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Example sentences for "embers"

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  1. Blind Rock was so called because the Indians brought a white man there, and tearing his eyes out, flung them into embers at the foot of the stone.

  2. Then, at the embers of a fire he kindled an arrow wrapped in the down of cottonwood and shot it into a haystack in the court.

  3. With a quick stroke of the axe he cleft the skull of the shrinking wretch, and then, cutting off his scalp, the Indian ran to the cottage where sat the abandoned wife, weeping before the embers of her fire.

  4. I gazed and dreamed, and the dull embers stirred, Till an old legend that I once had heard Came back to me; linked to the mystic gloom Of that dark Picture in the ghostly room.

  5. The dreamer sat watching His embers gleam, While his heart was floating Down hope's bright stream; .

  6. Should the embers on the hearth go out, someone must tramp to a neighbor's and fetch fire on a torch.

  7. A ruddy glow from the embers showed the family in all postures of deep, healthy slumber.

  8. The ruddy embers became a radiant vista, which Pride and Hope and Joy filled with all that he wanted to see.

  9. Never saw such a grumbler, Shorty," said Si cheerily, as he punched the soaked embers together to start a blaze to boil their coffee by.

  10. Then he extinguished the lamps, permitting the glowing embers to throw a dim light around the room and to magnify the objects which were almost immersed in gloom.

  11. There are still some embers on the hearth there, and a pile of brush beside it.

  12. The street was full of smoke now, and flying embers alighted on their shoulders and burned their clothes, and the wild heat and the scorching flames were madly tearing through to their faces.

  13. It was here they sat with wildly staring eyes, looking out into the night, while all around them the embers flew about, and the heavens were red with the sporting flames.

  14. The blinding smoke rolled heavenwards in a thick heavy mass; the flying embers were carried along for miles, and the brisk north-western wind brought the destroying flame to a thousand households.

  15. Will there be anything left us to-morrow morning better or worse than a heap of embers and ashes?

  16. Van Brunt kicked the embers of the fire savagely and sat down.

  17. There were sharp yelps of pain and swift odors of burning hair and flesh as he rolled in the dirt and the woman ground the fiery embers into his mouth.

  18. And in a vision, painted like a picture in the air, I saw the elfish figure of a man with frosty hair-- A quaint old man that chuckled with a laugh as he appeared, And with ruddy cheeks like embers in the ashes of his beard.

  19. But as I gaze, the city's walls Are keenly smitten with a gleam Of pallid splendor, that appalls The fancy as the ruin falls In ashen embers of a dream.

  20. Homer speaks of a man, in a lonely upland hut, who carefully keeps the embers alive, that he may not have to go far afield in search of the seed of fire.

  21. Heaps of embers (Pineus acervus) are made, and water is thrown on the ground.

  22. Again, in a case where butter is poured over the embers to make a blaze, 'one of the tribal priests, in a state of religious afflatus, walks through the fire.

  23. The farmhouses were warmly built and hale and strong; no winter blast should rage so bitterly as to shake them, or scatter the hospitable embers on the hearth.

  24. The embers of the great fire had so far burned themselves out, and now glowed so low and duskily, that I understood why these conspirators desired a torch.

  25. The iron fire basket was carried bodily out by Mr. Trelawney, and the embers smothered among sand.

  26. It was red and hot, and now and again it was a little darkened--as it were the embers of a bonfire smoldering.

  27. On the other side of the house an immense fire had burned itself into clear embers and shed a steady, red reverberation, contrasting strongly with the mellow paleness of the moon.

  28. Was the fort still there, or did the smoke arise from the smoldering embers of the building they had helped to fashion for the housing of their party?

  29. The wood embers seemed capable of burning for ever, provided there was enough fat!

  30. During their further wanderings from floe to floe, they carried with them the embers of wood and treasured every little piece of rag and paper "to keep the lamp of our life burning as long as we should have seal fat.

  31. He did not sleep much that night, but dozed and woke again many times,--piling green wood upon the embers every time, so that the smoke thus engendered should keep off the mosquitoes from him.

  32. He began piling lumps of coal upon the embers in a scientific manner, to which a blaze quickly responded; when he swept up the hearth, and uttered an exclamation of satisfaction as he bent to kiss his mother's face.

  33. We rarely have a great gentleman by the side of our embers and oven.

  34. Beneath the rude spit, half-hidden by the growth of the summer, lay the embers of the abandoned camp-fires that had warmed and comforted Hank and his companions the preceding winter.

  35. This he would have plunged into the smouldering embers of his forge and, entirely forgetful of your presence, would have seized the handle of the bellows, his eyes intent on the blaze, his lips muttering broken sentences.

  36. Oliver raked the charred embers from under the tangled vines that hid them, while Margaret peeled the bark from a silver-birch for kindling.

  37. When it was over he sat down by the embers and lit his pipe, the yellow dog lying at his feet.

  38. Another blow upon the gable of the house, and a torrent of spray leaped down the chimney, scattered the embers far and wide, and left him in utter darkness.

  39. The embers which they scraped together afforded them heat for some time longer--then, by degrees, those died out.

  40. As the embers of their fire died out, Foubister, brave and determined man as he was, had exclaimed, "Why need we go further?

  41. AT THE END OF THE WORLD In the lodge of the Mother of Men, In the land of Desire, Are the embers of fire, Are the ashes of those who return.

  42. The preface to Embers says all that need be said about a collection which is, on the whole, merely a book of youth and memory and impressionism in verse.

  43. It brought to view two forms rolled in blankets, sleeping soundly before the dying embers of last night's woodfire.

  44. Bill and Dorothy were about to move from their cramped positions when they saw the old man raise a finger to his lips in warning as apparently he studied the glowing embers of the fire.

  45. Great glowing embers were being carried by the wind into the middle of the yard, but this danger had been seen, and several men were putting out the big sparks as fast as they fell.

  46. Bert, and the lads with the long hooks began scattering the still glowing embers of the boards that had formed the shack.

  47. Mayall waited in sleepless anxiety, thinking that when the embers of his fire died away the young panthers might approach.

  48. He soon discovered by the flickering of the embers that the Indian on the watch had fallen asleep, with the stolen child nestling between him and the Indian warrior beside him.

  49. Roland Sefton was crouching over the dying embers on the hearth, more in the utter misery of soul than in bodily chilliness, though he felt cold and shivering, as if stripped of all that made life desirable to him.

  50. There was a small stove in one corner of the hovel, where a handful of embers could be seen at times, like the eye of some wild creature lurking in the deep gloom.

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