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Example sentences for "counterfeit"

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counterchanged; countercheck; counterclaim; counterclockwise; countered; counterfeited; counterfeiter; counterfeiters; counterfeiting; counterfeits
  1. On the stake he wrote kindred words, converting it into the counterfeit of a sotoba.

  2. Her counterfeit presentment (by Unkei) can be well seen at the Enno[u]ji of Kamakura.

  3. The "sham," or counterfeit edition of the K.

  4. I even tried to catch his bent of mind from his counterfeit presentments, so that nothing might be lacking in my intended effort.

  5. When I had completed my make-up, I am sure that had Francis and I chanced to meet in the street, he would have believed that he looked upon his own counterfeit presentment in a mirror.

  6. It is evident therefore that counterfeit and spurious religious teaching, antiquated forms of belief and ancestral imitations which are at variance with the foundations of divine reality must also pass away and be re-formed.

  7. The counterfeit or imitation of true religion has adulterated human belief and the foundations have been lost sight of.

  8. Now a counterfeit here is most dangerous, is most destructive.

  9. Thy life lies at stake; the counterfeit of things is dangerous; everybody that is aware, is afraid thereof.

  10. Oh, woe to him who accepts this election, and yet, failing through idleness to carry on the noble merchandise, appears week by week empty-handed or with merely counterfeit treasure in his hands!

  11. He also knew several languages, could imitate different dialects, and counterfeit male and female voices so that very few could detect him.

  12. Only lately did I receive a letter asking my pardon if schemes were made on my behalf without my privity, nor can anything be easier than to counterfeit a cipher, as was lately proved by a young man in France.

  13. Yea, but the counterfeit was good enough for my Lord who sees nothing but what is before his nose, and for my mother who sees nothing but what she will see.

  14. Clever in discerning externals, unscrupulous copyists and plagiarists, they crowd round every original phenomenon, be it healthy or unhealthy, and without loss of time set about disseminating counterfeit copies of it.

  15. Compare this pitiable attempt to counterfeit ‘impressionism’ with the French models quoted in the preceding chapter.

  16. Music in order to please must either counterfeit religious devotion, or agitate the mind by its form.

  17. Flattery got his thrift by counterfeit honesty; Yet, by these ten bones!

  18. But doing, as I will now, counterfeit my name, I speed all my purposes, and yet escape blame.

  19. This ninth hath beguiled the king of his custom; This tenth of selling counterfeit wares hath come.

  20. Not that faith and hope are deficient, if they be right, but they are both of them counterfeit when not attended with a reverent use of all the means: upon the reverent use of which the soul is put by this grace of fear.

  21. By giving of us counterfeit representations of God.

  22. They are therefore relatively stable, and counterfeit immobility so well that we treat each of them as a thing rather than as a progress, forgetting that the very permanence of their form is only the outline of a movement.

  23. They counterfeit suns and moons, and sit on ships' masts.

  24. If one lose his company by chance, these devils will call him by his name, and counterfeit voices of his companions to seduce him.

  25. He is only able to bring a counterfeit of Justina to her lover.

  26. The need of lady members of the police force was never illustrated any better than when the police arrested the women for passing counterfeit silver quarters, about six months ago.

  27. They all admitted that we were right, and that it was a counterfeit well calculated to deceive, and we believe now that the woman was convicted of counterfeiting mainly on the testimony of the reporters.

  28. The artist was thinking of the fascinating portrait which hangs in the Barberini Palace, not of the wooden counterfeit presentment so familiar to buyers of cheap chromo-lithographs.

  29. Good, the genuine article, can never be mistaken for evil, although evil, I grant you, may counterfeit good.

  30. Whether or not the bovine features in Marshall's engraving are a libel on the poet, it is to be regretted that oblivion has not laid its erasing finger on that singularly unpleasant counterfeit presentment.

  31. Queen Mary was a maniac; but the successor of Torquemada was the incarnation of cruelty pure and simple, and I have a mind to let my counterfeit presentment of him stand on its head for the rest of its natural life.

  32. It is evident therefore that counterfeit and spurious religious teaching, antiquated forms of belief and ancestral imitations which are at variance with the foundation of divine reality must also pass away and be reformed.

  33. A man can counterfeit love, he can counterfeit faith, he can counterfeit hope and all the other graces, but it is very difficult to counterfeit humility.

  34. O, now I have it: I must go to my master's house and counterfeit the Dutchman, and get my young mistress.

  35. But soft: how shall I do to counterfeit the Dutchman, because I speak English so like a natural?

  36. You come hither to steal my glasses, and then counterfeit you are going to your quean's.

  37. A counterfeit is as good as ever we'll get--and it's as good as we're entitled to.

  38. It is hard to maintain an attitude of opulence on less than nothing; it would be so much easier to have done with this counterfeit gesture and trust to a straightforward appeal.

  39. Gray winked elaborately--nothing could have been more deliberately offensive than that counterfeit of a friendly understanding.

  40. For some reason this counterfeit pleased him; it was extremely agreeable even to pretend a close acquaintance with this girl.

  41. She was so young, so cool, so disconcertingly straightforward that, in contrast, his own age appeared the greater, and his many counterfeit qualities were thrown into uglier relief.

  42. Most of the counterfeit bezoars come from Succadanea in Borneo.

  43. Toleration is not the opposite of intolerance, but is the counterfeit of it.

  44. But of what they call counterfeit pleasures they make naught; as of pride in apparel and gems, or in vain honours; or of dicing; or hunting, which they deem the most abject kind of butchery.

  45. The counterfeit was readily to be detected by suspending the piece in wine, the acid of which acted upon the spurious element, and turned the metal black.

  46. Victor said, "This waxen mimic and copy of life had always made him sad, and that he could not even see his own wax counterfeit in St. Luna without shuddering.

  47. Thou draw'st a counterfeit Best in all Athens.

  48. Strike me the counterfeit matron: It is her habit only that is honest, Herself's a bawd.

  49. I was in Mason & Fettig's, five or six blocks above, when some one came into the other room and passed a counterfeit ten-dollar bill on the proprietor.

  50. You are a forger, Agnew, and you have lately been passing counterfeit money!

  51. Why did he then thus counterfeit her looks?

  52. He that doth clip or counterfeit your stamp Shall die, my lord: and will your sacred self Commit high treason 'gainst the King of heaven, To stamp his image in forbidden metal, Forgetting your allegiance and your oath?

  53. Will Satan and his agents attempt to counterfeit the coming of Christ, and work signs and wonders to confirm their pretentious claims?

  54. Now, as a counterfeit test, fire will be made to come down from heaven to confirm men in an idolatrous and false worship.

  55. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "counterfeit" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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