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Example sentences for "embezzling"

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embers; embezzle; embezzled; embezzlement; embezzler; embitter; embittered; embittering; embitterment; embitters
  1. The rapacious governor had daily opportunities of embezzling and extorting; and of those opportunities he availed himself without scruple or shame.

  2. There were also great complaints of an ill administration, chiefly in the revenue, in the pay of the army, and in the embezzling of stores.

  3. Nor did he cease his intrigues against Scipio until by calumnious and false accusations he drove him out of Rome, and stigmatized his brother with the disgraceful charge of embezzling the public money.

  4. Booth with embezzling the sum of 6 pounds 13s.

  5. At the Norfolk Assizes, held at Thetford, Thomas William Middleton, for embezzling money the property of Messrs.

  6. The country had no charms for him, however, and he set about procuring a situation in some retail shop in town, for the sole purpose of embezzling the receipts.

  7. Three indictments were read, with two counts in each, charging the prisoner with secreting and embezzling three notes.

  8. Embezzling commences only when the sum has reached a round figure.

  9. The modern ground of acquittal urged is this, that we cannot for a moment conceive a pure and high-souled patriot, who had risked all for the national cause, to have been guilty of taking bribes or embezzling money.

  10. But a larger question arises when we find him arraigned for embezzling a sum of money brought to Athens by a fugitive defaulter from Alexander's treasury, and moreover convicted of the embezzlement.

  11. Every time the auditors check my stock and accounts I tremble in fear, for embezzling books is more dangerous than embezzling credit at the bank.

  12. He made millions in a period of general starvation, and cleared at least a hundred thousand dollars by embezzling the shoe leather during a retreat.

  13. Henry the Seventh), embezzling of goods committed by the master to the servant above the value of forty shillings (Ann.

  14. According to your story the mate is guilty of embezzling money belonging to another, with which he was entrusted.

  15. There's a warrant for him, and he's charged with embezzling fifteen hundred dollars.

  16. Buttifant pleaded not guilty to the charge of forging certain documents, but guilty to embezzling various sums.

  17. They soon discovered a most iniquitous scene of fraud, which had been acted by Robinson and Thompson, in concert with some of the directors, for embezzling the capital, and cheating the proprietors.

  18. He had pleaded guilty to embezzling a sum of £4,875 odd.

  19. Officials were ill paid, or not paid at all, and they supported themselves by embezzling funds or by selling justice.

  20. But the Lord Deputy was not conciliated, and accused Agard of cooking his accounts, and of embezzling 2,000l.

  21. Guiral, the embezzling inquisitor of Cordova, could easily secrete a hundred and fifty thousand maravedis from the dispensations sold to the wearers of the sanbenito (Vol.

  22. Among the inquisitors we recognize the notorious Lucero and his predecessor in Cordova, the embezzling Dr.

  23. As, by this time, the fines and penalties were invariably applied to the Inquisition, the pretence of appropriating to pious uses was presumably a mere device for embezzling them.

  24. For opening or embezzling a letter the highest penalty which the law allowed was a fine of L20.

  25. This reform was very unwelcome to the Portuguese factors and officials, who had hitherto made large profits by {162} selling the European goods and embezzling part of the price paid for them.

  26. He had taken harsh measures against embezzling officials and insubordinate captains, and during his ten years of government he made numerous enemies.

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