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Example sentences for "embellished"

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  1. With these views, Dioclesian had selected and embellished the residence of Nicomedia.

  2. Cheaper Edition, in 8vo, embellished with Portraits of Lady Blessington and Lord Byron, price only 7s.

  3. The artistic setting of it, born of the years through which it has lived, fashioned by the minds which have handed it down and embellished it through the generations, has helped its life.

  4. This collection abounds in old scholastic divinity, and possesses many volumes, embellished by the most expert illuminators of different countries, in a succession of periods down to the sixteenth century.

  5. The check paper was unique to the Bank and embellished with distinctive scroll work to serve as an obstacle to fraud.

  6. The road to it passed over low ranges of hills close to the sea through a true natural park, which had here and there been embellished by the help of art.

  7. Its summit is embellished by a well-preserved fortification, which is called the remains of the Castle of Akrokorinth, and was used by the Turks in the last war as a fortress.

  8. Settle's is said to have been the first play embellished with sculptures; those ornaments seem to have given poor Dryden great disturbance.

  9. She had read a great deal; and her mind, originally elegant and refined, was highly cultivated, and embellished with all the knowledge that could be acquired from the best authors in the modern languages.

  10. As they stretched to vague distances they became blue, and farther on the great azure domes merged into a still more tender hue, and this in turn melted into a soft indeterminate tint that embellished the faint horizon.

  11. No; the summer was over for the garden as well as for him; all forlorn and rifled, its few swaying shrubs tossed wildly about, a mockery of the grace and bloom that had once embellished it.

  12. It came down in numbers once a fortnight, in Cooke's pocket-edition, embellished with cuts.

  13. Lady Eleanor has a charming face, embellished with the glow of health; her whole appearance and manner announce vivacity and the most unaffected gaiety.

  14. Hindu towns, which had preceded it, and was embellished by him with fine buildings of marble, brought from a distance.

  15. The story was afterwards developed, and embellished by additions; but in the above shape it dates back to the 4th century; and as the main fact seems accepted by Aristotle, it is probably authentic.

  16. Ahmedabad as ``very rich and well embellished with good streets and squares supplied with houses of stone and cement.

  17. A similar fringe embellished the draping of the skirt.

  18. Trimmed and embellished with the graceful excuse of "duty," I should now ride boldly up to the hacienda, and enter its gates with the confident air of a welcome guest.

  19. With a disposition naturally lively, she was still attached to serious pursuits; and her mind was well stored with all useful information, and embellished with every feminine accomplishment.

  20. Four villanous-looking fellows supported a common coffin, over which was thrown a scanty pall, full of holes, and so ragged at the edges that it seemed as if it were embellished with a fringe.

  21. In an arm-chair, behind a desk raised upon a species of dais, sate the commissioner, embellished with a wig and gown.

  22. Others denoted that the projectors had triumphed over the little difficulty of obtaining good names to form a board; and the upper part of this class of prospectuses was embellished with a perfect array of M.

  23. Her countenance having embellished statues, was now transferred to canvass.

  24. The windows of the villa were embellished with flowers in pots and vases of curious workmanship; and outside the casements of the chambers upon the first floor were suspended cages containing beautiful singing birds.

  25. The magnificent Banqueting House, the masterpiece of Inigo, embellished by masterpieces of Rubens, had been prepared for a great ceremony.

  26. The manners of the Dutch nobility of that age wanted the grace which was found in the highest perfection among the gentlemen of France, and which, in an inferior degree, embellished the Court of England; and his manners were altogether Dutch.

  27. The exterior is a fine specimen of the Renaissance style of architecture, and is embellished with a great many fine statues, busts and medallions.

  28. But inside, the facades are embellished with fine carvings, allegorical figures, the window arches having medallions of eminent men of ancient times.

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