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Example sentences for "embellishments"

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  1. The style of Aristotle has nothing to attract those who prefer the embellishments of a work to its subject- matter and the scientific results which it presents.

  2. Since his time the Cathedral has undergone several alterations and embellishments at the fostering care of several succeeding prelates.

  3. How long will it be before the imagination of a people who are so fast getting to measure all greatness, whether in nature or art, by the yard-stick, will think of those embellishments for Niagara?

  4. In this case the positive prevails over the assumed, and the imagination finds both and easier duty, and all it wants, in throwing around the stores of memory, the tints and embellishments that are wanting to complete the charm.

  5. A just value was at that time set upon the exertions of Mrs. Robinson, by the conductors of the paper, who "considered them as one of the principal embellishments and supports of their journal.

  6. Grimy fingers were surreptitiously thrust into the preserves to be licked off under the table-cloth, and nimble juvenile digits pilfered the choice sugar embellishments of sundry cakes.

  7. Clasped in her arms and crying silently, he listened to Mr. McLeish's story--told with all technical embellishments through nervousness and an effort to keep from tears.

  8. In order to promote the wishes and intention of the author, and to give the work the widest circulation, it has been printed in its present form, at one-third of the original price, with embellishments by the most talented artists.

  9. The second time through, the singers seem to be striving to repeat the first line of the movement with embellishments consisting of inverted mordents, appogiature, and trills.

  10. The cleaving of the woman Thalatth in twain, and the beheading of Belus, are embellishments of this latter character; they are plainly and evidently mythological; nor can we suppose them to have been at any time regarded as facts.

  11. It is at least doubtful whether we ought to allow any weight at all to the additions and embellishments with which later writers, so much wiser than Moses, have overlaid the simplicity of his narrative.

  12. You surrounded yourself with every material comfort; you added to these substantial appliances all the embellishments and all the refinements of life.

  13. Art and culture are God's own gifts, legitimate embellishments of life, even of worship, which is the highest form of life.

  14. In the hall are some good fragments of old glass, some of it probably part of the original embellishments of the house, though some may have been brought from the Cathedral, and some is again quite modern.

  15. There are thus thirty statues in all, and most were no doubt carved at the time of the erection of the front; but two or three appear to be of earlier date, and may possibly have formed part of the embellishments of the Saxon church.

  16. Such is the substance of this exquisite song with its chivalrous melody, surrounded by rococo embellishments that seem as appropriate to the pretty page as are his Louis Quinze slippers and point-lace ruffs.

  17. The musical thoughts are put down in the plainest, straightest way, in strong contrast to the old Italian style, whose profuse embellishments remind one of ornate penmanship.

  18. It will be seen that Tulsi Das is thoroughly Hindu: neither his fundamental ideas nor his mythological embellishments owe anything to Islam or Christianity.

  19. But the embellishments of poets and story-tellers have been so many that we can only point to features which may indicate a substratum of fact.

  20. These fables they arranged in order, adorned with the embellishments of fancy, amplified from their own invention, and stamped with immortality.

  21. The Historical theory; according to which all the persons mentioned in mythology were once real human beings, and the legends and fabulous traditions relating to them are merely the additions and embellishments of later times.

  22. Embellishments are easily added, once the structure is solidly built.

  23. All these several embellishments a nice observation would determine to be executed in oil painting, upon wooden screens sawed into the requisite figures.

  24. The drunkenness, and the lying out all night, appear to have been the embellishments of scandal.

  25. It is difficult to conceive that anybody could be injured by reading her confessions, which have nothing alluring, but with Warton, we must condemn the taste which could select the story as a ground-work for the embellishments of modern verse.

  26. Footnote 11: This line is another of the embellishments which Pope engrafted on the original.

  27. In adding the embellishments would have been a sufficient surprise to her dear mama.

  28. About the wide, plain room with its few embellishments the guests are grouped in a circle.

  29. Spectacular embellishments are so costly that, according to the system now in vogue, the performance of a play of Shakespeare involves heavy financial risks.

  30. Many Professors are of Opinion, that in Graces there is no room for the marked Divisions, unless mix'd with some of the aforesaid Embellishments or some other agreable Accidents.

  31. Among all the Embellishments in the Art of Singing, there is none so easy for the Master to teach, or less difficult for the Scholar to learn, than the Appoggiatura.

  32. He will have no Manner of Esteem for those who have no other Graces than gradual Divisions[102]; and will tell you, Embellishments of this Sort are only fit for Beginners.

  33. The embellishments were like a cobweb--so fine--or like the texture of costliest lace.

  34. There are various embellishments in use, some of which are expressed in notation, such as the cadenza, the group of grace notes, the appogiatura.

  35. It used to be customary for singers and instrumentalists to take more liberty in the introduction of graces and embellishments than is allowed in modern times, or is possible with modern compositions.

  36. Elsewhere, in Paris for instance, new districts have been erected and embellishments have been carried out with the capital of the country--the money saved by dint of thrift.

  37. She lingered over minor embellishments till the other occupants had left the room, when she found some pretext to send away the attendant also.

  38. I fear, supplied her with other embellishments at the same time.

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