bisect one line of this square, and draw a line from this point to a point bisecting the opposite side.

  36. Through the point B draw the straight line 12--6 parallel and equal to the line A C, and let the point B bisect it.

  37. The perradial spines of the corners of the basal ring alternate regularly with the interradial ascending bars, which bisect the sides of the ring, as in Dictyocha.

  38. V you shall thus make in its square: Bisect c.

  39. Then bisect the narrow transverse strip which is above the line e.

  40. Next you shall make the letter C in its own square thus: Bisect the square a.

  41. I bisect AD at E, and with O as centre, and EO as interval describe the circle XY, and with E as centre, and EA or ED as interval describe the circle Y.

  42. I bisect AG at F, and with O as centre, and OF as interval, describe the circle Z.

  43. I arranged my napkin upon my knee, seized my knife and fork, and proceeded with most critical acumen to bisect a beefsteak.

  44. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "bisect" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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