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Example sentences for "tremble"

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trellis; trellised; trellises; trematode; trematodes; trembled; tremblement; tremblements; trembler; trembles
  1. And dost thou tremble for my life, and mock me with the name of duke the while thou wouldst forbid me hope.

  2. Pleasure shall reign supreme, and the Bacchanal dance so wildly beat the ground that the dark kingdom of the shades below shall tremble at the uproar!

  3. Does Fiesco tremble to encounter the first efforts of my sword?

  4. To-night I am going with him to Saint Cloud, and I tremble lest he may fall dead by my side in the carriage.

  5. His colleagues, who lately spoke of him with more pity than respect, tremble at his words to-day.

  6. The gentle breeze that keeps the forest roof a-tremble whispers the promise of a cool day, but breaks it long before noontide.

  7. The very weeds are even now different from those of former years, and hosts of insects that had not been here before now fill the air and make it to tremble with their tireless wings.

  8. But tremble not, do not fear, for faith is at times very weak in the saints.

  9. So also Manasseh in his prayer, verses 4 and 5, confesses that all men tremble before the face of the Lord's anger.

  10. One thing was certain: Lienhard would watch her breathlessly, nay, tremble for her.

  11. He should tremble for her as did the gray-haired, scarred captain of the foot soldiers, Mannsbach, the day before yesterday.

  12. Polly, nervously, as she glanced at Tom's facial expression, and thought of the tremble in his voice as he spoke.

  13. It made even their courageous spirits tremble at sight of it.

  14. Mrs. Stevenson writes from there: "I suppose it comes from being so long a recluse, but seeing the few people I have seen has quite shattered my nerves, so that I tremble and can hardly speak.

  15. At last he got away, in what sort of garb I tremble to think, and he was hardly out of sight before I discovered all the things he had been in search of--in their right places, naturally.

  16. Opponents of the measure began to tremble for their seats owing to the action either of Government or of the Catholic vote.

  17. There," it continued, "you would meet only with men enervated by luxury, soft beings that would tremble before the soldiers of liberty.

  18. La Vasseur began to tremble for his command, as he beheld the reluctance of his soldiers to depart.

  19. See they not that it causes our women to be afraid, and our children to tremble in their terror.

  20. Let it be known, however, that all who lose heart, who tremble at this enterprise, to which God himself has summoned us, are at liberty to remain.

  21. In a voice low, and with a slight tremble in it, President Harrison began his fine tribute to the men who responded to the country's call.

  22. Czars tremble in its presence, and we may bring to bear upon this question a public sentiment, by bold and fearless denunciation of it, that will do a great deal towards correcting it.

  23. She held out her hands to him at first without a word; and when she could speak, said, with a tremble in her voice: "I have come to see the end of it.

  24. I shall tremble for her so long as she has nothing wherewithal to reproach herself.

  25. Tremble to pronounce that fatal name," said Mambres, the ancient eunuch and magician of the Pharoahs.

  26. I tremble to think I have so arduously strengthened prejudices, and he listens to simple nature only.

  27. The very sight of that enormous dog, with his wolf's head and terrible teeth, is enough to make one tremble at the injuries he might do one.

  28. Like Felix, we may tremble when the minister reasons of a judgment to come; and like Agrippa, we may be almost persuaded to be a Christian, and yet come short of the glory of God through procrastination.

  29. After this strange soliloquy, the speaker sobbed aloud, spoke in a suppressed voice for some time, and then began a strain so sweet and melancholy, that it thrilled the hearer, and made her tremble where she stood.

  30. Fain would I know thee, yet tremble to know!

  31. The sudden howl she gave made Curdie himself start and tremble for a moment.

  32. So he stepped straight in--I will not say without a little tremble at the thought of finding no floor beneath his foot.

  33. I tremble from head to foot, not because I fear your presence, for I am used to that, but because I fear that you will miss your chance for immortal rescue, and die.

  34. I hesitate to inform him of my affection--why do I blush and tremble at the mere idea?

  35. I tremble even for the excess of those virtues which I have laboured to cultivate in your lively and docile mind.

  36. To come face to face with anyone of the gang with the knowledge that I had but now left the palace after informing against them was of itself enough to make my knees tremble under me.

  37. We all believe that Monsieur Desmarais is not one of those suspicious and craven bourgeois who tremble at the revolution," John answered, as he made toward the door.

  38. I tremble to think of it--I may be sent to the guillotine to-morrow if Robespierre triumphs.

  39. Nevertheless, I can not help but tremble when I think of your being engaged in these struggles, which may at any time end in massacre.

  40. I would rather die than live any longer with my husband; but I tremble to think of the rage into which our resolution will throw him.

  41. Your house was not the only one to tremble at such felony," Victoria replied.

  42. Those obstinate questionings Of sense and outward things, Fallings from us, vanishings, Blank misgivings-- High instincts before which our moral nature Did tremble like a guilty thing surprised.

  43. Now he felt sure that his guess had been correct, for none but the serang would dare to occupy the cabin, and even he would no doubt have cause to tremble if his presumption should come to the Pirate's ears.

  44. Desmond was no coward, but he afterwards confessed that as he stood there watching the two faces, the dark lowering face of Angria, the smiling, scarcely less swarthy face of Diggle, he felt his knees tremble under him.

  45. Shall not the land tremble for this, and every one mourn that dwelleth therein?

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