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neahly; nean; neanmoins; neantmoins; neap; nearabout; nearby; neare; neared; nearer
  1. She was unable then to converse with me on all the lamentable events which had occurred since the time of my leaving her, having on guard near her an officer whom she dreaded more than all the others.

  2. The Chevalier de Dampierre was killed near the King's carriage upon leaving Varennes.

  3. A man of great height and horrible appearance, one of such as were to be seen at the head of all the insurrections, drew near the Dauphin, whom the Queen was leading by the hand, and took him up in his arms.

  4. Two persons who drew near the King's carriage were very ill treated.

  5. The Queen had the bed of her first femme de chambre placed very near her own; this bed, which ran on casters, and was furnished with curtains, hid her from the officer's sight.

  6. A poor village cure, some leagues from the place where the crime was committed, was imprudent enough to draw near to speak to the King; the cannibals who surrounded the carriage rushed upon him.

  7. Near the grille, on the side next the bridge, the men who conducted me asked whither I wished to go.

  8. During the Reign of Terror I withdrew to the Chateau de Coubertin, near that of Dampierre.

  9. When the female forages near the nest, she may drag the young with her instead of leaving them, but she can detach them instantly if she so desires.

  10. In most instances, the female was released at the point of capture (presumably near her nest burrow) with the young clinging to her teats.

  11. The voyagers visited the Natchez Indians, near the site of the present city of that name, where they found a 'religious and political despotism, a privileged class descended from the sun, a temple and a sacred fire.

  12. On a certain day near the beginning of April, 1863, we were ordered to prepare for a grand review of our corps.

  13. Whoever visits the Soldiers' Cemetery near Culpeper will there find a part of the sequel of that night-march; the remainder is scattered far and wide over the hills of Virginia, and in forgotten places among the pines.

  14. I had just come in from a trip through the woods in quest of water at a spring near an old deserted log-house about a half-mile to the south of our camp, when, throwing down my heavy canteens, I made the above interrogatory of my chum.

  15. Somewhere within the inclosure, usually near the centre of it, was the magazine, where the powder and shells were stored.

  16. I went down the road here about a quarter of a mile and came out near General Grant's headquarters, in a clearing.

  17. Finding an old gateway near by, with high stone posts on either side, I took refuge there; and feeling tolerably safe behind my tall defence, turned about and looked toward the river.

  18. Not a hint of vexation had been allowed to come near her, thanks to the quiet intervention of Edgar Bradgate, and she knew that she could trust to him to shield her still, if such shielding were necessary.

  19. She had a horror of strange horses, and would never venture near them if she could help it.

  20. I came very near having to stand my trial for embezzlement also.

  21. Luckily the trail led along one side of the burning area, and so she was able to get quite near with the wagon before plunging into the waist-high wheat.

  22. Well, it seems there was food somewhere near them, only they did not know where to find it.

  23. But he was hauling the baggage out of the sledge, and was much too busy to notice how near to breakdown his wife had come.

  24. I rolled frantically, but the ground was so hot that I could not quench the fire,” said Bertha, with a nervous laugh that was very near to being a sob.

  25. I tell you I know, for there was a plucky chap—a doctor he was—got through to Hartley on snow-shoes to beg for supplies three days ago; but he was so near done that it is doubtful if he will recover.

  26. She found him lying on the floor near the stove just as she had left him, while Dicky industriously rubbed one hand, and Molly worked away at the other.

  27. Once it worked too well; came near causing us to crash into a wall.

  28. It seemed to him that he felt the presence of someone hovering near him, someone who cared and would help if such a thing were possible.

  29. At that they turned and walked quietly away from the scene of the near tragedy.

  30. From this we drifted on to Gray's Elegy, through the near similarity of the two poets' names.

  31. When in my spirit burns the fire, the power, That have made men utter the words of angels, And none are near to bid me speak and live: Hearken, oh Father!

  32. I am alone--oh be thou near to me, Great God!

  33. I shall take courage, friend, For comes not every step more near the end?

  34. The sand shiner was most common in two environments: (1) near the mouth of the Wakarusa where abundance of the species may be attributed to the close proximity of a large population of N.

  35. He asked me something in French which I did not understand and we went together to the Bureau of Foreign Affairs which was near at hand.

  36. During this scene, the journals devoted to the faction were repeatedly announcing the near approach of peace with Austria and with England, and often asserting that it was concluded.

  37. It is now three weeks ago; he is still on the frontier near to Mons with the Enemy, who do not make any progress.

  38. As to County-meetings, it is only persons of leisure, or those who live near to the place of meeting, that can attend, and the number on such occasions is but like a drop in the bucket compared with the whole.

  39. This Act, described near the close of this Letter, and one passed June 35th, giving the President despotic powers over aliens in the United States, constituted the famous "Alien and Sedition Laws.

  40. Famine has been replaced by abundance, and by the well-founded hope of a near and increasing prosperity.

  41. I have now made choice of James Monroe, one of our distinguished citizens, to reside near the French republic, in quality of Minister Plenipotentiary of the United States of America.

  42. He edged still nearer to her; so near that he stood upon her white dress with his dusty little boots, and still he stared unblinkingly.

  43. Do you see," she asked, "that old lady near the band.

  44. There seemed to Eloquent crowds of people in the hall, mostly gathered about a round table near the fire.

  45. His visit pleased, for the then member, Mr Brooke, had not been near Redmarley for years, and left the whole constituency to his agent, who was nearly as slack as the member for Marlehouse himself.

  46. I was rather tired of the garden, father, and it was such a lovely day, and it seemed rather unkind never to go near any of the people when mother was away.

  47. They were riding very close together, and Mary was too near the hedge to put more distance between them.

  48. In vain did Grantly and Mary protest that they had never been near his desk; the squire might have been Sherlock Holmes himself, so certain was he as to the exactitude of his deductions.

  49. His wife was pleased to be near her people, and his work was of the lightest.

  50. Once inside that mysterious door he started violently, for a tall figure clad in a long white smock was standing near a sink brushing his nails.

  51. He couldn't get us into the Ladies' Gallery because of the silly rule about only wives and sisters or near relations made since the suffragette fusses, but he showed us all about and it was simply fascinating.

  52. Eloquent wrote as follows: "Beauty is tall and has a pleasant sounding voice, and you want to come as near as you can.

  53. Eloquent danced no more with Mary, nor did he sit out at all with the indomitable old lady, who, bright-eyed and vigilant, still watched from her post near the band.

  54. When at last he took her back to the seat near the band, Mary had gone to supper and was nowhere to be seen.

  55. Only once did she come near showing her heart even to her mother.

  56. I long Could keep my visage dry, when I beheld Near me our form distorted in such guise, That on the hinder parts fall'n from the face The tears down-streaming roll'd.

  57. Near to our side, darted an adder up, And, where the neck is on the shoulders tied, Transpierc'd him.

  58. While the Susquehanna isn't called a navigable river, except down near its mouth, where it empties into the bay, it's an open stream for a long distance.

  59. He was near the fence when the cow must have discovered him again, for the first thing Bumpus knew he heard Davy shrieking madly.

  60. When they drew near enough for one of the others who had waded in up to his waist to reach out a hand, it came easier; and in this way they bore the rescued boy ashore.

  61. Bumpus of the near approach of the oncoming cow, and also the fact that she had "fire in her eyes!

  62. Allan and Davy had been very busy plucking the fowls during this time, while Bumpus busied himself getting some fresh water from the well near by, and fixing the coffee ready to go on the fire when Giraffe gave the word that he was prepared.

  63. Bumpus said; and there was a positive air of relief about his voice, as though he had taken Step Hen's hint seriously, and even fancied a terrible wild beast might be hovering near them.

  64. To test this Thad gave a peculiar little sound that was as near like the bark of a fox as possible.

  65. Nevertheless the patrol leader felt very anxious as they drew near the camp, and he tried to prepare himself for the worst.

  66. The road they were following, upon drawing near the river, turned sharply to the south.

  67. Such was the hysterical excitement under which all were laboring that regardless of what might still be awaiting them in the near future the boys began to yell, in order to relieve their pent-up feelings.

  68. It seemed as though the morning must be wearing away when finally the barking of a fox, so excellently done that it would have deceived an old hunter, announced the near presence of Allan and Thad, and likely the others besides.

  69. Silent and soft, as saints remove to heaven, All ties dissolved and every sin forgiven, These may some gentle ministerial wing Receive, and place for ever near a king!

  70. Has life no sourness, drawn so near its end?

  71. Two servants sat in the stall, two sat outside, and two remained near the door.

  72. Near her house there lived a man who had a wife and a son.

  73. They went into a stall near by and began to talk.

  74. Well, I just came out here to tell you not to get too near the Green Moss Swamp beyond the hill yonder.

  75. Whenever Granny Grim-Eye got hungry she went to a strawberry-patch in the field near where she lived, and gathered a basket of strawberries.

  76. But it was such a queer one, and I was listening so closely, that I came very near falling off the door-knob when some one started to come out.

  77. The dogs tried hard to catch the white thing, whatever it was, but as soon as they got near enough to bite it, they tucked their tails between their legs and ran howling back to their master.

  78. A spring lizard ran near him, and he drew his sword and chased it into a hole.

  79. Let the wind fill your sails and carry you near the shore, on the right.

  80. But I'll not deny that in my day and time I have seen folks mighty near as nice and as pretty as those you read about in the books, and one of these was the little girl I am going to tell you about.

  81. While Mr. Thimblefinger was telling the story of the Strawberry-Girl, Chickamy Crany Crow and Tickle-My-Toes had drawn near to listen.

  82. You could hear the green grasshopper frying his meat, Near the nest of the June-Bug under the wheat.

  83. Then the big spider turned and came back, but by this time Valentine had drawn Butch from his belt, and as the ugly creature came near he struck at it with the knife, and cut off one of its hairy legs.

  84. The best I can do is to tell it just as it happened as near as I can remember.

  85. The representation given on page 209 is as near as I can get the engraver to represent my views of the best shape of breech.

  86. They are usually fired from howitzers, carronades, and other wide bored-guns, at or near horizontal ranges.

  87. It is at all times an invidious task to act as a selector for individuals, and to give praise to one man over another; more especially where the merits of workmen approximate near to each other.

  88. The elevation I have given will be found to be as near what is requisite as possible, if we continue to load as heretofore; if reduced charges of shot be adopted, a less elevation will suffice.

  89. Rolled railway-carriage axles were constructed for me with perfect success on this principle nearly twenty years ago, at the Walker Iron Works, near Newcastle-on-Tyne.

  90. The greatest strain a gun has to bear near the muzzle is that produced by the condensation of the column of air in front of the charge; and in almost every form of English ordnance the weight of metal here is greater than is necessary.

  91. I shall now give some particulars of the experiments recently made with this gun on the coast of Northumberland, near the village of Whitley, under the official inspection of Colonel Wilmot.

  92. One shot passed entirely through; another struck near the edge and glanced; and the remaining six penetrated within a few inches of the opposite side.

  93. Mr. Chalk smiled faintly, and then looked round in trepidation as the inmates of the galley drew near and scowled at him curiously.

  94. I ain't 'ad a drink outside o' my own house for pretty near a fortnight.

  95. I had a ragged club in my hand, and it had spikes o' iron near the end of it.

  96. The vessel ran alongside near the Neorion Gate, and the passengers, after a short scrutiny from the group of helmeted guards who lounged beside it, were allowed to pass through into the great city.

  97. But ere another summer had passed Celticus was dead, for he was flayed alive by the pirates and his skin nailed upon the door of a church near Caistor.

  98. Old man, you are very near a natural grave, and I cannot think from your venerable aspect that words of falsehood would come readily to your lips.

  99. IX THE RED STAR The house of Theodosius, the famous eastern merchant, was in the best part of Constantinople at the Sea Point which is near the church of Saint Demetrius.

  100. From my villa near the fort of Anderida I saw eighty of their galleys only last week, and I know well that they would be on us like ravens on a dying ox.

  101. A tall, silent figure was near me, looking down at the town even as I was.

  102. Now her spirit seemed very near him, and his own was tempered by its presence.

  103. On the seventh day we were near the point where one leaves the coast in order to strike inland to Macoraba.

  104. The silence grew in ever widening circles, until the whole great assembly sat mute, staring at this wild and magnificent creature who was storming at them from his perch near the door.

  105. He came so near unto them / that he the knights espied, And they in turn him also.

  106. The warriors all 'fore Kriemhild / appeared in reverence, And eke there where her mother / Queen Ute sat near by.

  107. I'll bring it that to-night she / so near to thee shall lie That she to meet thy wishes / shall tarry nevermore.

  108. Then bade she forth lead Hagen / to dungeon keep near by, Wherein he lay fast bolted / and hid from every eye.

  109. Upon the ships I'll stay Near by the women rather, / their guardian to be, Till that we bring them safely / into the land of Burgundy.

  110. I was quite shocked in St. Louis twice this fall (1908) to find a girl five or six years of age selling newspapers near the railroad station in the worst part of town after dark.

  111. Besides these newsboys, many little boys and girls were found peddling chewing gum near disorderly saloons where prostitutes were soliciting.

  112. If Nolan was thirty then, he must have been near eighty when he died.

  113. My boy," said the old man, "have not you heard him enough to see that it is not he that sings, near as much as this love of his for a Spirit he does not name?

  114. Now, from different hemispheres, they had come so near meeting at this old block of sandstone.

  115. I knew the unforgetting professor; and I do not doubt that he remembered David and Homer as his near friends.

  116. I had the printers ready for near a month waiting for that paper.

  117. I had worked on them till midnight, and they had not been signed till near one o'clock.

  118. I wish Rosas was in ---- and that the Indians have risen near Maranham?

  119. I have said that I had no fortune to enable me to come near the old gentleman's beau ideal of a grand-son-in-law.

  120. As a classical and established personality he did not come into his kingdom for years and decades afterwards; not, indeed, until he was near to entering upon the final rest.

  121. He, with his terrible appeal to the vibrating consciences of women, was, with regard to one of them, very near to the end of his reign.

  122. He left Florence and remained for a time with his father and sister near Dinard.

  123. One of the very few critics who seem to have got near to the actual secret of Browning's optimism is Mr. Santayana in his most interesting book Interpretations of Poetry and Religion.

  124. I ramble about the country near my dwelling, and seek the widest and least frequented spots.

  125. When bedtime came I was a good deal tired; but after I got into bed I kept my candle alight for a time, hoping Jael would bring the Rushlight and put it on the floor near Margery's bed, as I had asked her to do.

  126. Indeed, there was a kind of snapping even less near to a dispute than in the cases just mentioned.

  127. Put thick slices of turnip near your auriculas, favorite primroses and polyanthuses, and Christmas roses, and near anything tender and not well established, and overhaul them early in the morning.

  128. A few days afterwards he was wandering near the stream, when he saw two or three lads with grimy faces busily at work in the wood through which the stream ran.

  129. I dared not tell him Margery can do him too, making his speeches in the shovel hat we found in an old hat box near Bass's Straits, and a pair of old black gloves of Grandmamma's.

  130. I should be better pleased to be in print than to be promoted--for that matter one seems as near as the other--and my wife agrees with me.

  131. I'll come back yet, Leena, and live very near to you and grow tulips, and be as good an old bachelor-uncle to your boy as Uncle Jacob was to me.

  132. The Captain took him by the ear And gradually brought him near The Colonel, who was far from clear, But heard it all politely, And asked him twice, "You want a what?

  133. It was a near thing sometimes, and I would think that I had them, but at the last moment they would whisk off and back into their holes again.

  134. There's no rule which insists that you shall hit the ball, or even that you shall hit near the ball, or even that you shall see the ball when you hit at it.

  135. II It was near the Albert Memorial that the great inspiration came to him some weeks later.

  136. Once more he retired to the valise, for we were making now for a vill--for a heap of bricks near the river; you may guess the river.

  137. Generally from very near the fire, because he has got so cold waiting in the hall.

  138. Reaching Weymouth at nightfall, he made his way to the house which Hyacinth had taken in order to be near him, and, suitably disguised, travelled up to London with her in the powerful motor which she had kept ready.

  139. Nobody was near at the time, but supposing one of the children had been playing with it.

  140. It was to blow away shells and bullets when they came too near the master in whose pocket he sat.

  141. And as for Brother Bart, I don't know what he'd do if he thought I had come near you.

  142. Danny, with another hug that came near doing for teacup completely.

  143. A ship adrift, abandoned by captain and crew,--a wreck that tosses on the sea, a peril to all that come near it.

  144. Please take him away, and don't ever bring him near us again!

  145. At length we reached the bank of a river, near the sea-coast, where we found a large vessel ready to receive us.

  146. He then asked the Arab, who was sitting near him, whether he would have some more water, and handed him the cup, which was full.

  147. As the ship drew near England he thought over and over again of what he should say; no one had written, as the commander had been unwilling to alarm the boy's friends while any uncertainty existed.

  148. About an hour before sunset they once more prepared to camp, a spot near a thick wood having been selected, with a stream flowing at no great distance.

  149. At nightfall they halted near the banks of a stream which evidently fell into the main river.

  150. While Ned was sent out of the room with a message to Jane and Tom to get luncheon ready, Mary, though somewhat timidly, managed to get near Charley Meadows.

  151. As the wind was light, it was not until near morning that they reached the island where they had left their tent and stores.

  152. Near it was a stream from which fresh water could be procured, and Sayd would gladly have halted here some days had not Sambroko advised that they should push on.

  153. As they approached, Sambroko set up a cheerful song announcing that friends were drawing near and desired peace.

  154. She is at home with Uncle Farrance; and here is my papa," she added, pointing to a gentleman standing near her.

  155. To encounter a horde of savages on the open ground on which they were encamped would be dangerous; but near at hand was a knoll with trees on its summit, which Ned had observed.

  156. Several times the roars of lions were heard, but none ventured near the camp, being scared by the bright blaze kept up.

  157. The country near the coast had been almost depopulated, and very few villages or habitations of any description were passed.

  158. Ned was allowed to sit near one, round which Mohammed and the other Arabs collected.

  159. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "near" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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