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epulae; epulis; equability; equable; equably; equaled; equaling; equalisation; equalise; equalised
  1. A splendid big fellow he was, she noted as he came on, riding a splendid big horse.

  2. Elmer sagged in his saddle as though he had been struck a heavy physical blow.

  3. Every man of them carried a rifle and side-arms.

  4. Shall I tell you what we both think of him?

  5. Knowing him a lawbreaker, have you the right to allow him to go farther and farther, just because in the end you hope to get him?

  6. There'll be more of his work soon, a robbery here or there, and he will grow so sure of himself that he'll get careless.

  7. Tom Cutter was waiting for Norton--merely to tell him that a stranger had come to San Juan, a Mexican with all the earmarks of a gentleman and a man of means.

  8. It was clear that the Kid was too badly hurt to think of making an escape, were such his desire.

  9. Every hour Ignacio came to the hotel to ask quietly for news.

  10. In her own room she stood a long time before her glass, seeking to read what lay in her own eyes.

  11. As was usual their regard was one of equal malevolence, of brimming, cold hatred.

  12. No one else can tell it so well, and certainly no one else has an equal pride or even an equal right in the matter.

  13. But no one man may write with equal pen of German history, of comparative mythology and philology, of theological dissertations, and of the pleasures of English rural life, while he adds to these a long list of novels.

  14. The little Frenchwoman scarcely ate anything, but drank champagne and chatted, with equal rapidity and equal composure.

  15. But Disraeli was the single person equal to the task.

  16. And, before ten, the two armies, equal in numbers, each being composed of less than five thousand men, were ranged in presence of one another for battle.

  17. His really strong intellect and wide knowledge and cultivation enabled him to meet the foremost men of letters on equal terms.

  18. When the Fire burned down London, sparing not even the great Cathedral, to say nothing of the Synagogue, this second Temple arose, equal in splendor to the first.

  19. The last kiss we must take; and would to Heaven The holy priest that gave our hands together Had given us equal virtues!

  20. He sharpened a controversial pen against the Jews and Mahometans; [38] and in every state he defended with equal zeal the divine light of Mount Thabor, a memorable question which consummates the religious follies of the Greeks.

  21. In earthly affairs, it is not easy to conceive how an assembly equal of legislators can bind their successors invested with powers equal to their own.

  22. The exclusion of the doge left room for the more equal merits of Boniface and Baldwin; and at their names all meaner candidates respectfully withdrew.

  23. Providence in this equal balance of states and princes.

  24. His first reception was equal to his wishes: the day of his entrance was a public festival; and his eloquence and authority revived the laws of the good estate.

  25. Even in the prosperous times of John Ducas Vataces, the byzants were composed in equal proportions of the pure and the baser metal.

  26. After his decease, the tedious and equal suspense of the conclave was fixed by the dexterity of the French faction.

  27. Footnote 19: The parasang in Xenophon is equal to thirty stadia; see ii.

  28. A measure, as is said below, equal to two Attic chœnices.

  29. But in another point of view it is of equal importance.

  30. The people of America have so patiently endured the various calamities of the war, that there is good reason to expect they will not shrink at this late hour from the imposition of just and equal taxes.

  31. I observed, if their trade should continue to be carried on by others, it must be indifferent to them whether it were done in English, Dutch, or American vessels, provided it was done to their equal advantage.

  32. You may rely on all the aid in my power to render, and I should be very happy if it could be equal to the present exigency.

  33. To reform our expenditure is an object of equal importance with the other, and it is in some degree within my power, as you will perceive it to have been subjected to my authority.

  34. The regular troops are so much improved in discipline and the habits of a military life, that they are at least equal to any troops in the world.

  35. These bills will be on an equal footing with all others drawn on Spain, and you will readily suppose it not to be in my power to put them on a better.

  36. All he could obtain from this Court was, that the amount of the April bills should be paid me in six equal monthly payments.

  37. Spherical case is effective at much greater distances, its range being nearly equal to that of solid shot.

  38. It is a provision which says, that no State may be deprived of its equal representation in the Senate, without its own consent.

  39. Slave States that year, if the ratio per capita were equal to that of the Free States.

  40. But there is another verity of equal importance, which ordinarily he does not take into consideration, namely: that the great mass of the people who form Society are not prepared for the change which he contemplates.

  41. They can also take in place of any part of the ration an amount equal in value of dried apples, dried peaches, pickles, etc.

  42. Theoretically, all individuals and orders are equal in the United States.

  43. Now the negro is a human being, as well as an apprentice or a redemptioner, though the Constitution does not consider him as the equal of either.

  44. The picture is equal to a volume of history and one of comedy, the two bound in one.

  45. White paper will receive any impression you please: can the human mind receive the impression that two and two are five, or that a part is equal to the whole?

  46. His neatness was equal to that of his office; he looked as though he were fresh from barber, haberdasher and tailor.

  47. And even Tom himself had to yield to this new Foley a reluctant admiration, he was so tireless, so aggressive, so equal to the occasion.

  48. Five minutes after the door had been opened there were thirty or forty men in the room, an equal number of each party, Foley among them.

  49. And the end was equal to his worst fears.

  50. One solitary rancho stood at about equal distances between the town and the rancheria; and was known among the rangers by the familiar sobriquet of the "half-way house.

  51. The white hunter reckons a grizzly bear equal in prowess to two Indians; while the Indian himself accounts the destruction of one of these animals a great feat in his life's history.

  52. Surely Moro was his equal in strength as in speed?

  53. Garey, with equal earnestness of manner--"hyur's another that swars the same oath!

  54. I doubt whether, in the whole history of war, can be found a conquest characterised by equal mildness and humanity with the "Second Conquest of Mexico.

  55. It was the chondrosium foeneum, the favourite food of horses and cattle, and in its effects upon their condition almost equal to the bean or the oat.

  56. My rifle was equal to this range, and I prepared to fire.

  57. This he was to do by adding a large stone to his own weight--making both at least equal to that of Garey, who was by far the heaviest of the party.

  58. For a long time he kept up this singular process of conjuration-- alternating his glances in equal distribution between the hollow cylinder and the circle of vision that comprehended within its circumference the Comanche encampment.

  59. Fortune I might never have to equal hers, but fame is worthy wealth, and glory mates with beauty.

  60. It was of nearly equal width at top and bottom, and its bed was covered with a debris of rocks rounded by attrition.

  61. The movement was soon completed, and six pair of them were now ranged before us at equal distances from each other.

  62. The lake is a fine piece of water, over twenty miles long, and about a mile in breadth, nearly equal in size to Kamloops Lake.

  63. In appearance the rainbow is well worthy of its name, and may justly claim to be the equal in beauty, if not the superior, of any of the Salmonidæ.

  64. The regulations of the Club provide that the line must not be more than 24-ply, which is about equal in thickness to a not very strong salmon trolling line; 9-ply is about the size of a trout line.

  65. In the West a drink puts everyone on equal terms, and at once establishes a feeling of camaraderie.

  66. All men are equal in the West; there must be no question of standing on one's dignity.

  67. Nothing will ever equal that moment of joyous excitement which filled my whole being when I felt myself flying away from the earth.

  68. Suppose an impossibility, namely, that a balloon could carry with it a force equal to 400 horse-power; this result would be of little use, for under the immense weight the fragile covering of the balloon would instantly collapse.

  69. It would require a power equal to 400 horses for the sails of a ship to struggle on equal terms with the wind.

  70. This was done on the supposition that, when the balloon rose high, the hydrogen being rarefied would compress the little globe within, and press out of it a quantity of ordinary air equal to the amount of its dilation.

  71. Nothing could equal the simple and tender regard of the country people, their admiration, and their lively emotion.

  72. It was the first time that human beings had ever been carried to an equal elevation, and the spectators were astonished to find that they could remain there without danger and without alarm.

  73. A balloon, filled with hydrogen gas, displaces an equal volume of atmospheric air; but as the gas is much lighter than the air, it is pushed up by a force equal to the difference of the density of air and hydrogen gas.

  74. Men came running together from all directions, while all the animals rushed away with equal precipitation, no doubt taking the balloon for some wild beast.

  75. The balloon then rises in the atmosphere to where it reaches layers of air of a density exactly equal to its own, and when it gets there it remains poised in its place.

  76. Hams, fowls and dessert only appear to disappear with an equal promptitude, and we quench our thirst with bordeaux and champagne.

  77. But wishing to be equal to God, he died .

  78. Christ, and in the work of faith, my grief would be so extreme that nothing could equal it.

  79. This wound was not sufficient to make the glory of the Dominicans equal to that of the Franciscans.

  80. It really does appear that Reichel's logic, his power of visualising simple things and processes, and his knowledge of the evolution of defensive armour everywhere, were not equal to his industry and classical erudition.

  81. Though not an orator, he is a ready speaker, both on the platform and in the House, and has hitherto proved fully equal to the requirements of his position.

  82. The malady has since partially subsided, but His Grace still suffers constantly, more or less, and his strength is by no means equal to what his appearance would indicate.

  83. In the event of his prospects in Canada turning out equal to his anticipations he purposed to remove his family thither.

  84. In Canada his sympathies were entirely with the Reformers throughout their long struggle to obtain Responsible Government and equal rights for all.

  85. Soon after I was obliged to take an equal share of the sheep and goats.

  86. Footnote 18: These fish are very small, the largest not equal in size to a small herring.

  87. The fact was, these people are so avaricious, whether friends or enemies, there is equal cause to be suspicious of either.

  88. The same artisan wrought with equal confidence in precious metals.

  89. But nothing can equal the generous assistance I received from Aaron the Jew, and his wives, notwithstanding the ingratitude which they have often experienced from many Christian slaves.

  90. I took it in my arms, and proceeded to carry it, with equal haste and care, to my master's favourite.

  91. I believe there has never been any thing seen equal to it in any country; and, I am persuaded that, had our ancient travellers known it, they would not have failed to have included it among the wonders of the world.

  92. Thorstein showed an utter dislike of this undertaking, saying, "It is the most heinous thing that you kinsmen should go on killing each other off like that; and now there are but few men left in your family equal to Bolli.

  93. He was a big man, and shapely of body; and though he was called a thrall, yet few could be found his equal amongst those called freemen, and he knew well how to serve his master.

  94. Sidenote: Gudrun marries Thorvald] The matter was not taken up in a very adverse manner, yet Osvif said that against the match it would tell, that he and Gudrun were not of equal standing.

  95. He was so handsome that his equal was not to be found, and when he was twelve years old he rode to the Thing meeting, and men in other countrysides looked upon it as a great errand to go, and to wonder at the splendid way he was made.

  96. He should also buy her jewels, so that no woman of equal wealth should have better to show.

  97. She was the first nun and recluse in Iceland, and by all folk it is said that Gudrun was the noblest of women of equal birth with her in this land.

  98. Thou shalt take three mirrors, and set two of them at an equal distance from thee, and let the other, further removed, meet thine eyes between the first two.

  99. To this time Dante had felt no joy equal to that afforded him by this song.

  100. Now he knows the merit of his song, so far as it was the effect of his own counsel,[2] by the recompense which is equal to it.

  101. The circle of the Rose is divided in two equal parts.

  102. Lucifer fell through pride, fancying himself, though a created being, equal to his Creator.

  103. Although the more distant image reach thee not so great in quantity, thou wilt then see how it cannot but be of equal brightness.

  104. And I can tell you,” replied the tree, “there are feet that can pass over a space equal to that in a moment, and in one short hour can go farther than you in all the days of your life.

  105. Not many weeks after this rich blossoms burst forth on both vines, giving to each an equal promise of fruit.

  106. They took different roads, which were, however, of about equal lengths.

  107. Being nearly of an age and about equal in size, they were mated in harness, and, working well together, were kept as a pair.

  108. The latitude of the southern façade is taken, in the official geography and cosmography of France, for the latitude of Paris, so that the Paris meridian cuts the building into two equal parts.

  109. Opposite this door, and beyond a vast paved court, are thirty-two pavilions, separated into equal groups by three horizontal and three transversal streets, intersecting each other at right angles.

  110. The statue of Abailard is probably of equal authenticity.

  111. The depth of the well is equal to the height of the towers of Notre Dame.

  112. The idea of Cardinal Richelieu in creating it was to maintain the unity of the French language, and consequently of France, while giving to talent equal distinction with rank, birth, and official service.

  113. Their fault is that they believe an amiable woman must be too accessible, and that a certain liberty of manners implies an equal liberty of conduct.

  114. He might fairly pretend to Kaisership and to Austrian ownership,--had he otherwise been equal to such enterprises.

  115. Giving proof that real Captains, taciturn Sons of Anak, are still born in England; and Sea-kings, equal to any that were.

  116. Still, I think we should have equal chances.

  117. I am sure that he has not his equal in the wide world!

  118. Mrs. Chetwode, as usual, rose equal to the emergency.

  119. For thus the combined fleet would be not merely equal to the enemy's fleet, if it should chance to come in contact with you, but, as we are justified in hoping, far superior.

  120. In a northerly direction the epidemic spread with equal virulence.

  121. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "equal" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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