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Example sentences for "felt sure"

  • I felt sure, however, that I should never marry Dorothy Vernon, and I do not mind telling you, even at this early stage in my history, that I was right in my premonition.

  • The note, he felt sure, was from Dorothy's unknown lover.

  • We were comfortable that night, as we had beds to lie upon; but I felt sure it would be for the last time, as it would be necessary to destroy much luggage, the men being too heavily laden.

  • We at length came to an exceedingly awkward place, that I felt sure would be well occupied.

  • He wished to kiss my hand, and to assure me how little his real character had been understood, and that he felt sure I had been influenced against him by others, but that in reality I had no servant so devoted as himself.

  • I felt sure that it would have been impossible for him to have escaped without the connivance of the sentry.

  • From my experience of Baris, I felt sure that I should never see Bedden again.

  • Yes," I answered, "I felt sure I did, but I had no chance to deliver it.

  • Mother had said that the Lord had shown her that she was saved, and I felt sure that as God is no respecter of persons, he must show me that I was saved too.

  • My first thought was that some of my younger brothers were carrying a light and trying to scare us; but when I saw that the light was so strong and moving so fast, I felt sure that I was mistaken.

  • It also enabled us to obtain forage for our well-nigh famished animals, and to prepare for fighting the enemy, who, I felt sure, would endeavor to interpose between my column and Richmond.

  • He felt sure he should sleep now: he had had enough to tire him, and there was no more need for him to think.

  • All this Clement saw, as in apocalyptic vision, stored up for the wife of Murray Bradshaw, if he read him rightly, as he felt sure he did, from the few times he had seen him.

  • When he learned that he was assiduously visiting The Poplars, and that he was in close communication with Miss Cynthia Badlam, he felt sure that he was pressing the siege of Myrtle's heart.

  • Cynthia had the power of furthering his wishes in many direct and indirect ways, and he felt sure of her cooperation.

  • Something, he felt sure,--something that like the clew to an.

  • He has declared that all the while he felt sure he would, before long, be able to pay them back, but they declared with equal emphasis that, at that time, they never expected to witness his success.

  • In spite of this, he felt sure that he was on the road to success, and that he would very soon be enabled to rise above his present difficulties, and win both fame and fortune.

  • That there was need of an independent journal of this kind he felt sure, and he knew the people of the country well enough to be confident that if such a journal could be properly placed before them, it would succeed.

  • In waking life I had never been near enough to her to notice a small scar, and Mimsey had no scar of the kind in the old days--of that I felt sure, for I had seen much of Mimsey lately.

  • As I made way for them I caught her eye, and in it again, as I felt sure, a kindly look of recognition--just for half a second.

  • No more frogs or newts or water-beetles, I felt sure; but gold and silver fish in vulgar Napoleonic profusion.

  • After waiting some little time, during which, I felt sure, he was waiting for me at the door of the burrow, I took out my pistol.

  • I did not know anything about his merits as a King; but hearing the name of Monmouth I felt sure, from the first, that I should hear more of what my father had told me.

  • Then, feeling happy at the thought of the coming contest, which, we felt sure, would be won by our side, we pressed our tired nags over the brook towards the steep hill which separates Charmouth from Lyme.

  • It must, he felt sure, have been one of the people of Sravasti; and he now remembered he had noticed that a good many of them had looked into his bowl with longing eyes, when they saw the money and precious stones in it.

  • He never again kept a secret from his wife; because he felt sure that, if he had told her the truth about the pitcher when he first came home, she would have helped him to save the precious treasure.

  • He felt sure that, if they knew he was now a king ruling over their native land, they would want to come back.

  • We sat in the bushes; soon Nick was on his back, asleep, and I was not sorry to see him go to sleep so quickly, for I felt sure that he would not have done so if he had meant to betray me.

  • I searched for a wounded man at the foot of a tree, but found none; yet I felt sure that I had fired over my man and had knocked another out from the tree above him.

  • Where I was I did not know, but I felt sure that I was flanking the rebels who had stopped the black horse.

  • I felt sure that I had leaned too far to the east, and was about to turn square to my left and seek the river, when I saw before me a smaller stream flowing westward.

  • For our educated ear had told us that the approaching rattle could only proceed from a dog-cart, and we felt sure it must be the funny man.

  • Some where in the world, I felt sure, justice and sympathy still resided.

  • I was tingling with my elation over my prospects of winning Vedia, for I felt sure of her personal favor, and the two notes from my great neighbors had thrown me into a sort of trance of rapture.

  • I felt sure that he had not the least suspicion of what was coming.

  • They clothed us in tunics innocent of any blood-stains, but which, we felt sure, had been taken from the corpses of our late associates.

  • When I conned myself in my dressing-room mirror, arrayed in such a superfluity of decorations and fripperies, I felt sure that no one would take me for a Roman.

  • I felt sure we should be," O'Grady said, triumphantly.

  • I thought I smelt fish frying, but I felt sure I must be mistaken.

  • I had forgotten what a church service was like; and Larry, I felt sure, had not attended church since the last time his family had dragged hint to choral vespers.

  • She had approached silently and was enjoying, I felt sure, my discomfiture at being taken unawares.

  • But I did not relish the idea of kneeling on the dock to fish for a pipe before a strange school-girl who was, I felt sure, anxious to laugh at me.

  • His only chance was to crawl through an area window I knew to be there, and this would, I felt sure, give him into my hands.

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    Some common collocations, pairs and triplets of words:
    felt about; felt assured; felt confident; felt disposed; felt happy; felt himself; felt inclined; felt like; felt much; felt myself; felt obliged; felt rather; felt ready; felt some; felt somewhat; felt that; felt when; first the; foreign influence; good vinegar; grated nutmeg; mental reservation; well written; where the public mind shall rest; wide circuit; will plant